Informatica Cloud Data Replication for Salesforce


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Webinar delivered in September 2012 featuring experts from Informatica Cloud and customers from Dolby and Actelion. For more information on Informatica Cloud integration applications and platform, please visit:

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  • Informatica Cloud Data Replication for Salesforce

    1. 1. Replicating Salesforce Data for Business Intelligence & Compliance Darren Cunningham, Informatica Cloud Curt Hodge, Dolby Systems John Zakarakis, Actelion Pharmaceuticals, US Allan Schwab, Informatica Cloud www.InformaticaCloud.com1
    2. 2. Today’s Agenda• The Need for Better BI and Compliance• Case Study: Dolby Systems• Case Study: Actelion Pharmaceuticals, US• Cloud Data Replication Demonstration• Next Steps• Q&A 2
    3. 3. Gartner: Analytics & BI Top CIO Tech Priority 3
    4. 4. Four Pillars of Business Intelligence SCENE Ad-hoc Reporting Historical Data Fast Access to & Trending Information Multiple Data Sources 4
    5. 5. Typical Challenges for SFA/CRM Analytics 1 Multiple Data Sources 2 Ad-hoc Reporting 3 Historical Data & Trending 4 Access Times for Data Source: Dimensional Research, March 28, 2012 5
    6. 6. Typical Business Intelligence Architecture Inefficient Data Replication procedures with Source Data delays everythingSource: 6
    7. 7. Why Compliance? PenaltiesUp to $1.5 $5 million and $100,000/violationmillion + prison Up to $500,000 Up to $1 million up to 20 years + prison timetime in prison StakeholdersIndividuals CFO & CEO have Company officers & Company’s Company’sresponsible for joint responsibility Directors public reputation public reputationviolation for financial data at stake at stakeSources: AMA, Genentech, Business Records Management, Acunetix, Sarbanes-Oxley 101 7
    8. 8. Case Study: Dolby Curtis Hodge Senior Director, Enterprise Applications8
    9. 9. Background• Specialize in sound and imaging technologies that enhance the entertainment experience• License technologies to consumer electronics manufacturers as well as professional broadcast and cinema operators• Curt Hodge oversees the operations and strategy for all enterprise applications at Dolby 9
    10. 10. Salesforce Replication Needs• Salesforce has prospect and customer contact information • Using Salesforce for past 5 years• Gordano Collaboration Suite used for email reflection • Requires contact information 10
    11. 11. Integration & Collaboration• Alignment between licensees and Dolby • Contact information easily passed to email system • “Set-and-forget” – runs many times throughout the day• Other potential uses for Informatica Cloud Data Replication • Provide near real-time Salesforce data to other custom on- premise systems • Advanced data analysis and complex queries • Feed Salesforce information into BI environment for global dashboards and reporting 11
    12. 12. Case Study: Actelion Pharmaceuticals, US John Zacharakis Data Manager12
    13. 13. Background• Biopharmaceutical industry leader• 28 global subsidiaries, 2500+ employees • Focus on discovery, development, & commercialization of innovative treatments to serve high unmet medical needs • Big footprint in treating pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) 13
    14. 14. Data Integration Hub Needs• Veeva used for commercial analytics & compliance • Field uses Salesforce to manage pricing, call data, visits• Need reliable, manageable and auditable data integration • Previous solution: Took 2-3 hours/day 14
    15. 15. Results: Actionable BI &Compliance• BI – Complete picture of customer • Hierarchical complexities dealt with • Flexible and agile as conditions change in pharmaceutical market• Compliance • Department of Commerce & FDA • “Sunshine Act” – Reporting aggregate spend for physician visits 15
    16. 16. Informatica Cloud Data Replication Demo Allan Schwab Director, Informatica Cloud Presales www.InformaticaCloud.com16
    17. 17. Today’s Agenda• The Need for Better BI and Compliance• Case Study: Dolby Systems• Case Study: Actelion Pharmaceuticals, US• Cloud Data Replication Demonstration• Next Steps• Q&A 17
    18. 18. And One More Thing… 18
    19. 19. And One More Thing… 19
    20. 20. www.InformaticaCloud.comNext Steps 20
    21. 21. Resources: 21
    22. 22. Q&A• Darren Cunningham • Informatica Cloud• Curt Hodge • Dolby Systems• John Zakarakis • Actelion Pharmaceuticals, US• Allan Schwab • Informatica Cloud 22