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DCC Labs provides DVB compliant middleware and other embedded software for Set-Top Boxes and digital TV devices. We specialize in small footprint, optimised performance applications running under Linux, OS20, OS21 and similar operating systems.

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DCC Labs Company Presentation

  1. 1. www.dcclabs.comCompanyPresentation(C) Copyright DCC Labs, 2012 M arch, 2012
  2. 2. DCC Labs - Company Overview DCC Labs is a digital TV software design house specialising in low footprint, optimised middleware solutions and services for STBs. Our core business is: (1) licensing our DVB middleware (maintenance and functional extensions) (2) building custom UI applications running on top of the DVB middleware (3) integrating 3rd party firmware for DVB, IPTV and hybrid set-top boxes for Broadcast and Telco. DCC Middleware reduces STB firmware maintenance costs by: S lide ‣Unifying firmware from multiple vendors running on different STB hardware platforms. The DCC Middleware is a multi-platform solution which provides a common API for STB application developers ‣Eliminating vendor lock-in by enabling firmware upgrades and feature extensions to be done by own engineering staff using the DCC SDK. We are commited to providing software solutions and on-site and off-site technical support and maintenance to operators deploying middleware for low-cost STBs S lide 2
  3. 3. DCC Labs - Key Facts‣ Licensing software products to customers in Europe, USA, LATAM and integrating DTV solutions since 2004.‣ Located in Poland with offices in Warsaw and Toruń‣ Experienced engineering team (40+ engineers) with 6+ years experience in DVB and IPTV software development, integration, maintenance and support.‣ Customers located in Europe and USA. S lide‣ Provide off-site and on-site technical support to customers.‣ Maintenance releases (roadmap), optional guaranteed SLA.‣ All IP (Intellectual Property) developed and maintained internally by core developers. S lide 3
  4. 4. DCC Labs - Deployment ScenariosDOCSIS /DSM-CC IPTV DVB-C DVB-S (Cable) (Satellite) DCC Labs S lide Software DVB-T ISDB-T VOD (Terrestrial) Push / Pull / NVOD S lide 4
  5. 5. DVB M iddleware Overview The DCC Labs DVB Middleware provides a portable DVB-compliant processing layer which enables deploying the same user interface applications on multiple hardware platforms: ‣ DVB software stack (DVB table processing, CA, UI primitives) ‣ Applications provided: Zapper, EPG, OSD, Channel auto-tuning ‣ Optional Libraries: PIP, PVR, VOD, Walled Garden portal, etc. STB memory minimum requirements (RAM/Flash): ‣ SD minimum memory footprint: – 16/4 MB (OS20), 32/4 MB (OS21), 64/16 MB (Linux) ‣ HD minimum memory footprint: – 64/4 MB (OS21), 128/16 MB (Linux) Pre-integrated STB processors: ‣ ST Microelectronics, Broadcom, NXP, Sigma Design Pre-Integrated Conditional Access systems: ‣ Nagravision CA, Verimatrix VCAS, CONAX* *) pending integration certification S lide 5
  6. 6. DVB M iddleware Functionality DVB Middleware for Cable, Satellite and Terestrial: ‣ DVB-C/T/S/S2 table processing (NIT, SDT, PAT, PMT, TOT, TDT, CAT, EIT), Optimised channel change times (PAT and PMT cache) ‣ DiSEqC 1.1 (with quality monitoring), PIP, Dual Tuner support, Mosaic ‣ DVB Simulcrypt support ‣ SD and HD support, multiple outputs (HDMI, SCART, S/PDIF, etc.) ‣ OSD (8, 16, 24bit) multiple layers, transparency, multiple font support (anti- aliasing), API for building applications using widgets, surfaces and screens ‣ Portable across multiple hardware platforms, operating systems and frontends (Linux, OS20, OS21, ST51xx, ST55xx, ST71xx, Broadcom) Middleware Libraries and Drivers ‣ Nagravision CA support provided as optional libraries (Demultiplexer, Descrambler, SmartCard, OS specific, BDC, IRD) ‣ Personal Video Recorder (PVR) with Timeshift ‣ VOD, N-VOD and Push and Pull (Streaming) VOD Middleware SDK ‣ Build own applications (includes Zapper source code) and release own firmware. Includes cross-compiling environment and tools. S lide 6
  7. 7. Features and Benefits Features Benefits ‣ Same UI design on different devices User Intreface API ‣ Lower maintenance costs, easy new feature introduction. ‣ One software solution prevents vendor lock-in ‣ Add custom features: customer portal, self diagnostics, Custom functionality custom subscriber messaging system and more. ‣ Intergratelide S custom back-end solutions ‣ Build and retain brand recognition Portability ‣ Lower new device costs and maintenance costs Integrated with ‣ Extended testing capabilities (burn-in firmware) manufacturing process ‣ Reduced failure-rate in the field S lide 7
  8. 8. Our Partners C o n d itio n a l A c c e s s S y s te m In te g r a to r s S T B P ro c e s s o rs S e t-T o p B o x e s S lide 8
  9. 9. Architecture Block DiagramSoftware Architecture‣ Standard application “Zapper” includes EPG, optional: PVR, VOD, WWW (WebKit)‣ Standard Apps can be extended or integrated with new custom Apps‣ HAL contains low-level abstraction modules and libraries which are OS and HW agnostic - easy migration and porting S lide‣ Porting layer - device specific driversTwo different APIs1. Apps can be developed using C/C++ and the Middleware API which provides access to all application level relevant modules.2. The Hardware Porting Layer API is used to port the Middleware to new devices S lide 9
  10. 10. Zapper - User I nterface examples EPG (horizontal) On Screen Display Settings S lide EPG (vertical) Channel list Current Channel S lide 1 0
  11. 11. Zapper - S ome more samples Screen Settings Channel List Settings Different Theme S lide First Time Installation Themed EPG Satellite Antenna S lide 1 1
  12. 12. Software Development ToolsProgramming ‣ C/C++, Qt, ‣ Linux kernelDevelopment and debugging tools ‣ gcc/gdb, cmake, openembedded, distcc, oprofile, valgrind, qemu,RCS, Testing, CI, Bugtracking ‣ Github, Fogbugz, TestRail, Zutubi PulseToolchains / SoCs ‣ STAPI - ST51xx, ST55xx, ST71xx ‣ Magnum/Nexus - ST72xx, ST74xx ‣ MRUA - SMP864x ‣ Intel CE4110, CE4150 S lide 1 2
  13. 13. DCC Labs Professional Services Middleware Integration and Porting ‣ Integration with headend and backoffice systems ‣ Backporting middleware to legacy DVB devices ‣ Legacy firmware (applications) integration and porting (migration) Custom Software Development ‣ Project based DVB / IPTV Software Development ‣ Maintenance & Support (offsite and onsite) Team Outsourcing ‣ Software development outsourcing (engineering team members and on per-project basis) ‣ Project (fixed fee) or effort (time & materials) based S lide 1 3
  14. 14. DVB-S/C Custom Projects‣ Prototype board bring-up‣ Custom playrec/stdvm based PVR/Timeshift engine with continuous recording and Live Pause‣ Custom user interfaces based on DCC Middleware‣ OTA Subscriber messaging integration‣ Test harness/framework for production deployment S lide‣ Custom hardware designs based on: ‣ ST5109, ST5517, STi7111, NXP8495, ST5189 ‣ BCM7405 (HD PVR, dual-tuner) S lide 1 4
  15. 15. I PTV ProjectsDCC Labs projects UI is based on Webkit browser, it allows us to render any web page, be it regular www page or UI written in html. Html is lighter and more portable technology than compiled UI apps. We provide UI in Full Screen Graphics, as well as in On Screen Display mode (zapbanner). Major improvements we have added to Webkit are:‣ html5 video tag player, which supports h.264 encoding. It allows us to show videos on youtube, youtube/xl, vimeo, dailymotion and all other websites that are based on html5 video tag S lide‣ optimised Webkit/Qt/Directfb stack, so webpages render much quicker‣ support for shoutcast, live streaming through http (video and mp3)‣ support for webfonts‣ possibility to change "user agent" header, with which our browser presents itself to the internet (for example as iPhone) S lide 1 5
  16. 16. I PTV ProjectsThe DCC Labs Middleware can be pre-integrated with a PC-based web-browser (such as Webkit) foradded interactivity and efficient access to internet based services such as: Youtube, Facebook, Twitter.Native User Interface applications can be developed using the Software Development Kit.Apart from fine tuning Webkit we also:‣ Support typical for IPTV technologies: VoD, subtitles in DVB format, multiple audio tracks‣ We have experience in building custom IPTV middleware and applications in Qt 4.7.x.‣ We have Wifi card on-board which acts as an Access Point‣ Our RCU is in RF4CE technology‣ We implement Remote Update ProcedureWe have integrated with the following: S lide‣ Edgeware VOD servers‣ Cisco VQE‣ Verimatrix VCASWe have experience with a wide range of hardware platforms for IPTV:‣ Broadcom‣ STMicroelectronics‣ Sigma Designs‣ Hisilicon S lide 1 6
  17. 17. DVB M iddleware S DKDVB Middleware SDK enables building custom applications (C/C++ code) and modifying the standard zapper application and EPG (including design).Includes: ‣ Cross-compiling toolchain (H/W and OS specific) and API documentation ‣ DVB Middleware libraries and .h files. S lide ‣ Firmware upgrade build tools, root filesystem, bootloader, utilities etc Runs under Ubuntu Linux ‣ Zapper application (incl. EPG) source codeRuns on Linux for easy development and prototyping using Eclipse, X11 and VirtualBox x86 compiled target runtime can be tested using VirtualBox S lide 1 7
  18. 18. SDK - Development WorkflowSoftware Development workflow: 1. Application development using Eclipse and API reference 2. Compile application using SDK toolchain for x86/Linux and link with middleware 3. Run x86 prototype on X11 (ie. using VirtualBox) S lide 4. Cross-compile using SDK toolchain for SH40/Mips/ARM and create firmware image file 5. Upgrade Flash memory on STB using firmware file (or export root filesystem using NFS when using Linux) S lide 1 8
  19. 19. Thank You! S lidewww.dcclabs.com | info@dcclabs.com S lide 1 9