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Ray Liu Viet Nam
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  • 1. Viet Nam Weaponry U.S. Army Standard Issue Ray Liu
  • 2. Question
    • What was the standard issue to the soldiers of Viet Nam?
  • 3. U.S. Army Standard Issue
    • Primary -- Colt M16A2
    • Secondary – M1911
    • Grenades – U.S. M61 Fragmentation Grenades
  • 4. Colt M16A2
    • Most common associated gun to U.S. troops in Viet Name era.
    • The 5.56mm M16A1 is a gas operated magazine-fed rifle capable of semi-automatic and automatic fire with an effective range of 300 meters and a practical rate of fire of 60 rpm.
    • The current US standard issue gun is made to look similar to the Colt M16A2
  • 5. Colt M16A2
  • 6. M1911 Handgun
    • Effective range 75 yards.
    • 7 bullet clip
    • Made in America in the late 1850’s.
    • The last handguns were made in the 1950’s.
    • Manufactures take in broken guns and replace them with recycled parts.
    • There are currently 2 million M1911 Handguns still in use.
    • A few select squads still use this in the Iraqi War.
  • 7. M1911 Handgun
  • 8. U.S. M61 Fragmentation Grenades
    • It has a light sheet metal body, with an internal fragmentation coil, producing a limited but effective casualty radius (15 meters).
    • The grenade was changed and introduced to the Viet Nam war with a “Jungle Clip”. It is a secondary trigger on the grenade to prevent accidents.
    • During the Viet Nam War, many grenades caught onto trees and bushes and exploded, which is why the U.S. created the Jungle Clip. The user must press down on a part of the grenade and then pull the clip to trigger the grenade.
    • A major improvement from earlier grenades, the M61 is the first grenade which doesn’t spark or smoke when triggered.
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