Dirk Cotter Resume  June 2011
Dirk Cotter | Resume                                                                      06 November 2011Resume SummaryDi...
Dirk Cotter | Resume                                                                     06 November 2011   in August 2010...
Dirk Cotter | Resume                                                                06 November 2011Key Delivery Achieveme...
Dirk Cotter | Resume                                                                            06 November 2011Detailed S...
Dirk Cotter | Resume                                                                         06 November 2011             ...
Dirk Cotter | Resume                                                                           06 November 2011           ...
Dirk Cotter | Resume                                                                       06 November 2011W1 SAM - Compar...
Dirk Cotter | Resume                                                                         06 November 2011QA Test Manag...
Dirk Cotter | Resume                                                                        06 November 2011              ...
Dirk Cotter | Resume                                                                     06 November 2011Business Analyst ...
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Dirk Cotter Resume June 2011


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Dirk Cotter Resume June 2011

  1. 1. Dirk Cotter Resume June 2011
  2. 2. Dirk Cotter | Resume 06 November 2011Resume SummaryDirk Cotter is a Programme Consultant with over 17 years experience in the IT and Telecommunicationsindustry across a broad range of senior testing and programme management roles.Dirk is skilled in the design, adoption and exploitation of different testing methodologies to uplift testingpractice, the management of large scale distributed testing teams and the interlock with, and managementof multiple senior business and project stakeholders. Dirk is a hard worker, comfortable in both autonomousand team environments and prides himself on leadership, flexibility and never losing sight of the biggerbusiness picture.Dirk has spent the last 8 years in very senior testing positions specialising in highly complex, multi year,multi million dollar technology transformation programmes. Throughout this period (and before) Dirk hascrafted a proven track record of successful delivery and has consistently been promoted into more and moresenior roles.With the end of Programme PIE in September 2010 Dirk has moved into the Business Intelligence Unit ofVodafone Hutchinson Australia and has been tasked with working with the programme managers toformulate a 24 million dollar 2011 Delivery Plan and implementing a sustainable, repeatable and high qualityrelease management process to ensure accurate and timely reporting delivery to the business, executivesand board. In February he was asked to take over the testing practice and is currently working through atesting capability uplift programme for its 20+ strong onshore team.Dirk remains passionate however about any opportunity to continue to work in leadership roles on largescale transformation programmes as this is the environment he most enjoys and excels in, and where hefeels he can best leverage his experience to make the most difference for the transformation team, vendorsand business.Transformational Programme Experience Programme PIE: Programme PIE was a 3 year, 70 million dollar programme for Vodafone Australia to swap out their real time prepay rating system (IN) which serves a 2 million strong customer base, partnering with the key vendors of Alcatel Lucent, IBM, Hewlett Packard and Nokia Siemens. To deliver the new IN (ICC) the programme first ran a 7 month prepay product refresh phase (Caesar) concurrently with the ICC design to meet businesses competitive pressures before the building, integration, testing and deployment of the new IN with 20+ legacy systems. The programme encompassed 17 different build vendors delivering 30 major code drops spanning both onshore and 6 offshore locations with an additional 9 vendors providing defect fix support throughout the 16 month testing effort. In 2009 concurrent with the programme Vodafone Australia completed a multi billion dollar merger with Hutchison to form the new entity Vodafone Hutchison Australia and PIE had to manage a significant changes in business direction, culture and programme governance. It successfully delivered to productionCommercial in confidence Page 1
  3. 3. Dirk Cotter | Resume 06 November 2011 in August 2010 with an 8% variance to schedule and 2% variance to budget with the last customer migration completing in October. Programme SAM: Programme SAM was a 5 year, 500 Million dollar multi country (New Zealand, Australia and Fiji) business transformation programme for Vodafone partnering with the key vendor of IBM to deliver new technology capability spanning the entire business. It was delivered in "waves" each containing multiple multi million dollar streams of work as first the prepay and then post pay side of the business in New Zealand, Australia and Fiji underwent core system swap out and integration. Concurrently both New Zealand and Australia ran interlocking programmes of work (SAM+ and GAP) to upgrade their credit and collections, supply chain, data warehousing, accounts receivable and commissioning systems. Wave 1 – Involved the implementation of a rating (Portal), customer management (Siebel), provisioning (ASAP) and strategic middleware (WBI) systems for the prepay customer base. Wave 2 – Involved the migration of post pay customers to the customer management, rating and provisioning systems to create one view across both sides of the business as well as implementing a new billing (portal) system. These core systems had to interlock with 30+ legacy systems with over 45 major new interfaces. Wave 2 was split into two sub-releases: • W2A – This release upgraded the code in production laying the foundation for the main release of code and data migration following on (W2B). It involved a significant suite of regression testing across all core SAM platforms and interfacing Legacy systems for both NZ and AU. • W2B – The main release of W2 functionality and which involved a complex data migration strategy moving the entire post-pay (on account) customer base across to the customer management and billing platforms. Because of this, two extensive suites of testing were conducted (each lasting several months) on created and then migrated data. Fiji – A program stream that delivered W1 & W2 in a ‘big bang’ approach that happened concurrently with Australia necessitating concurrent management of code, environment and test streams as well as a completely new deployment strategy. Programme SAM successfully delivered its last production release in November 2007 and was then closed out.Commercial in confidence Page 2
  4. 4. Dirk Cotter | Resume 06 November 2011Key Delivery Achievements (last 8 years)• December 2010 - Business Intelligence : Release Management Strategy formulated by Dirk adopted based on a 12 week delivery cycle timed to deploy a release every month to production, creating a 2011 delivery road-map.• October 2010 - PIE: Active customer migration completes and the first set of new market offerings formally launched on the new ICC prepay platform, program within 8% variance of original schedule, 2% variance of original budget and with number of customer impacting, high severity production incidents in the previous 3 months of migration having been less than 10.• August 2010 - PIE: Completion on time of PIEs 14 month long test execution programme under Dirks leadership with 9000 test cases passed, 3000 defects resolved, 52 testing streams and 10 different on and off shore vendors involved.• March 2009 - PIE: Dirk in the role of Schedule Architect completes leading 3 months of planning and gains formal adoption of an 18 month Driver Plan and Integrated Schedule (build, test, deploy and migration) for the PIE programme.• October 2008 - PIE: Programme Test Strategy for PIE authored by Dirk endorsed by Vodafone Australia involving adoption of a number of new best of breed programme testing practices such as visual test objection matrixes, commonality of process and template across all vendors, direct system test governance, integrated test reporting and a new system to help vendors more accurately forecast defect support saving Vodafone hundreds of thousands of dollars.• September 2008 - PIE: Caesar product refresh successfully launches to market on time after the close out of a tight 4 month test execution schedule under Dirks management involving 2000 test cases, 19 test streams and 7 different build vendors.• November 2007 - SAM: Business Acceptance gained across 14 different business units in Australia and Fiji based on the successful close out of 4 key business testing streams under Dirks management allowing Programme SAM Wave 2 to launch to production and customer migration to begin.• March 2007 - SAM: Business Acceptance gained across 8 different business units in New Zealand based on the successful close out of 4 key business testing streams under Dirks management allowing Programme SAM Wave 2 to launch to production and customer migration to begin.• August 2005 - SAM: Business Acceptance Strategy formulated by Dirk formally endorsed and adopted for Programme SAM Wave 2 by the businesses of New Zealand, Vodafone and Fiji.• November 2004 - SAM: Wave 1 Comparative Analysis testing stream under Dirks management completes successful final run between the new portal rating system and the current production legacy system using one days worth of calls (over 2 million records) enabling the Wave 1 Rating release to go live on time and forestalling millions of dollars cost in programme delay.• June 2004 - SAM: Wave 1 UAT for New Zealand managed by Dirk successfully closes out execution on time feeding into production deployment go live decision taken by the business.Commercial in confidence Page 3
  5. 5. Dirk Cotter | Resume 06 November 2011Detailed Schedule of Work ExperienceHead of Test Practice and Integrated Planning Manager - Business IntelligenceUnit - Vodafone Hutchinson Australia Ltd (October 2010 to present)Scope of Role: Working with both the Echo programme (15 million capability uplift programme) and the Component programme (8 million upstream system change programme) to formulate a 2011 delivery and release management plan that allows: o Confidence in delivery dates o A much higher defect removal rate for production releases o Repeatability and sustainability From February 2011 took over as head of Testing Practice to deliver testing services for the 50+ projects that currently make up the 2011 Delivery Roadmap.Achievements: • 12 week delivery lifecycle established feeding a monthly release structure formally socialised and adopted by Business Intelligence Delivery Unit. • 10+ successful production deployments achieved per month since January - the average for this business unit on 2009 was 2.PIE - Programme Manager - Vodafone Hutchinson Australia Ltd(January 2010 to September 2010 - completion of programme)Scope of Role: Delivery overview and management of the following programme work streams (100 person strong onshore team): o Major Vendor (IBM & ALU) build and defect support o Deployment and customer migration o Infrastructure platform build o Solution design o Programme testing o Business transformation o Operations and support readinessAchievements: • Oversaw the creation and adoption of a programme wide delivery driver plan and integrated schedule (this was done whilst still operating as the programme test manager and led to Dirks promotion into the integration manager role) • Led a re-planning exercise to regain director level support after a high defect throw rate in production pilot testing • Chaired a programme wide daily delivery meeting from December 2008 • Created and owned "Micro Plans" to ensure hands on leadership with the technical teams through-out key portions of critical path activity o New strategic middleware soak testing and production launch o Platform performance testingCommercial in confidence Page 4
  6. 6. Dirk Cotter | Resume 06 November 2011 o Production shake-out and integration o Friendly user trialPIE - Programme Test Manager - Vodafone Australia Ltd (February 2008 toDecember 2009)Scope of Role: Creation and management of the entire testing strategy for the PIE programme involving: o 3 major production releases o 17 vendors spanning 6 different offshore locations o 11,000 test cases executed and passed o 71 test streams & teams (many run in parallel) grouped as follows: o Vendor system, interoperability and system integration testing o Point to point system integration testing o Proposition testing - rating and recharging o CDR testing o Customer acceptance testing o Operational acceptance testing o Migration tool and data testing o Performance and soak testing o Trial deployment testing o Cutover verification testing o Friendly user trial o Creation, shakeout and maintenance of three integrated E2E test environments o 30 major code and config releases to those environments o Over 4000 end to end defects logged and resolved o 1600 minor defect packages tracked and synched across the 3 environmentsAchievements: • An 18 month testing strategy successfully closed out on time to allow the programme to enter into production piloting activities. This involved two major testing programmes o Caesar - prepay product refresh on existing prepay platform o PIE - integration and migration to new prepay platform • Took a testing services RFP to market and established a 3 million dollar 20 person strong on-shore system integration and customer acceptance test execution team • Drove many new test practice innovations to Vodafone (built on lessons learnt from SAM) including: o Strong system test and vendor execution governance o Visual test objective matrixes to drive ease of test coverage review and highlight "holes" in the planned streams execution strategy o Defect forecasting tool to allow vendors to more accurately estimate defect throw rates and therefore the required support removing hundreds of thousands of dollars of risk cost out in the fixed price build SOWs o Integrated test reporting which showed programme wide test execution progress to forecast plan and captured a set of new meaningful management metrics to better show the "levers" to help keep testing on track such as:Commercial in confidence Page 5
  7. 7. Dirk Cotter | Resume 06 November 2011 o Build team defect fix first time ratio o Build team defect age ratio o Vendor defect throw rate versus forecastW2 SAM - Regional Programme Acceptance Manager – Vodafone NZ / AU / FijiLtd (Jan 2005 to December 2007)Scope of Role: Management of the NZ, AU & Fiji business acceptance of the W2 solution through o User acceptance testing o Cutover verification testing o Operational acceptance testing o Acceptance of IBM test deliverablesAchievements: • Establishment of the test strategy for Acceptance of the W2 solution in NZ, AU and Fiji • Creation and management of the UAT, OAT and Cutover Verification Testing streams in NZ, AU & Fiji with o 1500+ Test Cases o 2000+ man days o 50+ business SME’s o 22 business units (regionally NZ, AU & Fiji) • Management of a 4 million dollar Acceptance stream budget • Mentoring in the acceptance strategy for all 22 business units involved • Interlock, review and acceptance of IBM SI test streams (system test, system integration test and comparative analysis) • Project Management of the NZ, AU & Fiji acceptance streams (schedule, budget management, reporting, stakeholder and risk management) • Management of the acceptance of contractual deliverables of the program to the business • Stakeholder management at Mid to Senior business level for all 3 countries for a program that went through o Several Major Re-plans (moving months to the right) o Several changes in test approach o Business governance shifts from time to cost to quality • Successful execution of UAT, OAT and CVT test streams gaining business sign-off to allow production deployment activities to begin for the following program streams o W2A Release - NZ & AU o W2B Release - NZ & AU o FijiCommercial in confidence Page 6
  8. 8. Dirk Cotter | Resume 06 November 2011W1 SAM - Comparative Test Manager – Vodafone NZ Ltd (July 2004 to December2004)Scope of Role: Management of a cross functional testing team that did comparative analysis of rated usage between the existing production system and the new Portal rating engine. This stream was a late inclusion into programme scope 3 months from Wave 1 launch, a wholly ‘Vodafone Accountability’ as IBM assured no material difference between the two systems. It lost its project manager 2 days into Dirk joining the team as test manager. Dirk took over both the project and test manager role and with a team of one ran his first cycle to find a $25 million variance between 2 million CDR’s putting the entire W1 Programme schedule at risk. 11 weeks later with a 10 strong team the final comparative run showed a revenue difference of $405. The approach taken to testing pioneered in this stream was formally adopted for Wave 2.Achievements: • Project and test management of stream • Scope and planning of comparative test effort • Estimation and raising of change requests for funding of the stream of work • Test strategy formulation and creation of the DTP • Business Stakeholder Management • Engagement and formulation of test team (7 strong cross-functional ‘perform team’) • Test execution leadership • Test model and foundation for CA for subsequent program streamsW1 SAM UAT Test Manager – Vodafone NZ Ltd (June 2003 to June 2004)Scope of Role: Test Manager of the NZ UAT phase for the prepay CM Siebel implementation in W1Achievements: • Management of 12 strong SME team • Creation of test documentation – detailed test plan, test objectives matrix, test director scripts and test Summary report • Completion of tight 3 week execution window with 200+ test cases run and 90 defects logged and resolved • Daily running of defect meeting co-ordinating fixes and releases from 6 separate build teams • Establishment of exit criteria and the acceptance of code from the IBM system and system integration test teams • Co-ordination of con-current testing activities in the UAT test environment between the SIT, OAT, Performance and UAT test teamsCommercial in confidence Page 7
  9. 9. Dirk Cotter | Resume 06 November 2011QA Test Manager – Vodafone NZ Ltd (January 2002 to June 2003)Scope of Role: Formulation of QA strategies and establishing and then monitoring a test model for outsourced development vendors for Vodafone NZAchievements: • Quality assurance strategy (documenting peer and project team reviews and gating between different phases of a projects SDLC) • Creation of testing templates for the outsourced partners (test strategy, test plan, test condition matrix, test case, test summary report and root causal analysis documents) • Post implementation review template • Project auality report • SDLC Process Improvement loop from the PIRProject Manager – Vodafone NZ Ltd (July 2001 to December 2002)Scope of Role: Project management of technology Initiatives for the business unit of Accounts ReceivableAchievements: • Established a technology road map for accounts receivable • Initiated the projects of general ledger reconciliation, payments, credit limits, corporate fulfilment and security deposits • Priming as a QA Analyst on outsourced development projects o Writing overall test plan for the projects o Reviewing the detailed test plans, test condition matrix’s and test cases for coverage and completeness o Reviewing the outsourced partners test summary and organising UAT activites o Facilitating post implementation reviewsUAT Test Lead – Vodafone NZ Ltd (July 2000 to July 2001)Scope of Role: To ensure testing was successfully completed for internally developed projects. Management of outsourced testing efforts.Achievements: • Successfully tested and implemented into production o Payment Gateway development for prepay top-up’s via front end systems with companies like NZ Post and Westpac Bank o Txt A Coke o Oracle 10.7 to 11I upgrade o Payment reconciliation engine o Monthly software release initiativesCommercial in confidence Page 8
  10. 10. Dirk Cotter | Resume 06 November 2011 • Formulated test strategy and managed testing activities as Vodafone outsourced development and testing o Compaq o APL o Coca Cola Amtel and Marconi o Synergy o SolnetSIT Test Lead – IBM Australia Telstra Account (June 1999 to June 2000)Scope of Role: To ensure testing was successfully completed for the five development releases a year IBM managed for Telstra on their Network Plant and Management System (NPAMS)Achievements: • Use and process adherence to IBM full lifecycle testing methodology • Helping in project accreditation of CMM Level 2 and 3 • Lead Testing and resource allocation for software releases • Managing System Integration Testing with multiple upstream and downstream development partners • Training and managing of end user hand over for software releases • Successfully tested and implemented into production o Automatic provisioning for MSN for release 4.1 o DMC part B for release 4.2 o ADSL provisioning for release 4.3 o Customer Multiplexor for release 4.4 o Service Qualification for release 4.5 o ISDN BRA Repeater for release 5.0System Test Analyst – IBM NZ ICMS Telecom Account (July 1998 to April 1999)Scope of Role: Working as a system test analyst in the IBM NZ development house for the ICMS system. This was an integrated CRM / Billing / Plant Management and Provisioning system sold internationally around the world.Achievements: • Testing and resolution of errors logged by ICMS international customers • Leading a team of 10 test analysts across multiple development sites (Auckland and Wellington) for the Datalink stream project. • Successfully tested and implemented into production o Auto activation’s for release level I3.3P o Directory requirements for release level I4.01P o Rate Plans for telephony for release level I4.01P o Datalink stream owner for release level I4.1PCommercial in confidence Page 9
  11. 11. Dirk Cotter | Resume 06 November 2011Business Analyst – Clear Communications (January 1998 to June 1998)Scope of Role: To document CLEAR’s legacy billing business processes and create Business Requirement Specification’s for their Billing Replacement Project.Achievements: • Creation of Business Requirement Specifications • Designing the Process Requirement Specifications Template for the second phase of the projectAudit Centre Specialist – Clear Communications (March 1993 to December 1997)Scope of Role: SME for CLEAR’s billing team responsible for working with the IT department to provide requirements and test internal projects.Achievements: • Successfully tested and implemented into production o Outsourcing of manual bill handling o Automated internal phone number transfer system o Toll analysis via Internet inquiry o Clear business local service roll-out of keystone (analogue, featured and digital lines to CBD) o Clear business local service roll-out of gateway to CBD o Call overflow functionality for Local customers o Clear enhanced services platform for tollfree o Clear business local service roll-out of ISDN to CBD o Hotstandby fault restoration for Local customersEducation, Qualifications, and Professional AffiliationsA Bursary (scholarships in Accounting and Economics)300 credits to National Certificate in Business ComputingCompleted the following courses o Kepno tregor project management o IBM AS/400 for beginners o Peer review training (IBM CMM certification) o Informix database upgrade accreditation o Project planning and control techniques o Rational team test fundamentals o Service level agreements o Siebel requirements mapping o Mercury test director 8.0Commercial in confidence Page 10