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  • Methamphetamine poses a special threat to families and communities. Meth’s impact is disproportionate to its level of use.
  • Lets take a look at the facts about meth. Most people start by snorting. Regular users usually wind up injecting – they get maximum effect per amount of drug taken – “bigger bang for the buck” – with this method.Meth comes in a lot of forms and colors – powder, crystal, chunk, even pill. Variations in color are caused by differing ingredients and manufacturing methods. Powdered meth is the normal form of the drug when it is “homemade” in domestic “labs.”Meth is known by a lot of different street names. Ice is a term used for a smokeable, crystal form, although all crystal forms of meth are not “ice.” The most common term in this area is __________.
  • A quick snapshot of who uses meth. One thing that’s unusual is that we’re seeing nearly equal numbers of men and women using meth, which is concerning especially when it comes to how meth affects children.Meth has a broad appeal that goes beyond just getting high– some people use meth because in thebeginning, they feel meth helps them function better, making them more energetic.
  • What happens to your body?Short term: powerful rush or euphoria that can last 12 hours or more.What increases (read through the slide) What decreases (read through slide)Meth users often binge, using the drug over and over again to prolong the high, then may crash or sleep for days.
  • Scabs a result of injection sites and picking at skin because of hallucinations.Meth damages teeth.Other signs include paranoia, depression, obsessive and violent behavior, agitation and insomnia.
  • Meth has a significant impact on communities –On police departments and on innocent victims:58% view meth as the #1 illegal drug problem70% say meth is driving up robberies and burglariesIdentity theft
  • More than anyother drugs, meth affects families. Meth users focus entirely on the drug Neglect everything around them, their homes, their health and, sadly, their childrenThis little girl was found during a meth lab bust playing with a discarded car battery
  • 1 in 5 teens has friend who tried meth1 in 5 teens has been offered methLess than half believe trying meth once or twice would be very riskyImpact on user, family & community is disproportionate to the number of users
  • Meth

    1. 1. Methamphetamine
    2. 2. What is Methamphetamine?Meth is a Also known as:highly addictive • Crankstimulant drug • Ice• Snorted • Crystal• Smoked • Speed• Injected Intravenously • Tweak• Eaten or rubbed • Poor Man’s on the gums Cocaine • Tina • Chalk
    3. 3. Who uses Meth? 12 million people have tried meth • Men and women (Cocaine 2:1, Heroin 2:1) • Largest age group: 18-25 Meth isn’t only used to get high or escape: • Working moms • Students • Truck drivers • Busy professionalsSubstance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, National Study of Drug Use and Health, 2007;Treatment Episode Data Set, 2007
    4. 4. How does Meth affect users? THE BODY ON METH: SHORT TERM: Powerful rush, euphoria, long- lasting high can stretch on for daysINCREASES: ENERGY CONFIDENCE DECREASES: INHIBITION SEX DRIVE APPETITE BLOOD NEED FOR SLEEP PRESSURE HEART RATE
    5. 5. How does Meth affect users? • Paranoia • Hallucinations- especially of bugs crawling under the skin • Depression • Obsessive behavior • Agitation • Insomnia • Aggression or violent behavior • Convulsions • Death
    6. 6. Meth Affects Communities Meth is an escalating problem for law enforcement – 58% view meth as the #1 illegal drug problem – 70% say meth is driving up robberies and burglaries – Identity theftNational Association of Counties, 2005, 2007
    7. 7. Meth’s innocent victims • Children at Risk – Dangerous home environment – Meth users neglect children • Environment • Crime victims • First responders
    8. 8. The Threat to Teens • 1 in 5 teens has a friend who tried meth • About 1 in 4 believe trying meth once or twice would be very risky • Impact on user, family & community is disproportionate to the number of usersPartnership for a Drug-Free America, Partnership Attitude Tracking Study, 2008
    9. 9. Local Meth Scene• Insert text here• Insert text here• Insert text here• Insert text here• Insert text here