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Openhouse 2006 Registration Process
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Openhouse 2006 Registration Process


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SCCS registration process 2006

SCCS registration process 2006

Published in: Education
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  • 1. The Registration Process REFERRING
  • 2.
    • Students are referred to Cyber School a number of different ways including:
    • School Based Administration
    • School Based Counsellors
    • Teachers
    • Cyber School Students
    • Associate Schools Students
    • Out of Division Students
  • 3. Students are referred to Cyber School for a number of different reasons including: Scheduling Conflicts Gifted Learners Athletics Personal Interest Work Upgraders
  • 4. Registering
  • 5.
    • Students go to the Cyber School registration page and fill out the online registration form ensuring that they are being appropriate (ie: no emails or passwords that contain profanity as they won’t be accepted).
    • Students need to ensure their email address is working properly so that they will receive all emails sent to them by the Cyber School office.
    • Student will receive a response within 1 – 2 business days of registering. If they do not, they know that they should contact the Cyber office.
    Online Registration Form
  • 6. #1 Reason Students Do Not Receive A Response Within One – Two Business Days UNDELIVERABLE EMAIL ADDRESS
  • 8.
    • The Preparation Course
    • Student registrations are carefully scrutinized by the Registrar and the Cyber School Counsellor.
    • Students are contacted if needed.
    • Students are placed in the Preparation Course and sent email notification.
    • Students will complete the Preparation Course which is designed to assist the student to learn tools used in the various classes, such as how to communicate with the teacher and how to submit assignments.
    • Students have a time frame of 3 weeks to complete the Preparation Course but should only need approximately one hour of their time.
  • 10. Preparation Complete!
    • Students are now placed in their course request/s and notified by email of their official start date, or, if the course is full they are placed on a wait list and notified by email once a spot opens for them in their course request/s.
    • Students have 150 days to complete their class.
    • Students have access 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
    • Cyber School does not operate on semester system.
  • 11. Wait Lists
    • Wait times vary and exact start dates cannot be given to students on wait lists as movement in classes will vary on any given day.
    • Wait List times are affected by:
    • Drops
    • Finals
    • Number of Registrations
  • 12.
    • Fill out the registration form carefully. Ensure you have all the required information.
    • Ensure your email address is functioning properly.
    • If you have not heard from the Cyber School office within 1 – 2 business days regarding any communication you have sent (online registration, general inquiry) call the office.
    • If you are having trouble in the Preparation Course call the Cyber office before your time expires.
    • Any questions regarding Cyber School should be directed to the Cyber School.