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Destin Centala SQL Portfolio
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Destin Centala SQL Portfolio


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  • 1. Destin CentalaSQL Server Portfolio
    Phone: (734) 755 -8621
  • 2. Table of Contents
    Introduction - 3
    PiggyBank - 4
    MiniAdventureWorks SSIS/SSRS - 9
    BlockFlix - 16
  • 3. Introduction
    This a portfolio of the projects I worked on during a nine week course period while attending SetFocus SQL Master’s Program.
    The SetFocus program covers the Microsoft Official Curriculum along with a few of its own materials to cover the following skills
    Querying using Transact SQL
    Implementing and Maintaining a MS SQL 2008 Database
    Designing Security for a MS SQL 2008 Database
    SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio
    The course included in class exercises and labs but also had me utilize the learned skills in real-world projects to help gain experience and a better grasp of the material.
  • 4. PiggyBank
    The PiggyBank Project simulated a mock bank that could handle the following:
    Customer and Account relationships
    Transactions to account
    i.e. Deposits, Withdrawals, and Transfers
    Handling different types of Overdrafts
    The project helped illustrate skills with:
    DML/DDL Triggers, Parameterized Stored Procedures, and Views.
  • 5. PiggyBank Database Diagram
  • 6. PiggyBank Stored Procedure Example
    General Transaction Information
  • 7. PiggyBank DML/DDL Example
  • 8. PiggyBank Stored Procedures Selecting from a View
  • 9. MiniAdventureWorks
    The MiniAdventureWorks project focused on the SQL Server Integration Services and Report Services
    The SSIS portion of the product covered:
    Inserting and Updating data from CSV flat files into the database
    Database and database object creation
    Manipulation of the flat flies
    Scheduling emailing of the files
    The SSRS portion of the project covered:
    Running reports on the database
    Having parameter with set list
    Scheduling snapshot views of the reports for Report Manager
    Setting Security for each report
    Arranging Email schedules to appropriate departments for each report
  • 10. MiniAdventureWorks Database Diagram
  • 11. MiniAdventureWorks Database Creation Example
  • 12. MiniAdventureWorks Importing and Updating Table
    Control Flow
    Data Flow: Insert
    Data Flow: Update
  • 13. MiniAdventureWorks File Manipulation and Email Task
    Control Flow
    Data Flow: Import to Order Header
    Data Flow: Import to Order Detail
  • 14. MiniAdventureWorksSales by Year Report
    This report shows the total sales of each Vendor for each selected Ship Method from the drop down list over each year. It allows for one or multiple Ship Methods to be selected and displays header information of who ran the report, when it was run and which methods were selected.
  • 15. MiniAdventureWorks Email Subscription for Linked Report
  • 16. Block Flix
    The Block Flix group project was the final project of the Setfocus program and it utilized all the skills I learned throughout the course.
    It had my team and I develop three databases that were going to be jointly used to run an online movie rental provider that was expanding to store and kiosk locations
    The first database acted as the Central database that kept track of all the companies inventory and transactions. Central would also handle the online transactions and membership data.
    Then store and kiosk databases were to be examples of what would be implemented for Block Flix locations as they opened.
    The store would keep track of its inventory and a transaction history that would be transmitted to Central at the end of each buiness day
    The kiosk would have its inventory but would transmit transaction information on a real time basis and not keep a history
  • 17. Block Flix Central Database Diagram
  • 18. Block Flix Store Database Diagram
  • 19. Block Flix Kiosk Database Diagram
  • 20. Block Flix Adding Movie
    For the Block Flix Project I, we were given that the client would be submitting new movies to be entered into the database via XML
    The XML file would contain all the general information of the movie such as title, genre, rating, and release year as well as a list of up to three actors, two directors, and two producers.
    The XSD file for importing the XML files were left for us to design and they would submit accordingly
    This portion of the project was to be demonstrated during our final presentation during our graduation from Setfocus.
  • 21. Block Flix Adding Movie XSD File
  • 22. Block Flix Adding Movie Example XML
    This example has two different movies being added. Both having actors and directors being added under the maximum number of names permitted to be sent.
  • 23. Block Flix Add Movie Control Flow
    I performed the insertion of the XML files with four data flows, one handling each table we were inserting into. For inserting into the MovieCopy table I also wrote a stored procedure to help with handling insertion of multiple copies of the same movie title into the Block Flix Central database.
  • 24. Block Flix Add Movie Data Flow
  • 25. Block Flix Add Talent Name Data Flow
  • 26. Block Flix Add Movie Talent Data Flow
  • 27. Block Flix Add Movie Copy Data Flow
    Stored Procedure in OLE DB Command