Driving Customer Retention with Social Marketing


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Jive Software Webcast 2010

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  • Today I’d like to help provide some clarity around the Social Business market. Like any fast growing industry, our market is flush with buzzwords, inane terminology and grandiose claims. And like any good executive, it’s your job to filter out the noise from trends and important decisions that will effect your business. Hopefully after this presentation today you will understand the following How social business can make a substantial impact to your business How the various vendors in the market position their solutions. Why Jive is far and away the leader in the space.
  • So we have more features in our product than any other vendor in our space, and we’ll continue to build more as well as enhance the ones we deliver today. <CLICK>But we have seen enough successful community launches to realize that it’s not ALL about the FEATURES <CLICK> as much as it’s about the way you go about APPLYING them to the community. <CLICK>So we partner with you to help you think through the strategy behind exactly which features you enable where, in such a way that it meets your needs, addresses the purpose your community is serving and goals you are trying to achieve. <CLICK>--We’ve actually found that companies use our platform for 18 major business imperatives that most likely align with some of the initiatives you currently have at your company. We have many proven use cases amongst our customer base where the jive-powered community is adding value in these areas – inside your company, outside your company with customers or partners, and on the social web. <CLICK>--A quick high level snapshot of what’s on our product roadmap. Starting from the bottom in this stack here….We have a connects strategy that will allow our customers to integrate more easily with other systems and technologieswe have our core Engage platform -- online communities to connect your ecosystem of your employees, customers, and social networking sites. We have an Apps market to allow our customers and other companies to easily create plugins using our APIsJive What Matters is about allowing users to filter down information that’s most relevant to them in their job or particular problem they are trying to solve.
  • Full-time Online Public School provider in over 30 states and growingPartner to the public and private schools, offering a continuum of curriculum and services International Online Private Academy and several online private school partners Individual Courses: over 210 courses for grades K-12, including AP, world languages, credit recovery and electives
  • How did you get users to join the community: How did the community spread virally? How do you keep users engaged?How did you get a less socially savvy demographic (parents, kids, teachers) excited and engaged?
  • Driving Customer Retention with Social Marketing

    1. 1. Driving Customer Retention with Social Marketing K12 and Jive #jivecast on Twitter
    2. 2. Welcome Dianne Conley VP of Marketing Systems, K12 Inc. @dianneconley Stephanie Hoaglund Marketing Program Manager, Online Community and Social Media, K12 Inc. @livestrongnsore @K12learn Namrata Murlidhar Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Jive Software @NamrataM
    3. 3. Ask Us Questions Submit your questions anytime during the presentation and discussions, using the Q&A box to the right > #jivecast on Twitter
    4. 4. Jive Software Namrata Murlidhar Sr. Product Marketing Manager @NamrataM
    5. 5. Are you confused yet?
    6. 6. Social Marketing Getting social means achieving breakthrough results, with tight budgets in: • • • • Brand Awareness Customer Acquisition Customer Retention Customer Loyalty Minimal Spend, High Return.
    7. 7. It’s no longer enough to have JUST • • • • • A social media monitoring solution A discussion forum A customer community A Facebook Fan page A Twitter Account © Jive. Confidential. Limited Jive Internal Use Only – Approval Required for External Presentations
    8. 8. You need all 3, on 1 platform For 2 way communication © Jive. Confidential. Limited Jive Internal Use Only – Approval Required for External Presentations
    9. 9. Marketing can drive singular focus on the customer Within And Outside The company. © Jive. Confidential. Limited Jive Internal Use Only – Approval Required for External Presentations
    10. 10. About Jive Jive What Matters Jive Apps Market Jive Engage Platform Jive Connects
    11. 11. K12 Inc. Dianne Conley VP of Marketing Systems, K12 Inc. @dianneconley Stephanie Hoaglund Marketing Program Manager, Online Community and Social Media, K12 Inc. @livestrongnsore @K12learn
    12. 12. America's largest provider of online education for grades K-12  Curriculum  Software  School management , marketing and other services
    13. 13. Why Social? • Our business is all about relationships • • • among students, parents and teachers between families and schools between our customers and K12 • Our business is global – students from around the world attend our schools • Online education can be an isolating and overwhelming experience for students and parents • Socialization and support are key retention drivers • • You’re not alone Learn how others are making it work • Many parents were already using Yahoo! Groups discussions to connect with other parents • Use of most current tools demonstrates thought-leadership and differentiates our brand
    14. 14. Why Social Business is the Right Answer • Our audience • • • students/parents/personal info safety and privacy considerations federal regulations • Schools: risk-averse , liability–focused and limited knowledge and experience with technology and emerging online social opportunities • • • • • Single sign-on with our learning platform Balance of resource-sharing and social features Robust permission controls around visibility of content Distributed administration Platform compatibility with our proprietary learning systems for deeper integration
    15. 15. Our Community • Get Social - Connect with other K¹² Families that share the same interests, needs, and/or location as your family. • Get Support - Find K¹² resources, ask questions AND support other members of the community by sharing your own tips, tricks, resources. • Get Set-up - Update your Parents' Lounge profile, personalize your community preferences, and create your personal home page, and add some bookmarks!
    16. 16. Discussion Topic Real results from leveraging social business for customer loyalty and satisfaction #jivecast on Twitter
    17. 17. Results • Strong Adoption • • • 10,000 members as of mid-September 15,000 members as of mid-November Over 85 user-requested social groups • Reliable and consistent way for our audience to connect and get support • The community usually answers questions and provide support faster and more accurately than we can • Experienced parents welcome an opportunity to help new families
    18. 18. Discussion Topic Driving viral adoption of the community, amongst a less socially-savvy demographic #jivecast on Twitter
    19. 19. Anecdotal movement away from Yahoo! Groups: “I can only assume but the Parents Lounge is really busy. I think most have gone to the parents lounge to ask questions. Since the parents lounge started up I have seen a decrease on all the yahoo groups that deal with K12.“ -- Yahoo! Groups post Facebook users get it too: “To anyone feeling frustrated, overwhelmed or just excited about the program... if you have not been to the Parents' Lounge on thebigthink, then you really need to go as soon as possible! It is a wonderful online community that is secure and only for us K12 parents. Children do not have access and you have to sign in through your K12 account, so it is just for US!!! You really should check it out.” -- Facebook post
    20. 20. Benefits • Customer retention and loyalty • • • Listening within community provides opportunities for early intervention Improved socialization – virtual and f2f Experienced families become mentors, brand champions and ambassadors • Proactive customer issue resolution • • • Early awareness of previously unknown issues Forum to alert customers of known issues Pressure taken off other support channels • Customer satisfaction • Understand impact of curriculum and program changes • Ability to identify and connect niche audiences (Military, Grandparents, Muslim) • Shared stories = great external marketing assets
    21. 21. Discussion Topic Key elements of a community solution and broader social strategy in driving customer retention #jivecast on Twitter
    22. 22. Discussion Topic The budget and org chart shift to incorporate social initiatives #jivecast on Twitter
    23. 23. Discussion Topic The future – where K12 goes from here #jivecast on Twitter
    24. 24. Key Lessons Learned • Choose a partner, not just a vendor • Strategic planning is a necessity • Recruit founding members and listen to them • Promotion and end-user training is key, should be on-going • Use other marketing opportunities to promote and drive usage of community • Be active in your community • Buy the BI analytics! #jivecast on Twitter
    25. 25. Thank You! Continue the Conversation… Join the conversation with @jivesoftware @NamrataM @dianneconley @livestrongnsore @k12learn Connect with peers & experts in the Jive Community And next week, we’ll be hosting a webcast with Paul Greenberg: http://www.jivesoftware.com/events