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Customers photo

  1. 1. Customers’ Photo An Example
  2. 2. Understanding Your audienceWho they are Married with children, Are 34% more likely ABC1, with a secure to be influenced by position in a large online adverts in organization, living in a their purchasing prosperous suburb. decisions 22% more likely to book Heavy Internet users, in advance their holiday who appreciate breaks technology convergence. Online Engager, Motoring sites their preferred Champions in their 31% more likely to buy a knowledge of Financial new car in the next 12 Services. Are 63% more months. Off Roader 1in 5 go online through likely in influencing others in model their preferred their mobile phones their Financial choices (Index 113) Source: GB TGI 2009 Q4Base: All Internet Users
  3. 3. Understanding Your audienceTheir Shopping Habits Are 51% more likely Are 20% more likely to to have used WHS have spent more than Clubcard in the last £150 for their garden in 3 months the last 12 months.Are 30% more likely tohave bought clothes at Are 59% more likely toM&S in the last 3 months have bought items online after receiving a Direct Mail offer 1 in 4 bought outdoor 1 in 4 drinks leisure products at Californian Halfords (Index 154) 1in 3 usually shop at wines Morrisons, spending an average of £63 per week Source: GB TGI 2009 Q4Base: All Internet Users
  4. 4. Understanding Your audienceTheir Technology 1 in 4 have a Photo Printer Are 21% more specifically for digital likely to own a cameras. Creative MP4 (Index 126) Are 50% more likely 1 in 4 use a Dell to go online Computer thought their PDA (Index 119) Are 28% more likely 1 in 7 use a Canon Digital to own a Motorola Camera Are 61% more likely to have (Index 130) bought their Sony SPS in the last 12 months Source: GB TGI 2009 Q4Base: All Internet Users
  5. 5. Understanding Your audienceTheir Outdoor Activities 1 in 5 have a Are 27% more likely to keen interest in have donated £63 to Bird Watching Save the Children in (Index 123). the last 12 months When on holidays, they really enjoy visiting Theme Park and Natural sites (Index 143 Are 38% more likely to and 123) be Opera Goers 1 in 3 belong to Sports/Hobbies Clubs, 50% Are more likely to have more likely to be a Golf Club visited the Warwick Castle in Are 61% more likely to the last 12 months visit the Lake Districts. Source: GB TGI 2009 Q4Base: All Internet Users
  6. 6. Understanding Your audienceTheir Reading/Watching/Listening likings 1 in 5 usually respond 1 in 3 are really to Classified Ad. interested in reading Are 54% more likely Sport News to respond to online (Index 130) Classified Ad Are 42% more likely to read the Reader 1 in 5 especially choose Digest to listen to the Chris Moyles Show on BBC Radio2 Quantum of Solace the most viewed movie on 1 in 5 especially choose to watch cinema 14% usually choose to Top Gear on TV (Index 173) read the News of the (Index 126) World (Index 114) Source: GB TGI 2009 Q4Base: All Internet Users
  7. 7. Understanding Your audienceTheir Lifestyle Your Advocates Best Offer Seekers + I often go in for competitions 148 + Switching suppliers is well worth the effort 138 New Technology minded + I often refer to the Internet before making a purchase 115 + I tend to be influenced by comments/reviews posted online by other Internet users 129 Multi-layered informed + I read the financial pages of my newspaper 134 + I check a number of sources before making a significant purchase 112 Keen to engage with bespoke cross channels campaigns + On TV I enjoy the adverts as much as the programmes 130 + Advertising gives me something to talk about 128 + I do respond to Direct Mail & Relevant DM can change my opinion of a brand/company 115Base: All Internet Users Source: GB TGI 2009 Q4
  8. 8. Understanding Your audienceCustomer Photos The Net Mum High Technologist The Savvy Savers Career oriented, ambitious Wealthy, well educated Married user in her 40s, living young male users in his 30s, professional in his 50s, in expensive detached house in well educated, open-minded, living in a established and metropolitan areas. Has a part- with cosmopolitan tastes and prosperous suburb. time job to accommodate her liberal views. Home owners, ABC1, family needs, lifestyles are Few are play-school parents. most likely to hold a Money is an important senior public sector job, conventional, focusing on but now approaching measure of success. Have family value. hedonistic lifestyle. More retirement. Highly talkative, love being likely to buy personalised High “net worth”, go for surrounded by family members gadgets. premium traditional Blackberry their preferred brands, and highly and friends. interested in ways to mobile phone, through with New technology makes her life there are always on for their invest his money. easier, she has a high colleagues and friends. propensity in responding to They value convergence of online adverts. applicationsBase: All Internet Users Source: GB TGI 2009 Q4
  9. 9. Understanding Your audienceCustomer Photos The Green Surfer The Stress-Free Holidaymakers Car Madness Young well educated couple in Young, college educated Married man in his late 30s, a junior/middle management couple, living in semi-detached who run his own business, career, with prospect of future housing, usually with gardens. mainly focusing on career, home career development. Play- Confident in their abilities to and family. manage their affaires without school parents whose state support. Playschool parent, living in new purchasing decisions are communities at a considerable Heavy viewers of TV. distance from commercial influenced by ethical and They manage their finances centres. High value on material environmental consideration online, and are likely to visit possessions. Heavy internet rather than value for money. price comparison and online users, who appreciate More likely to purchase brands auctions websites looking for a convergence of technologies. bargaining. More likely to buy brands associated with innovation and Likely to respond to direct associated with innovation and technical excellence. Heavy relevant email. technical excellence. internet users for banking and Straight-talking attitude. Often notice Internet Advertising. online shopping.Base: All Internet Users Source: GB TGI 2009 Q4
  10. 10. ONLINE ENGAGEMENT We have created a “Online Engagement” group by combining those who conform with at least 6 of the following 8: Blog (write, read or both) Participate in the Virtual World Play Game Online Watch/Upload Online Videos. Download Podcasts Download Music & Movie Online Send Instant Messaging online Regularly access a Social Networking site There are nearly 1 million “Online Engager”Base: All Internet Users (Adult 15+) Source: GB TGI 2009 Q4
  11. 11. ONLINE ENGAGEMENT 320 319 318 317 316 315 350 6.78% 6.79% 6.80% 6.81% 330 310 290 % Vert. 270 250 230 210 190 170 150 4% 5% 5% 6% 6% 7% 7% 8% IndexBase: All Internet s Users Source: GB TGI 2009 Q4
  12. 12. Words of MouthMost Likely to Blog About 10% 9% 8% 7% 6% % Vert 5% 4% 3% 2% 1% 0% 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 Index Less Likely More LikelyBase: All Internet Users Source: GB TGI 2009 Q9
  13. 13. Words of MouthMost Likely to Blog Using Compared to the average Internet user, people who visited our site in the last 4 weeks are more likely to have visited these Blogs 1. Index 322 2. Index 261 3. Index 244 4. Index 221 5. Index 202 Source: Comscore November 2009Base: All Tiscali Surfers (Adult age 15+) – Cross Visiting Report
  14. 14. Words of MouthMost Likely to Network UsingCompared to the average Internet user, people who visited Tiscali UK in the last 4 weeks are more likely to have visited these Social Networking sites 1. Index 204 2. Index 150 3. Index 145 4. Index 134 5. Index 119 Source: Comscore November 2009Base: All Tiscali Surfers (Adult age 15+) – Cross Visiting Report
  15. 15. Holiday & Travel Purchasing CycleMarried couples in their mid 30s, well educated and with good jobs in Hi-Tech, ABC1, school parents, travelling in the UK orEU with their family.They usually take 2 long breaks (6 days) and 3 or more short breaks (1-3 days – weekend) Recognition of a Information Evaluation of Purchase Post-Purchase need & Problem Search Alternatives Evaluation Awareness 34% more likely to Are 22% more likely The Internet 34% more likely to 64% book their Post online To book 5 months (Vert. 53% Listen to holidays online comments In advance Index 114) Other internet users “CHAMPION” for their 6 days holidays 1 in 5 book The Internet 68% book online Online adverts, Are 64% more likely 2 months (Index 117) Are 20% more Blogs, To post online in advance Brochure (In 177) likely to book Travel websites comments/reviews For a short break Travel Company their holiday “Salespersons” (long weekend) (Index 126) By telephone Sources: GB TGI 2009 Q4Base: Internet Holiday Makers comScore November 2009