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Its Orientation 2009

Its Orientation 2009






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    Its Orientation 2009 Its Orientation 2009 Presentation Transcript

    • Albany Law School Office of Information Technology Services (ITS) Room W122 (Beneath West Wing Classroom)
    • Technology at Albany Law School  What do you need to  Exams do first?  Internet Access  WebAdvisor  Network Access  Outlook Password  Network Log In  Wireless Set Up  E-Mail  Policies  Printing  Classes  Tech Support  Laptop Recommendations
    • WebAdvisor Policy & Passwords 1 Go to: http://webadvisor.albanylaw.edu 1 2 Log in with your WebAdvisor User ID and Password (If you don’t remember it, click on “What’s My Password?) 2 3 Click on “Students” 4 Under Orientation, click on “NEW- Send my E-mail Password, Network Password & 2009-10 Wireless Key.” 3 4 DEMO
    • WebAdvisor Policy & Passwords 5 Click on Information Technology Services Letter and read it. Close this window. 6 Check the box next to Signature and enter the current date. 7 Click “Submit.” 5 6 7 8 On the next screen, you will see your network/e-mail user name, your network/e-mail password and the wireless key. 8 9 Enter your NON Albany Law School e-mail address and click 9 “Submit.” Check this e-mail acct and SAVE this information!!!!!!! DEMO
    • Change Your E-mail Password 1 Go to http://webmail.albanylaw.edu 4 Log in with the User name and Password you received through WebAdvisor. 1 3 Click on Options 2 2 Click on Change Password. 3 Fill in your original (“old”) password. Enter a new password * 4 Click the Save icon of the top to save your new password. *Remember the password must be at least 7 characters and contain characters from 3 of the 4 following categories: English uppercase (A-Z), English lowercase (a-z), base 10 digits (0-9), non-alphabetic (i.e. !, $, #, %).
    • Passwords  Windows Network and Microsoft Outlook e-mail passwords automatically synchronize. (Your User name and Password for each are THE SAME.)  This means that when you change your e-mail password in Outlook Web Access, you are also changing your Windows password for logging onto the network.
    • Set Up Wireless Internet Access The Albany Law School wireless network is named AlbanyLaw_Students. When browsing for available wireless networks you should see the following: When attempting to connect to the AlbanyLaw_Students wireless network, you will be prompted for a network key. The key this year is: academic
    • Policies  The Technology and Internet Policy is in your Student Handbook and Online at http://www.albanylaw.edu/its/policies  Pay particular attention to 3.6 – 3.16 under Unacceptable Uses.
    • Classes  Software such as, Word, Excel, PowerPoint or WordPerfect  Research – LexisNexis & WestLaw  Course Web Pages – TWEN  Clickers –einstruction’s CPS system  Digital Audio Recordings of classes & events  Student Digital Video Recordings  CALI – interactive computer exercises More info found at www.albanylaw.edu/its/instructionaltech/
    • LexisNexis & Westlaw  LexisNexis & Westlaw IDs are in your packets. You need to register them before you can access the resources on these sites.  LexisNexis company rep – Aaron Eberle (aaron.eberle@lexisnexis.com )  Students reps – George Frany & Rachelle Nardi – their hours are posted in the Lexis lab in the library  Westlaw company rep – Mike Winn (mike.winn@thomsonreuters.com )  Student reps - Sanjeev Devabhakthuni, and Peter Faherty - – their hours are posted in the Westlaw lab in the library  Training will be provided by the company reps.
    • Westlaw’s TWEN  Your Westlaw ID is used to access your course web pages in TWEN.  Syllabi, documents, assignments, web links, take-home exams and other course-related materials are posted to TWEN.  Not all professors use TWEN but many do.  You need to register at http://lawschool.westlaw.com before you can access TWEN.
    • Clickers  Some professors use student response systems.  These are bought in the current school bookstore.  Instructions on registration & use will be provided by the professor.
    • Class Recordings  Class Audio Recording Policy  Digital Audio Recording Request Form  Audio Recordings in mp3 format are accessible from: www.albanylaw.edu/classrecordings/ events
    • Student Digital Video Recordings  Some professors use webcams to record student practice sessions.  It is suggested that you purchase a flash drive (at least 1GB) for these classes.
    • CALI  Go to www.cali.org  Use the Authorization code in your packet  User name will be your Albany Law e- mail address  Create your own unique password  DVD with sample lessons is in your packet also.  Related lessons are linked to TWEN.
    • PC Laptop Recommendations  Latest Pentium or AMD processor  Windows XP Professional (32-bit) with latest Service Pack or Vista (32-bit or 64-bit) Operating System  1 GB of RAM (2 GB for Vista) and a 80+ GB hard drive  An 802.11 b/g/n wireless NIC (if wireless access is desired for laptops)  A 10/100/1000 Network Interface Card  A CD/DVD-RW and Flash Memory drive  A built-in sound card for playing audio files  A battery capable of supporting computer operations for at least 2 hours  Microsoft Office 2003 or 2007 Suite or discounts Corel WordPerfect version 11 or better  Antivirus software with current definitions
    • Mac Laptop Recommendations  Latest processor  1 GB of RAM and a 80+ GB hard drive  An 802.11 b/g/n wireless NIC (if wireless access is desired for laptops)  A 10/100/1000 Network Interface Card  A CD/DVD-RW and Flash Memory drive  A built-in sound card for playing audio files  A battery capable of supporting computer operations for at least 2 hours  Microsoft Office Specific software configurations and purchases may be required in order to use your Mac laptop for taking exams.
    • Discounts  Before purchasing an Office Suite, you should check the link below which offers educational discounts that are probably much better than the bundles that retailers will offer you.  Links to Albany Law School discounts are available at http://intra.albanylaw.edu/its/.
    • Exams  Most professors allow students to take their law school final exams using laptop computers equipped with special software called ExamSoft.  This software works only on a Windows-based PC or an Intel-based Mac (Mac Book or Mac Book Pro with Leopard OS) running an English 32-bit OR 64- bit version of Windows XP or Vista using Apple's Boot Camp Assistant.  Windows XP, Vista and Apple Boot Camp may not have been included in your initial Apple purchase.  If this is the case, you will be required to purchase that software independently, at your own expense, to use your Apple laptop with Examsoft.
    • Network Access & Storage  You can log into the network from any of the school-owned computers.  School-Owned Computers are located:  On lower level of the Library (15 PCs )  In Library Lexis/Westlaw Labs (8 PCs )  In UHA 213 (19 PCs )  Outside DAMC on the 4th floor (3 PCs)  When logged in to one of these computers, your “home” directory is the “G-drive”  Each student is given 40 megabytes network storage space (G- drive) that is backed up daily.  You can also print from any of the school-owned computers.
    • Logging onto the Network Go to a school-owned computer (in the library, U213, or 4th floor near DAMC) 1 On the opening screen, press 1 following computer keys: ALT + CTRL + Delete 2 On the next screen, enter your User name (This is the same as for Outlook e-mail) 3 Enter your password. 2 (This is the same as for 3 Outlook e-mail) 4 Click “OK.” 4
    • E-mail  We use Microsoft Outlook 2007 for e-mail.  Currently you access Outlook mail over the web at http://webmail.albanylaw.edu  Note: All e-mail lasts only 120 days on our server.  Information on PDAs and e-mail can be found at www.albanylaw.edu/its/faq
    • Postini Spam Digests  You will receive a Welcome message (subj: Albany Law School has Activated your New Mail Services!) in your Outlook mailbox with a password for Postini (our SPAM filter.)  When you click on the link in this message, you will be prompted to change your password  Once a day, you will receive a QUARANTINE SUMMARY from helpdesk@albanylaw.edu  In this e-mail, you can view your quarantined SPAM.  Click on “Deliver” and the e-mail will go to your Outlook mailbox and the sender will NOT be quarantined in the future.  You can also go to your Postini Message Center directly – http://login.postini.com to check your SPAM.
    • Printing  Cost is 5 Cents Per Page  LexisNexis & Westlaw Printing is “free” IF YOU PRINT TO THE SPECIAL LEXIS & WESTLAW PRINTERS (in the library labs and U213) – You must log into Lexis & Westlaw websites with your Lexis & Westlaw user name & password)  Lexis & Westlaw Printing to the networked Albany Law laser printers is 5 cents per page!  Printing is ONLY available from school-owned computers, NOT from laptops. – You must log into the computer with your Network user name & password)  To add money to your printing account, go to the Business Office, located in the 2000 building. (You begin with $5 & can add in $5 increments throughout the year.)
    • Internet Access  Wireless Internet access for your laptop everywhere on campus (Network key required!)  Wired Internet access in classrooms and on school- owned computers.
    • Technical Support  Many answers to tech-related questions can be found online at www.albanylaw.edu/its/faq/  You can reach ITS by email: helpdesk@albanylaw.edu  You can reach us by phone: 518-472-5837  You can stop by our office: W122 (beneath West Wing classroom) Our hours are M-F 8:30 am – 4:30 pm