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What happens once you’ve taken the pulse of your employee population? This case study demonstrates some of our activities following a U.S. Employee Engagement survey in 2010 - and how those activities generated real benefits both to the organization and the employees involved. This was presented at the tri-state Society for Human Resource Management conference in Springfield, April 27th 2012

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Tri-State SHRM Conference

  1. 1. Organizational Engagement: What is getting in your way? SHRM 2012 Tri-State Conference April 25-27, 2012 Rebounding: HR’s Pivotal Role in the NewBusiness Playbook Sheraton Springfield Hotel &MassMutual Convention Center, Springfield, MA Presented by: Nancy J. Di Dia, Amy Fry, and David C. Thompson Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  2. 2. About Us• Nancy J. Di Dia• Amy Fry• David C. Thompson – SHRM 2012 CT, MA, RI Tri-State Conference 2
  3. 3. I was told to keep this at the graduate level • Particles in a Box ˆ N 1  1 H 2 i ˆext ri v   i 1 2 i j | ri rj |  0 : inside confining volume ˆ vext r : elsewhere • With exact solutions we can extract the correlation energy – The „Stupidity Energy‟ [1] – Important for „realistic chemistry‟ e.g. bond forming/breaking • We can evaluate the performance of theoretical models [2-4] [1] R. P. Feynman, Statistical Mechanics, 1989 SHRM 2012 CT, MA, RI [2] D. C. Thompson and A. Alavi, Phys. Rev. B 66, 235118 (2002) Tri-State Conference [3] D. C. Thompson and A. Alavi, Phys. Rev. B 69, 201302 (2004) [4] D. C. Thompson and A. Alavi, J. Chem. Phys. 122, 124107 (2005) 3
  4. 4. Engagement is „wicked‟ hard (perhaps)• „Tame‟ problems: – Well-defined, stable problem statement – We will know when a solution is reached• „Wicked‟ problems: – Ill-defined and ambiguous – Complex interacting issues dynamically evolving – Context is critical ‘Dilemmas in a general theory of planning’ – H. W. J. Rittel and M. M. Webber, Policy Sciences 4 SHRM 2012 CT, MA, RI (1973), 155-169 Tri-State Conference 4
  5. 5. The Dilbert Index “I look for the number of Dilbert comics and that seems to be inversely proportional to the level of morale. A lot of Dilbert comics seems to be like a passive aggressive way of an employee complaining.” -- Damon Beaven SHRM 2012 CT, MA, RI Tri-State Conference dilbert-index-a-new-marketplace-podcast/ 5
  6. 6. Just because it‟s hard, doesn‟t mean weshouldn‟t think about itDefinition of Employee Engagement: An engaged employee exhibits a combination ofintellectual connection and emotional commitment - which together motivate and driveeverything they say and do. Employee Engagement is a Leading Indicator of Financial Performance By industry, organizations with engaged employees have 3.9 times the earnings-per-share growth rate of organizations whose employees are less engaged Engaged Employees Are Motivated, Creative and Productive 88% of fully engaged employees believe they can positively impact the quality of their organization’s products and services. • Only 38% of disengaged employees feel the same way.Engaged Employees Stay Two-thirds of highly engaged employees have no plan to leave their current jobs; versus one-third of the moderately engaged and12% of the disengaged. Towers Watson SHRM 2012 CT, MA, RI Tri-State Conference 6
  7. 7. It‟s just like selling Coca-Cola Action Aware of the brand Consider the brand Preference for the brand Buy the brand Loyal to the brand Rational Chaotic Linear Non-linear Grouped: How small groups of friends are the key to influence on the Social Web SHRM 2012 CT, MA, RI Paul Adams, Tri-State Conference 7
  8. 8. How it happened … Hello Of course, Colleagues! happy to give Got a minute? our views! We’ve got some Thanks for questions. asking.Survey ran from June 2 – 23 201067 fixed-response questions1 free text write-in:‘What is one change you would recommend to make Boehringer Ingelheim a moreinnovative company?‘All part-time and full-time BI-US employeesInternet Administration9183 eligible, 8765 responded; 95% response rate SHRM 2012 CT, MA, RI Tri-State Conference 8
  9. 9. Engagement & Enablement: Sources offrustration Frustrated Effective Effective Frustrated Gap The work flow is well organized for a quality job (smooth work flow, 44 70% 23% 47% good methods, no duplication of effort, etc.) My work group receives high quality support from other units on 45 72% 34% 37% which we depend 41 We have enough people to get the job done on my team 68% 37% 32% 36 I have the information I need to do my job well 91% 60% 31% I have opportunities to achieve my personal career objectives at the 57 77% 47% 30% company 7 Rate your company on being effectively managed and well-run 62% 32% 30% The people on my team have processes in place to ensure that we 46 88% 59% 29% deliver our products and/or services "right the first time" SHRM 2012 CT, MA, RI Key Driver of Engagement or Tri-State Conference Enablement 9
  10. 10. Action planning Three organizational priorities were identified following the 2010 U.S. Engagement Survey: • Trust and Confidence in Leadership • Work, Structure, and Process • Teamwork and Collaboration The Work, Structure, and Process sub-team focused on a grassroots approach for affecting change: • 60+ cross functional colleagues from across the U.S. • Engaged with Business Resource Groups and the Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and Engagement • Empowered Employees through an implicit adoption of ‘Commander’s Intent’; provided enough structure and guidance to enable, without dictating explicit solution • Experimented with Internal Social Media tools to ask questions, and solicit feedback, in the spirit of continuous improvement • Sought to ensure institutionalization of outcomes SHRM 2012 CT, MA, RI Tri-State Conference 10
  11. 11. What is this? 1. A dynamic and engaging way to foster audience participation 2. The secret to a rich career and continued professional development 3. The least compelling visual I have seen in this deck so far 4. A side-view of some BI ‘employees’ (think about it …) SHRM 2012 CT, MA, RI Tri-State Conference 11
  12. 12. You say potato, and I say potato Subjective Objective + + 708 potentially actionable items + ( ( X7 6 potential areas of focus “What is getting in your way?” 3 areas of focus in 2011 SHRM 2012 CT, MA, RI Tri-State Conference 12
  13. 13. And the winners were …• Meeting Effectiveness - Improve meeting practices and reduce times – identify why this continues to be a barrier for many• COMMITED - Enable communications and organizational productivity through technology• Policy Process Review - Review policies to simplify and keep those which are most essential and current SHRM 2012 CT, MA, RI Tri-State Conference 13
  14. 14. Social media is a great way to reach the right people. Consider the following …Following the 2010 U.S. Engagement Survey, the topic of Work, Structure, and Process washighlighted as an area of organizational frustration. This is a pretty broad topic though, andthe Work, Structure, and Process team needed to identify the root causes of the frustrationswe all expressed and try to find ways to fix them.So, the team did the sensible thing, and simply asked.On Thursday, November 4th 2010 the first ever all Employee online discussion was run usingEmployeeCONNECT (Ask BI back then). During this discussion, Scott Lanzilotta, acolleague at Ben Venue Laboratories, self-identified as an expert in Business Processexcellence, and shared a number of insightful comments around Meeting Effectiveness. Thiswas a known issue for the Work, Structure, and Process team, who subsequently approachedScott to lead a team around that very problem. Throughout 2011, Scott and colleaguesestimated that approximately two million Effort Hours were used on ineffective meetings andhave fashioned a strategy, toolkit, and communication plan, which they rolled out across theU.S., to support the reduction of ineffective meetings by 20% by April 2012.Through social media an expert was found andorganizational efficiencies realized. 14
  15. 15. Meeting Effectiveness• Scott Lanzilotta and a team of 5 • Launched meeting effectiveness toolkit via• Evaluation of meeting practices identified desktop icon in September 2011 approximately 2 MM Effort Hours (1,040 • Worked with Corporate Communications to FTEs) associated with ineffective orchestrate targeted messaging through meetings existing channels (e.g. , email lists,• Strategy, toolkit, and communication standing meetings, OCS calls, etc.) plan rolled out to support the • Provided Site Business Partners, VTI team reduction of ineffective meetings by members, ERGs and other “championing” 20% by April 2012 groups with “plug-and-play” style communications • December 2011 survey executed and data analyzed – Effective meetings goal of 20% improvement was exceeded – 37% increase in meetings with agenda, exceeding goal of 20% • Currently working with leadership to ensure sustainability SHRM 2012 CT, MA, RI Tri-State Conference 15
  16. 16. COMMITED• 16+ members, rolling • Enablement of the BlackBerry camera, video, and Wi-Fi leadership functionality • Creation of a BlackBerry Application store • Single Sign On enabled for many applications • Enablement of the OCS Emoticons for U.S. colleagues • Vetting and governance structure delivered to ensure institutionalization SHRM 2012 CT, MA, RI Tri-State Conference 16
  17. 17. Policy Process Review Review policies to simplify and keep those which are most essential and current• Tyson Ardo & David • Roughly 5% of all of the free text Engagement Survey comments expressed Thompson as team leads frustration around ‘Policy’ *• 2 ‘consultants’ • Using a 1 day kaizen event, with ‘Policy’ experts as participants, define scope of• 17 ‘kaizen’ participants this problem as team deliverable • Elements of scope: – Communication – Content – Process • Follow-up organizational survey to validate scope – Low response rate (58 completed surveys) – 81 % of responders thought we had captured the scope of the problem *For ‘Policy’, read any written guidance to ensure our work is completed SHRM 2012 CT, MA, RI Tri-State Conference in a compliant fashion 17
  18. 18. Cultural Highlight # 1 SHRM 2012 CT, MA, RI Tri-State Conference 18
  19. 19. Cultural Highlight #2 Voca People! SHRM 2012 CT, MA, RI Tri-State Conference 19
  20. 20. Thank You! SHRM 2012 CT, MA, RI Tri-State Conference 20
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