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  • Standardization of CSI processes, decision making abilities, ensuring that CSI managers are in alignment with CSI vision, goals and policies.
  • Food service ciccoli d

    1. 1. Food Service Teaching at ESL Academy ESL Academy at Computer Systems Institute Strianese│ Strianese │Wade Chapter 1 The Importance of Service Presented by: Name Danielle Ciccoli Title Adjunct Instructor Computer Systems Institute
    2. 2. Contents o o o Teaching at ESL Academy o o o o o o o o o o o o Objectives Service for the Present and Future Reasons to Provide Good Service What Guests Think of Service What the Hospitality Industry Thinks about Service Who Is Responsible for Great Service? Service Defined What Is Excellent Service? Shadowing and Training the Service Staff What Is Poor Service? The Reason for Poor Service The Psychology of Service (Egoism) What Factors Determine Why Guests Go Out to Eat Being Ubiquitous (everywhere always) Successful Management (examples?) The Importance of Service 2
    3. 3. Objectives Verbally define service as it relates to the hospitality industry o Give examples of excellent service based upon your experience o Teaching at ESL Academy o List Maslow’s hierarchy and describe its importance in the hospitality industry o Name the different types of service the dining room manager and banquet manager may provide o Write a definition for the word ubiquitous and give an example of it as it relates to the hospitality industry o List and explain the qualifications that managers must possess to provide excellent service o List and explain the five categories of customers The Importance of Service 3
    4. 4. Service for the Present and Future o Trends that favor the restaurant industry 1. 2. Teaching at ESL Academy 3. o Working parents want to share more time with their children Food Network has created a serious interest in cooking More Americans are retiring with increased disposable income Formal white tablecloth restaurants (exclusive in the 1960s)… are being joined by expensive steak restaurants o Customers of McDonalds, Wendy’s, and Burger King are trading to the casual, less formal adult fast food establishments… that provide wait staff table service such as TGI Fridays and Applebees o The one difference that will make a restaurant stand out is service o Many businesspeople… choose a banquet facility or a restaurant in which to conduct their meetings Eating in a restaurant is no longer a special occasion; it is a way of life The Importance of Service 4
    5. 5. Reasons to Provide Good Service o Guests like to talk to their friends about the service they receive in restaurants o Positive word of mouth Teaching at ESL Academy Satisfied customers will bring in more customers and increase revenue Revenue Smith and Jones Spend $100 = $100.00 Plus Jones Recommends Restaurant to Feldman and Guest Zorn spend $100 Feldman and Guest Spend $100 Zorn and Guest Spend $100 Glock and Malary spend $100 Glock and Guest spend $100 = $200 The Importance of Service = $400.00 Total Revenue Figure 1-1 Repeat business goes on and on Malary and Guest spend $100 = $700.00 5
    6. 6. What Guests Think of Service Service The act or manner of serving food or drink o Teaching at ESL Academy o Friendly service… is the number one reason families will eat away from home o Key criteria for choosing a restaurant 1. Service 2. Value 3. Family atmosphere Historically, poor service has been the biggest complaint about restaurants The Importance of Service 6
    7. 7. What the Hospitality Industry Thinks about Service o “Customers will forgive mistakes in the kitchen more than mistakes in bad service” Teaching at ESL Academy – Jim Sullivan, Nations Restaurant News o “Enhance the service experience…” – Dennis Lombardi, Executive Vice President of Foodservice Strategies o “More customer recognition” – Fred Thimm, President of The Palm o “Excellent service even supercedes the food in the dining experience” – Charlie Trotter The Importance of Service 7
    8. 8. Who is Responsible for Great Service? Too many times, the service person is blamed for good or poor service… however, the blame or credit falls on the manager o Teaching at ESL Academy o Setting the tone of the business The manager should be… 1. loud and clear to the service staff 2. caring and concerned about his guests and staff o “The best bosses are neither exclusively tough nor exclusively tender” – Authors of A Passion For Excellence o MBWA Management By Wandering Around An effective manager should be where the action is The Importance of Service 8
    9. 9. Service Defined o In the restaurant industry… service is defined by competence and friendliness Teaching at ESL Academy o Competence Serving food and drinks in the correct manner to the guest The server should… 1. know who gets the food 2. serve women first 3. remove one course before serving the next o Friendliness Making guests feel at home The service person should… 1. make guests feel welcome 2. address the guests by name (if possible) 3. be professional The Importance of Service 9
    10. 10. What Is Excellent Service? o Excellent service Occurs when guests in a restaurant never have to ask for anything Teaching at ESL Academy o The service person does everything correctly without the guests knowing it o A correctly added check is presented to the guest without having to be requested (US) o The service person and the host thank the guest for patronizing the restaurant Excellent service is friendliness combined with competency The Importance of Service 10
    11. 11. Shadowing and Training the Service Staff o Shadowing & Training 1. 2. Teaching at ESL Academy 3. o New employees should attend orientation classes to learn the company’s… 1. 2. 3. o Management shadows new employees Competent employees are approved as trainers Newly approved trainers shadow new employees as they serve the guests history philosophy style The key to this system is follow up and coaching Sample Training Schedule Tasks Day 1 AM:New employees follow and observe trainers for half the day (shadowing) PM: New employees carry out trays for the trainers/ training is conducted at the trainer’s station (set of tables) Day 2 New employees have contact with guests, present menu, take orders Day 3 New employees are assigned to 2 or 3 of the trainer’s tables After 3 day training period Employees are given their own station Follow-up Trainers occasionally correct mistakes The Importance of Service 11
    12. 12. What is Poor Service? o Customers stop patronizing restaurants because… 1. 2. Teaching at ESL Academy 3. food is not served in time servers do not care (late in bringing checks) servers are unfriendly (do not smile) o Poor service is easy to recognize o Ineffective service can be frustrating “ One unfriendly or non smiling reaction to a customer is enough to turn off that person and send him or her scurrying to the nearest competitor next time” – Charles Bernstein The Importance of Service 12
    13. 13. The Reason for Poor Service Most restaurant failures stem from poor management o Teaching at ESL Academy o First 30 days are critical Managers must… 1. create a style that dictates the new employees’ work pattern 2. conduct formal training sessions 3. express the restaurant’s philosophy on guest service o Management must develop a great front of the house… while maintaining honesty in hosting o Restaurants must have a standard hiring policy 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Check references Interview with manager Trial performance period Wait staff report on applicant Written test The Importance of Service 13
    14. 14. The Psychology of Service Figure 1-4 MASLOW’S HEIRARCHY OF HUMAN NEEDS Guests feel so good about themselves, they can do whatever they want Teaching at ESL Academy Self-actualization need Internal From within Management and staff value each guest’s business Esteem Need Guest is accepted by peers Love & belonging need Food is safe to eat; I will not be robbed if I patronize restaurant Safety need External From restaurant employees or outside factors Food, shelter, sleep Psychological need The Importance of Service 14
    15. 15. What Factors Determine Why Guests Go Out to Eat o Cater-to-me’s Guests who patronize the restaurant because they are not in the mood to cook Teaching at ESL Academy o Socializers Want to spend time with their family and friends o Celebrators Guests on vacation or celebrating a special occasion o Impulsives Crave a menu item or are not in the mood to plan a meal o Busy bees Guest who are time crunched – work long hours; busy with their stressful jobs The Importance of Service 15
    16. 16. Being Ubiquitous o Ubiquitous Teaching at ESL Academy Everywhere at the same time o Banquet managers must… 1. 2. 3. 4. o be aware of what is going on in the entire dining room take responsibility of the party off the host’s shoulders take care of last minute details ensure that the party runs smoothly Service Staff must do their jobs without customers having to ask Example: refill water glasses The Importance of Service 16
    17. 17. Successful Management o A successful manager must… Teaching at ESL Academy 1. know the different types of service, when to use them and how to serve properly under pressure 6. be in good physical condition 7. be able to resist temptation 2. know the proper methods of beverage service 8. be able to deal effectively with both employees and guests 3. be personable and have a genuine fondness for people 9. know how to train employees 4. be organized 5. possess the ability to stay calm The Importance of Service 17