Letter to the judges


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Letter to the judges

  1. 1. 421 Greyfield DriveCanton, GA 30115April 18, 2012Judges, Senior ProjectCreekview High School1550 Owens Store RoadCanton, GA 30115Dear Judges:I am Danielle Chiavelli, and I am a senior at Creekview High School. At home, I have twobrothers; Michael is a freshman at Creekview, and Ryan is a seventh grader at Creekland. I amextremely close with my family. I also have two dogs; Molly is a puggle, and Charlie is a chug. Ifeel like my dogs are also part of my family. However, next year I plan to leave home and go tothe University of Georgia to study Speech and Language Pathology. It is going to be difficult forme to be away from my family, but I am excited to go to college. Before I even think aboutcollege, I need to focus on the rest of high school. Right now, my senior project is one of mymain focuses. For my senior project, I chose to knit hats for premature babies as well as raisemoney for the March of Dimes. I chose this project because I was born six and a half weekspremature, so I understand the challenges that preemies face first hand. I want to help pretermbabies just as someone helped me 17 years ago.Through my research, I learned more about premature babies and their strenuous lives; they gothrough a great deal of hardship before they even leave the hospital. While researching, I learnedthat every premature baby leaves the hospital with a hat that was donated. I wanted to help thatcause, so I decided to knit hats for the premature babies; however, I did not feel like that wasenough of a donation. Therefore, I also raised money for the March of Dimes. Raising moneywas more difficult than I expected it to be. I went to several different stores, but none of themwould allow me to ask for donations outside of their buildings. In the end, I had to go door todoor in my neighborhood to raise money. Although I was successful in collecting money, I feltmore accomplished when I finished making my hats. I enjoyed donating the hats to the hospital;the nurses’ enthusiastic facial expressions made my entire project worthwhile.In the career field, my topic of premature babies relates to neonatal nursing. When I started myproject, I was thinking about pursuing this career; however, now I know that I do not want tobecome a neonatal nurse. While I was doing my senior project, I also shadowed a family friendwho is a speech therapist. As I shadowed her, I learned that I want to study speech and languagepathology. In this career, I can also help children; in this way, the two career options are similar.My senior project did help me to learn more about myself. I realized that I am very committed tomy various projects, and I also realized that I have very good time management skills. Withoutthese skills, I would not have been able to complete my project.Surprisingly, I actually enjoyed working on my senior project. I think senior projects helpstudents learn more about themselves as people. This project also helps students learn more
  2. 2. about a possible career path. I wish we did this project our junior year instead of our senior yearbecause I feel like senior year is a little too late to make these types of decisions. Overall, I feltlike my senior project was good for me. Thank you for reading my letter and giving me the timeto share my project with you.Sincerely,Danielle Chiavelli