Usability and user experience the case of skype


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Usability and user experience case study

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Usability and user experience the case of skype

  2. 2. AGENDA Review the Skype website and pick 3 pages that you think would be very important to them in terms of optimising conversion rates – please choose non-transactional pages. Highlight the sort of information you would like to know about these pages to understand how good conversion is and how you would be able to spot issues that could be tested and improved Suggest 1 specific test you would do for one of the pages you highlighted
  3. 3. USABILITY & USER EXPERIENCEMaking the Online Experience RelevantUser Experience is the quality of experience a person haswhen interacting with a specific design. This is can rangefrom a specific artifact, such as a cup, toy or website, upto larger, integrated experiences such as a museum or anairport.” User Experience Network (
  5. 5. SKYPE BRIEF REVIEWMaking the Online Experience RelevantHeuristic Approach: User searching for “Cheap Internet Calls” using Google search – Skype in not listed among the top 20 sites! Home Page as a landing page. Readability Issues Not built around personas, but Products
  6. 6. SKYPE BRIEF REVIEW GoodMaking the Online Experience Relevant Navigation Toolbar not intuitive Background and characters colour
  7. 7. SKYPE REVIEWMaking the Online Experience Relevant1. Good title length (about 50 characters) - only issue the word “Skype” is repeated twice whilst “Internet” being omitted2. HTML structure – keywords mainly on level H4 rather than H13. 6 of the 26 pictures do not have alternative text4. Text/HTML ratio is below 11%5. Frames being detected
  8. 8. To Make the Experience Relevant ↔
  9. 9. SKYPE most likely PersonasE-ager Beavers Social Secretaries Young Professional Business ConsultantWell educated single man in his Playschool Female user in her 40s,mid 20s, looking for his first job well educated, liberal in her views A image conscious career person,likely in Hi-Tech or services, still with a keen interest in willing to sacrifice time with hisliving with his parents. environmental and humanitarian family in order to get ahead, whoCosmopolitan in taste and open to issues. likes taking risks and stands out ofnew ideas and influences. Tends to spend more on services the crowd. A perfectionist, who lovesHeavy Internet users, with a and less in products. to buy new gadgets and appliancespreference over Motoring, Keys exceptions are small high value and is prepared to pay more forwebsites. More than 1 in 2 go equipment; convergence of products that make life easier. Heonline through their newest HTC technologies is a necessity. More dreams of setting up its own businesshandset, using 3 Network. More likely to buy brands promoting and has a keen interest into financiallikely to share videos with their multi-cultural image. Her lifestyle is services.closed friends and to subscribe to hectic, having to juggle between His mobile phone is his mobile office:LIVE TV on their mobile phones. family/friends and work, features in used Internet/WAP and e- nevertheless she is 40% more likely mail downloaded. He uses its mobile to help out a local charity group. for checking its financial position.
  10. 10. SKYPE VIDEO PAGESMaking the Online Experience Relevant Premi NAV um HP Video Down DL Free Featu Free res Busin ess
  11. 11. SKYPE VIDEO PAGESMaking the Online Experience Relevant Premi NAV um HP Video Down DL HP Free Featu Free res Busin ess 1. Visits entering the HP searching for Free Video Calling 2. HP Clicks analyse (usage of the Navigation vs. Feature elements and Search Box) 3. Visits to the Video HP by sources 4. Visits/Clicks to the Download Button by sources 5. Visits/Clicks to Free Skype by sources 6. Visit/Clicks to the Business Link behind the Free Skype Offer by sources. 7. Video usage. THE AMOUNT OF OPTIONS AND PATHS SHOULD NEVER OVERWHELM THE USER
  12. 12. SKYPE HELP PAGESMaking the Online Experience Relevant Best Resea Now Supp Fit t Check Searc Acco ort email unt HP h FAQ Not Easy Readable Not always Relevant
  13. 13. SKYPE MY ACCOUNT PAGESMaking the Online Experience Relevant 1. How Visitors check for help – Forum vs. HP redirect (and Search) 2. Time spent on HP before clicking on the Support Link 3. How many search done in the Help search box (search refinery) before landing to the relevant page 4. Best Fit vs. FAQ lists – does anyone read the glossary? 5. Time laps from resetting the account and the email received 6. Click from the email and successful resetting account TIME LAPS SHOULD BE MONOTORED AS WELL AS USERS THAT HAVE TO MANUALLY TYPE THE TOLKEN CODE.
  14. 14. SKYPE SMALL BUSINESSMaking the Online Experience Relevant Not easy Readable nor intuitive
  15. 15. SKYPE SMALL BUSINESS PAGESMaking the Online Experience Relevant NAV Top Acco HP Story B HP SMEs MNG Trial unt Acco unt Acco unt Acco Featu unt Acco res unt 1. How users search for Business call: Keyphrase analyses (voip explained page!) 2. Search Optimised for US version 3. HP clicks analyses – depth of visitors 4. Path analysis – usage for each page – abandonment rate 5. Time spent on this section: are picts of any help? 6. Usage analyse: how users interact with the overwhelming and unclear options THE AMOUNT OF OPTIONS AND PATHS SHOULD NEVER OVERWHELM THE USER
  16. 16. TESTMaking the Online Experience Relevant
  17. 17. Q&A?