Health Care Public Relations, Marketing & Internal Communications


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Health Care Public Relations, Marketing & Internal Communications
A Social Media Summit
Build Your Hospitals Reputation with Web 2.0 Measurement
David D. Bennettt
October 4-6, 2009
Mayo Clinic
Scottsdale, Arizona

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Health Care Public Relations, Marketing & Internal Communications

  1. 2. Give Them What they Want
  2. 3. Video and Audio Lengths? This is consistent with what we found at the Medical University of South Carolina
  3. 4. Online Video Health Sites Continue to Grow
  4. 5. Consumer Focused Video Sites
  5. 6. Physician Targeted Video Sites
  6. 7. YouTube Allows for User Generated Advertising of Your Services Embed code for distribution of video
  7. 8. Video Goes Viral Insure that you brand your content and include contact information. The best practice would be to use a unique telephone number in order to track your content.
  8. 9. Share your Content with the World
  9. 10. Online Video Patient Stories to Qualifiers
  10. 11. Bariatric Video Program Drives Business There were 888 people who viewed the on-line Bariatric Videos over an 11 month period and provided enough demographic information to track in MUSC’s Accounting Systems. Of those 888 people, 131 people (14.75%) had 523 subsequent encounters with GI Surgery. Of those 131 people 62 (47.33%) were considered new to MUSC with this being their first encounter.
  11. 12. MUSC Bariatric Video Return on Investment $ 772,000.00 $ 8,000.00 $ 780,000.00 Web Development and Video Production Costs Revenue Generated by patients who registered online and watched the video TOTAL REVENUE LESS EXPENSES * Excludes Adwords Expenditures to Drive Site Traffic
  12. 13. Podcast Audience Demographics Source: PEW/ Internet August 2008
  13. 14. Consumer Generated Custom RSS Feeds MUSC offers the ability to dynamically subscribe to podcasts based on key words. This allows the end user to create a custom RSS feed of their own.
  14. 15. Disease and Treatment Focused Content 180+ Physicians helped produce the content. Single podcast focus differed from the general approach of creating a series but is in line with the way consumers search for health information. One of our goals as a public institution was to was to increase health literacy.
  15. 16. Pregnancy Series
  16. 17. Sponsorships Create a Winning Combination
  17. 18. i-Tunes Allows us to Spread the Word MUSC has 62 Channels and continues to grow on i-Tunes
  18. 19. Give them Options
  19. 20. E-Mail Makes it Simple to Subscribe
  20. 21. E-Mail Subscriptions
  21. 22. Customize and Brand your with FeedBurner
  22. 23. Delivery and Tracking with FeedBurner
  23. 24. Gathering Feedback from the World
  24. 25. More Sample Feedback
  25. 26. New Media Allows you to Create Dialogues with Potential Customers
  26. 27. International Feedback
  27. 28. Enhanced Physician Profiles
  28. 29. Podcasts and Video Go Social
  29. 30. Custom Downloadable Widgets MUSC offers the downloadable custom widgets for its feeds through SpringWidgets.
  30. 31. More Options- Widgets Widgets can spread your message through social media
  31. 32. Building your reputation with Widgets
  32. 33. Beyond the Web- Text Messaging
  33. 34. Use of New Media in other Electronic Mediums is a Winning Strategy New Media is Integrated in all of MUSC’s e-Newsletters
  34. 35. e-Newsletters- Embedded Video Engages Integration of video into e-Newsletters
  35. 36. Blogging with Physician Involvement
  36. 37. New Media Goes Mobile at MUSC
  37. 38. Search is Critical to Engagement
  38. 39. <ul><li>Questions? </li></ul>