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    Maalt P.P. Presentation Feb  20, 2009 Pps Maalt P.P. Presentation Feb 20, 2009 Pps Presentation Transcript

    • MAALT CONFERENCE Reaching the Foreign Language Learner with Technology
      • Digital Media and Language Development for
      • Students and Instructors
      • February 20, 2009
      • Dr. Danielle Cahill Velardi
      • [email_address]
      • Assoc. Prof. of Spanish
      • Chair of MCLL
      • Christopher Newport University
      • “ There will be a day, not far distant, when you will be able to conduct business, study, explore the world and its cultures, call up any great entertainment, make friends, attend neighborhood markets, and show pictures to distant relatives — without leaving your desk or armchair. It will be more than an object you carry or an appliance you purchase. It will be your passport into a new, mediated way of life.”
      • Bill Gates (1955-)
      • The Road Ahead, 1995. Microsoft Chairman.
      • http:// =t
    • Ways to Enhance Student Learning
      • PowerPoint Presentations
      • Web-based Activities
      • YouTube Videos
      • Songs and Music Videos
      • Games
    • Effects of PowerPoint on Learning
      • Higher grades
      • Reinforces information that has been stated
      • Gives a more credible perception
      • HOWEVER
      • Can deter classroom interaction
      • OR
      • (Sharon Whitfield Multimedia Librarian of CNU Trible Library)
      • Create slides that
        • are clear and concise
        • are interesting and easy to follow
        • reinforce what you are saying
        • are visually attractive but not chaotic
      • Know your audience and student expectations
      • Take advantage of the technology creating easy and quick links (Students’ interest will peak)
      • Rubén Darío participó con, muchos movimientos literarios en Chile, España, Argentina, y Nicaragua. El movimiento modernista era una recopilación de tres movimientos de Europa: romanticismo, símbolismo, y el parnasianismo. Estas ideas expresan pasión, arte visual, y armonías y ritmos como música.
      • Prosas Profanas representa la esencia del “Modernismo" tanto en el predominio de las imágenes exóticas, liras, colias, ebúrneos cisnes, bufones escarlatas, pavos reales, siringos agrestes, púberes, caméforas. Y los ambientes aristocráticos. En sus Prosas Profanas, el modernismo preciosista caracterizado por la fantasia, la exquisitez, el exotismo, y el cosmopolitismo.
      • Pronto muchos literarios comenzaron a usar su estilo en una forma muy elgante, y cuidadosa, usando su estilo y sus palabras para hacer musíca con la poesía.
    • Increasing Retention
      • Start out Strong (Joke, anecdote, statistic…)
      • Limit slide text to chunks of 7 (Simple is better)
      • Must be treated as an “amplifier of cognition” Technology=enhancer
      • Style, style, style
        • Must allow cookies to download clipart at this site.
      • (Sharon Whitfield Multimedia Librarian of CNU Trible Library)
    • Memory Stats ( Sharon Whitfield Multimedia Librarian of CNU Trible Library)
    • Recommended Style Guidelines
      • Use Sans Serif (like Arial)
        • >16 pt font
      • Only 3 colors per slides
      • Limit animation and transitions
      • Dark background, light font
      • Light background, dark font
      • Pick colors with Palette Man and Color Calculator
          • http:// /
          • (Sharon Whitfield Multimedia Librarian of CNU Trible Library)
    • Use Navigation Tools ( Sharon Whitfield Multimedia Librarian of CNU Trible Library) Action Key Perform the next animation or move to the next slide N, Return, Page Down, Right Arrow, Down Arrow,  Spacebar, mouse left-click Return to the previous animation or back to the previous slide. P, Page Up, Left Arrow, UP ARROW Go to slide (number) (Number)+return Display a black screen, or return to the slide show from a black screen B, Display a white screen, or return to the slide show from a white screen W End a slide show ESC Erase on-screen annotations E List the navigation control F1 Ctrl+T Taskbar
      • Go to http:// /
      • Go to http://
      • Go to http://
      • Go to
      • Search for any topic imaginable in the SEARCH box.
      • Go to google for Google docs = Click on “more” top middle and then “documents”
    • Imbedding a YouTube Video into a Slideshare PowerPoint
      • Step 1: Upload to Slideshare as usual
      • Step 2: Click “Edit” and select “Insert YouTube videos”
      • Step 3: Paste the YouTube URL into the box
      • Step 4: Select where you want the video to be inserted
      • Step 5: Hit “Insert and Publish”
    • On the Road Again
      • http:// =22tDBbpRGTA&feature=related
    • Insert a Video into PowerPoint
      • OR
      • Make your own Video
    • Web-based Activities
      • LA TOMATINA 1.doc
      • Cultural Literacy
      • Vocabulary
      • Grammatical Structures
      • Oral Comprehension
      • Reading Comprehension
    • Music Videos
      • Electronic Bio of Group
      • http:// /
      • Lyrics and Link to Song
      • (fusion of rock, pop, flamenco & rumba)
      • Las mariposas.doc
    • Music Contests
      • “ Mi carro” de Manolo Escobar (1969)
      • “ Mi carro” de Manolo Escobar y El Koala (2007)
      • http:// =qPaLa_cL0U0
      • Contest between El Koala y La madre del Topo http:// = HPRHyBQRWeU&feature =related
      • Cuba
      • http:// =FcAGNFkI-18&feature=related
      • Madrid de los Austrias
      • http:// =FsiPSrff53Q
      • Go to YouTube and type in “MuchoViaje” and
      • the country or city you are studying
    • GAMES
        • Directions for making Jeopardy game
        • http:// /flashcards/ Make your own flashcards
        • General Links
    • Links
      • C:Documents and SettingsdcahillDesktopSPAN 201Cap 1Enlaces.doc
      • C:Documents and SettingsdcahillDesktopSPAN 201CancionesCanciones.doc
    • Bienvenidos a Oprah Ben y Mandy