Facebook ad product overview   jan 2012-1
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Facebook ad product overview jan 2012-1



4,5月からFBの広告がタイムライン上にも出せる噂がありますが、その前に、最新の広告案内を入手しましたので、共有します!Marketplace Page Post ...

4,5月からFBの広告がタイムライン上にも出せる噂がありますが、その前に、最新の広告案内を入手しましたので、共有します!Marketplace Page Post (MPP) - PhotoはそのままWALLに投稿された内容を広告にするメニューです。アメリカでは一番売れているらしく。。日本ではまだあまり見当たらないです。WALLの内容をままにして、広告を出すのは確かに導線が自然に見えると思います。



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Facebook ad product overview jan 2012-1 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Facebook Advertising Products
  • 2. Facebook has two placements Premium - Homepage Marketplace – Run of Site 1 1 2 3 4
  • 3. Key Business Proposition DifferencesPremium – Top of the funnel ASU/Marketplace – Mid to bottomBrand building, mass awareness & Direct response & demandexposure fulfillment▪  Fixed budget ▪  Budget flexibility▪  Mass reach ▪  Granular targeting▪  Run on Homepage & Profile Pages ▪  Run-of-site▪  Standalone on Ad appearance ▪  Shared with 4 other advertisers▪  CPM/Guaranteed delivery ▪  CPM/CPC▪  Above-the-fold ▪  Some ads are below-the-fold▪  Premium Page Post Ad, Standard ▪  Like, apps, event ads Ad, Application Ad
  • 4. Targeting and ReachTargeting▪  Likes and Interests▪  Education and Workplace▪  Facebook Connections▪  Relationship Status▪  Demographics ▪  Age, Gender, LocationReach▪  Dynamically updated
  • 5. Example - Targeting and Reach
  • 6. Reporting Reach & Frequency •  Insight for potential reach vs actual reach •  Frequency Performance •  Unique CTR •  Responder demo •  Interaction rate (Likes, Events, Apps) Social advocacy •  Social impressions
  • 7. P a g e s | Ads | TechnologyPremium Page Post Ads (Homepage)To reach people and their friends on their Home Page Page Post Ad 2 Any of Your Designated Page Post 1 1 Your Ad on the Home Page Anything you post can become an Ad
  • 8. P a g e s | Ads | TechnologyHomepage PremiumAd Fans Friends of Fans Anyone (who are not fans / friends of fans) Social Context Expanded Premium Ad Page Post Ad Social Context Comment box Expanded ad with friends’ Stories at the top Premium (Homepage)
  • 9. Homepage Premium Ads, reach P a g e s | Ads | Technology friends in a more engaging way Can be twice as effective than before and for specific campaigns Facebook targeting is more than 90% accurate versus industry average of only 35% 43 When people hear about you from friends, they listen. Ads are better when they come from your Page posts. People can interact with your brand throughout the ad. Source: Nielsen
  • 10. Homepage Premium Ads, reach friends P a g e s | Ads | Technologyin a more engaging way
  • 11. Marketplace Ad (Run of Site) Like Ad Application Ad* Standard Ad* Event Ad* Can be on Homepage Premium Ad as well
  • 12. Marketplace - Like Ad 1. Click the Like button to connect 2. You are now connected with the brand
  • 13. Marketplace - Application Ad See which friends used the app Makes users more likely to try it out
  • 14. Marketplace - Event Ad1. RSVP to event 2. Invite friends 3. Add personal message
  • 15. Premium / Marketplace - FeaturedStories Sponsored Stories David likes this brand Your Brand David likes this brand LikeSTEP 1: STEP 2: STEP 3:David likes a brand, If this brand included A story is generated on David’s Sponsored Stories in theiruses an application, friends’ News Feeds, which Facebook Ads campaign,or checks in to a they may or may not see David’s friends see this story inlocation the right column
  • 16. Featured Sponsored Stories - Page Likes‣  Featured Stories are generated when a person likes your Page‣  Featured Stories appear in the News Feed and right-hand column with ads
  • 17. Featured Stories- Featured Stories-App interactions Place check-ins ‣  Sponsored Stories appear when ‣  Sponsored Stories appear when people interact with your app people check in to one of your locations
  • 18. Featured Stories: Post Likes
  • 19. Media Buying Methods – Premium Ads(Homepage)1. Reach Block-  One Day Buy, Cost per day-  100% reach on facebook users in a day-  Maximum Reach, High Awareness, Brand Building, Product Launch2.  Target Block-  Packaged Fixed Buy-  3 consecutive day with fixed no. of impression-  For sustaining awareness and reinforce top of mind3.  CPM – Impression Buy-  Fixed CPM-  Flexible on impression quantity-  Extending brand and campaign awareness
  • 20. Media Buying Methods – MarketplaceAds (Run of Site)1. CPM – Impression Buy-  Fixed CPM-  Flexible on impression quantity-  Extending brand and campaign awareness