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Ibn Battuta
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Ibn Battuta


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Published in: Travel, Spiritual

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  • 1. Presented by Mac, Kemely, Toby and Chloe Ibn Battuta
  • 2. Contents
    • Page 2: Biography of Ibn Battuta
    • Page 5:Places he travelled
    • Page 6:Ibn Battuta’s name in Arabic
    • Page 7: Map of Ibn Battuta
    • Page 8:Ibn Battuta’s Time line
    • Page 9: did you know?
    • Page 10: kemely’s ship
    • Page 11:finish!
  • 3. Biography of Ibn Battuta
    • In 1304 on the 24 th of February Ibn Battuta was born. He grew up in Tangier, Morocco.
    • In 1325, when he was 21 years old, Ibn Battuta left Tangier and travelled for approximately 30 years until he returned to Fez, Morocco.
  • 4.
    • Ibn Battuta was a significant explorer because he travelled at least 120,000 km. This is thought to be more than anyone else before the invention of steam engines. Ibn Battuta is the only medieval traveller who is known to have visited the lands of every Muslim ruler of his time.
    • In 1369 he died from Black Death while he was travelling. Black Death, or Black Plague , was the most devastating pandemic in human history.
  • 5. Places he travelled
    • Mecca, Damascus, Syria, Hebron, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Medina, Iraq, Iran, Mombassa, East Africa, Kulwa, Oman, India, Cairo, Palestine, Syria, Asia and many more.
  • 6. Ibn Battuta’s name in Arabic أبو عبد الله محمد ابن بطوطة Ibn Battuta
  • 7. What Ibn Battuta’s name really means The name Ibn Battuta Muhummad Abu Abdullah is very confusing. This is what it means: Ibn Battuta is his first name, Muhummad is his middle name and Abu Abdullah means son of Abdullah, so his father’s name would have been Abdullah.
  • 8. Ibn Battuta’s Learner Profiles We think that Ibn Battuta was a risk taker because he travelled to lots of places by sea and land. And he faced many dangers. We also think that he was an Inquirer because he visited so many places he would probably be interested in learning more things. We also think he was a communicator because he could probably read and write maps. Click here to go back to contents
  • 9. Map of Ibn Battuta’s travels
  • 10. Ibn Battuta’s timeline 1320 Joined the haji 1304 Ibn battuta was born in Tangier, Morocco on the 24 th of February 1322 Met Andronicus 1325 Visited Mecca 1341 Met King Mansa Suleyman 1351 Farther died in battle of illness 1369 Ibn Battuta died in Fez, Morocco of Black Death
  • 11. Did you know?
    • Ibn Battuta has a mall named after him?
    • Some people call him Shams ad – Din
    • He travelled more than 120,000km
    • Although he travelled to a lot of places, he wasn’t very famous.
  • 12.  
  • 13. Ibn Battuta’s Boat
  • 14.
    • Thanks for watching
    • our PowerPoint presentation.
  • 15. What do you think? Good Improvements
  • 16. Credits Made in Bauhinia School All rights reserved by Ibn Battuta’s group, Chloe, Mac, Kemely and Toby 