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It Takes A Village To Build a Successful Business
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It Takes A Village To Build a Successful Business


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It takes many specialized activities to operate a successful, thriving business.

It takes many specialized activities to operate a successful, thriving business.

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  • 1. It Takes A Village to Build & Run A Business Presented by Donna Caissie, the ExtraOrdinary VAA in Collaboration with Kathryn Watson and Getting More Clients
  • 2. The Dream Be the boss Do what- ever I want Work with whoever I want ExtraOrdinary Assistance http:
  • 3. Reality Phone Calls Meetings Networking Biz Develop. Taxes Legal Book-keeping Web Presence Social Media ExtraOrdinary Assistance http: Marketing Client Work Mailing Collections Sales Purchasing Shipping Return Emails Billing
  • 4. What’s a Solo Entrepreneur to Do?
    • Work Harder
    • Work Longer
    • Do Only the Important Stuff
    • Hire Employees
    • Outsource/Offshore
    ExtraOrdinary Assistance http:
  • 5. Why Outsource/Offshore
    • You can’t do it all yourself.
    • Outsourcing saves you time.
    • Outsourcing saves you money.
    • Independent contractors don’t carry employee baggage.
    • Outsourcing = Expertise.
    ExtraOrdinary Assistance http:
  • 6. Outsourcing vs. Offshoring
    • Offshoring is cheap – dirt cheap.
    • The quality of the work is reflected in the price.
    • Offshore workers require a great deal of supervision.
    • Offshore workers require a lot of do-overs.
    • Offshoring is problematic because of language and cultural barriers.
    ExtraOrdinary Assistance http:
  • 7. Offshoring Example
    • GMA asks 3 offshore firms to find a hotel room during a specific week, in a specific geographic location.
    • None of the offshore firms asked for clarification.
    • One offshore firm gave GMA reporter a listing of hotels in the specified area.
    • Offshore firm did not bother to check if any of the hotels had rooms available during the specified week.
    ExtraOrdinary Assistance http:
  • 8. Outsourcing vs. Offshoring
    • Outsourcing = Quality Work.
    • Outsourcing within your own country means no language barriers, no cultural misunderstandings.
    • Outsource workers need little supervision; they already know how to do the work.
    ExtraOrdinary Assistance http:
  • 9. What to Outsource
    • Anything that isn’t business planning or development.
    • Anything that doesn’t directly contribute income to your business.
    • Anything that isn’t your core area of expertise.
    ExtraOrdinary Assistance http:
  • 10. Outsourcing Examples
    • Bookkeeping/Accounting
    • Web Design & Maintenance
    • Marketing Implementation
    • Blog Design & Maintenance
    • Product Fulfillment
    • Billing/Invoicing & Collections
    • Legal
    • Tax Preparation
    • Administrative/Secretarial
    • Social Media Implementation
    ExtraOrdinary Assistance http:
  • 11. I Need 10 People??
    • Many of the activities on the previous slide can be combined. Example:
      • Bookkeeping, Accounting &Taxes
      • Web & Blog Design and Maintenance
      • Billing, Invoicing & Collections
      • Marketing & Social Media Implementation
    ExtraOrdinary Assistance http:
  • 12. Power Outsource
    • What would you do, if I told you that one person could handle 7 of the 10 activities previously mentioned?
    ExtraOrdinary Assistance http:
  • 13. A Virtual Assistant (VA) Can:
    • Web & Blog Design and Maintenance
    • Marketing & Social Media Implementation
    • Product Fulfillment
    • Billing, Invoicing & Collections
    • Purchasing
    • Calendar/Schedule Management
    • Communications Management
    • Much More
    ExtraOrdinary Assistance http:
  • 14. Where to Find A VA
    • VA Industry Web Sites
    • Word of Mouth
    • Classified Ads
    • Referral of trusted associate or friend
    • Freelance Websites
    ExtraOrdinary Assistance http:
  • 15. What to Know About VAs
    • VAs are not employees; they’re business owners – just like you.
    • VAs work in collaboration with you, not for you.
    • A professional VA has many years of office, administrative and secretarial experience. Many also have technical experience.
    ExtraOrdinary Assistance http:
  • 16. Summary
    • It takes the work of many to build and run a business.
    • Outsourcing saves time, money and headaches.
    • Outsourcing is the village you need to build and operate your business.
    ExtraOrdinary Assistance http:
  • 17. Bonus
    • For a list of VA industry web sites, go to:
    • For a FREE outsourcing needs analysis, go to:
    ExtraOrdinary Assistance http:
  • 18. Questions
    • If you have a question about this presentation, VAs or ExtraOrdinary Assistance, feel free to contact me at [email_address] .
    ExtraOrdinary Assistance http:
  • 19. Presenter Bio
    • Donna Caissie is known as the ExtraOrdinary VAA.
    • Donna has more than 25 years of administrative, secretarial and office management experience
    • Contact Donna at [email_address] .
    • Follow the ExtraOrdinary VA on LinkedIn & Facebook .
    ExtraOrdinary Assistance http:
  • 20.
    • © This presentation is the work product of ExtraOrdinary Assistance.
    • You may distribute these slides only if you leave them intact, make no changes and make no deletions.
    • All rights reserved.
    ExtraOrdinary Assistance http: