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Congress Congress Presentation Transcript

  • Congress
  • Things to Know:
    • Differences between representatives and senators
    • Who are your representatives
    • Purpose of reapportionment
    • Why redistricting is controversial
    • List the leadership roles in the House and Senate
    • Purpose of a filibuster
  • The National Legislature
    Bicameral: 2 houses
    Senate: 2 x 50=100
    House of Representatives: 435 based on pop.
    Terms: 2 years, January to December
    Recess: holidays, vacations
    Adjourn: vote for break
  • Who are the members of Congress?
    • Average member is white male in his fifties
    • Diversity is growing: 77 women, 39 African-Americans, 23 Latinos, 5 Asian Americans, 3 Native Americans
    Duties of Congress:
    Pass Laws
    Represent what they think is best for their constituents
    Oversee the workings of the federal government
    Help their constituents solve problems with the federal government
    What is a constituent?
  • Your Representatives: The Incumbents
    • Barbara Boxer
    • Democrat
    • Elected 1993
    • Age 69
    • Diane Feinstein
    • Democrat
    • Elected 1992
    • Age 76
    House of Representatives
    • Barbara Lee
    • (9th District)
    • Oakland
    • Democrat
    • Elected 1998
    • Age 64
    • Committee on Appropriations
    • Financial Services
    • Labor, Health & Human Services, Education
    • Committee on Foreign Affairs
    • Africa and Global Health
    • The Western Hemisphere
  • Apportionment: Seats in the House
    Key Terms
    • Reapportionment
    • Census changes representation every 10 years
    • Redistricting
    • Drawing new districts on the map
    • Determining who to represent
    • Gerrymandering
    • Creating a district in favor of one party
    • Redistricting bias
    When is the next census?
  • The House of Representatives
    Democrats (Majority Party)
    Speaker: Nancy Pelosi
    Leader: Steny Hoyer
    Whip: James Clyburn
    Republicans (Minority Party)
    Leader: John Boehner
    Whip: Eric Cantor
    next in line to president after VP; appoints committees; presiding officer
    Criticizes majority party programs; helps speaker; schedules bills; guides party;
    helps speaker; schedules bills; guides party;
    assistant to leader; talks to reps. before a vote an tries to convince them how to vote
    assistant to leader; talks to reps. before a vote an tries to convince them how to vote
    What is a caucus?
  • House Committees
    Committee: small group of representatives who work on the details of a bill
    Only 10-20% of bills are “reported out of committee”
    House Rules Committee: “traffic cop”
    Decides how fast a bill will be voted on
    Can keep bills from being voted on
    Can limit how long a bill is debated on
  • The Senate
    President of the Senate: Joseph Biden
    President Pro Tempore: Robert Byrd
    Majority Leader: Harry Reid
    Minority Leader: Mitch McConnell
  • Filibuster
    Filibuster: talk until a bill is withdrawn (minority power)
    Cloture: limit the time length of filibuster
    (3/5ths majority)
  • Get Your Congress On!
    C-SPAN: Cable Television airs non-stop coverage of government proceedings and public affairs programming.