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His 121 chapter 14 manifest destiny
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His 121 chapter 14 manifest destiny


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Published in: Education, News & Politics
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  • 1. MANIFEST DESTINYChapter 14
  • 2. WILLIAM HENRY HARRISON9th PresidentFirst President to die in officeJohn Tyler: Vice PresidentVirginia planter and slave-ownerJeffersonian Democratstrict constructionopposed economic nationalismbroke with Jackson over nullificationadded to Whig ticket to obtain votes in South with no expectation ofpolitical power
  • 3. JOHN TYLERFollowing death of Harrison a Constitutional crisis oversuccessionTyler immediately moved into White HouseTook oath of officeassumed Presidential powersTyler opposed Whig platformmost of Harrison’s cabinet resignedDubbed “His Accidency”Kicked out of Whig Party
  • 4. JAMES K. POLKPresident from 1844-1849Threatened war with Britain over territory inCanadaMexican WarSecured passage of Walker tariff (low ratepleased South)Polk’s treasury system lasted till 1913
  • 5. NATIONALISM NATIONALISM AND WESTWARD EXPANSION: DOMINANT ISSUES IN THE1840’S. Boundaries with Canada: finally settled Mexican War and Westward Expansion California Originally settled by Spanish in 1769 to thwart invasion threat by Russians whoestablished trading post off the coast of Oregon Catholic Missionaries and Missions Franciscans Mission building served as Church, fortress and barracks for Spanish soldiers Native Americans forced labor
  • 6. WESTWARD MIGRATION God ordained the West to be a part of the United States Portrayed as an empty land even though populated by NativeAmericans and Latinos Oregon fever Promise of cheap, empty, fertile land Overland trails Physical hardships
  • 7. WESTWARD MIGRATION Texas Republic 1821 Mexico gains independence from Spain Southern Migration to Texas Grow cotton and rice in Texas Took slaves with them Avoid Bankruptcy Mexican government Opposed slavery Forbade further migration in 1836 American immigrants Declared Texas Independence in 1836
  • 8. WESTWARD MIGRATION Remember the Alamo Texas Independence became a popular cause after the Alamo Battle of San Jacinto: Mexican government recognized TexasIndependence Texans clamored for annexation Northern Abolitionists opposed adding another slave state to union Texas was independent for almost a decade
  • 9. WESTWARD MIGRATION Mexican War Joint resolution of Congress in 1845 annexed Texas to United States James K. Polk sought to acquire California, New Mexico and Texasthrough negotiations Stand off along Rio Grande American Army insulted Mexican soldiers Mexican Army crossed Rio Grande and U.S declared war
  • 10. WESTWARD MIGRATION Results of Mexican War 1848: Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo Mexico ceded California, New Mexico to U.S. and gave up claims to allland North of Rio Grande Vast new territory incited fierce debate over slavery in the new territories Legacy of Westward Expansion