Welcome to Cyber School


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This was designed by R. Stromberg for our screen as you enter into the cyber school.

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Welcome to Cyber School

  1. 1.  Cyber School is staffed with:  Accredited Teachers  An Assistant Principal  An Instructional Team Leader  A Chaplin  A Guidance Counselor  Online Learning Registrars
  2. 2. Grade 9 Grade Grade Grade1 10 11 2 French Math 90 Accounting 10 Chemistry 20 Biology 30 Math 90 Christian Ethics 10 Chemistry 20 Calculus 30 Core Ukrainian 10 Christian Ethics 20 Chemistry 30 English B10 Comp. Science 20 Christian Ethics 30 English Lang. Arts A10 Core Ukrainian 20 Comp. Science 30 Information Pro. 10 CPT 20 Core Ukrainian 30 Math 10 Creative Writing 20 English Lang. Arts A30 English Lang. Arts A20 English Lang. Arts B30 Information Pro. 20 History 30 Journalism 20 Math B30 Math 20 Mathematics A30 Media Studies 20 Mathematics C30 Physics 20 Physics 30 Special Phys Ed. 30
  3. 3. “I have enjoyed taking 150 DAY SCHEDULE classes online. It gives me the freedom to Students have 150 calendar work at my own pace days to complete a course. as I am very busy with work and my extra Students can start a course anytime. curricular activities.” No semester system. “My students are totally “Registration is loving the online easy , it is done classroom. Thank you all on line !” for organizing this.”
  4. 4. All registration is done on-line, no face to face interaction is required. http://www.scs.sk.ca/cyber/
  5. 5. Ryan Hauber 659-8158
  6. 6. Students have access to the Cyber Chaplain, an excellent example of student-driven discussion.
  7. 7. Benefits of Online Learning Teachers can provide information to parents. The classroom is secure. (username/password) and work from home. Students can log on Teachers can view all student progress. Interactive. (Student/Teacher/Parent) Vast possibilities. (Technology integration, resource based learning, journal writing, quiz and test development –marking-, audio dictations, etc.)
  8. 8. Cyber Planets are for students in Pre-K to Grade 8 Cyber Planets also include the Cyber Planets are Elementary web based and Technology and can be accessed Mathematics from any resources that have computer been developed by connected to the Cyber School Educators. internet. ELEMENTARY CYBER PLANETS Cyber Planets let students explore Cyber Planets are being used educational by classroom activities to aid in teachers as an their knowledge “Online development. Classroom”. The Cyber Planets house a multitude of educational web sites and activities both specific to grade and subject area.
  9. 9. LEARNING COMMUNITIES The way of the future for sharing resources, information and asking questions. Helpful COMMUNITIES LEARNING tutorials regarding WebCT Support INCLUDE: from SCCS staff. All learning Communities have secure email, chat rooms and discussion boards.
  10. 10. WHAT ARE LEARNING COMMUNITIES Places where Cater to different groups. education can gather (i.e. Principals, L.A.T.’s, to share information, Grade Teachers, ideas, units, web Secondary Science sites, etc… Teachers) Are open to anyone who The sky is the limit. wishers to register. SCCS will develop a LC There are certain for any group who expectations to this rule. wishes to have a secure (i.e. Principal, LC) are to communicate.
  11. 11. Christian Ethics English Social Language Science Arts Second High School SubjectFine/Practi Language cal Arts s Learning Communities Mathemati Sciences cs Physical Education
  12. 12. Pre- Grade 8 Kindergarten Kindergarten Grade 7 Elementar Grade 1 y Learning Communit Grade 2 Grade 6 ies Grade 3 Grade 5 Grade 4
  13. 13. “As a Vice-Principal, I Aboriginal Education find it extremely useful to Assistant and Vice-Principal use the Learning Band/Music Teachers Communities as a way to Career Education keep my fellow members CUPE 2268 abreast of various Educator Assistant Learning situations, like meetings ESL and minutes.” Learning Assistant Educator Principal School Counselors/Social Workers School PLUS Coordinators Secretary/Office Coordinator Smart Board Teacher Librarian Technical Support Trustees
  14. 14. Discussion boards & threaded Web sites and Blogs archived information Professional growth plan Reflective Journaling strategies can easily be accomplished Unit or lessons (printable and Calendar (global or private) – modified) share dates
  15. 15. • Web sites that are easily updated. • Update from any internet connection. • Image archives. • Time capsules. • Used to pass information to parents, students and community. • Email updates available. • Accessible from any internet connection.
  16. 16. oUse the Blog System oEasily updates oCurrent Events Calendar oCurrent Newsletter -Printable format -Archived by month and year o Email updates oUpdate from anywhere on the planet
  17. 17. oUse the Blog System oEasily updates oCurrent Events Calendar oCurrent Bulletin -Printable format -Archived by month and year o Email updates oUpdating from anyone on the internet oPossibility of housing audio versions of weekly homilies