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  • People already use it; James – OSM, Satellite, Tablet to plan the route… nothing whilst we were out… he led us into a bog… which was on our map.But, the key thing is we can tailor.
  • Everything designed around the users. Garmin already pointed out the failings of paper as a medium…. Our choice of medium was based upon the short comings of the alternatives… paper and electronic. But the French describe these issues best here!
  • Adsorbent if you need that…Intangibility of the stuff on the screen…
  • Throw out maps-How many of you are involved in Open Data – Show of hands-Do you ever feel that no-one gets why it’s being done?-Do you ever wish the outcomes could be more tangible?-I hope this presentation and perhaps work we can do together can do this for you.
  • Our answer;-Provide a product people/ any people can use-Encourage them toward Where we want help – Back office, creation of an automated site centring that automates the right print file.
  • 20130904 splash maps

    1. 1. Navigation designed for the REAL outdoors Cartographic Society 4th September 2013 david@splashmaps.net #REALoutdoors #Soc2013
    2. 2. Content • Who is SplashMaps • Who do we design for • What do we design • Our community • Advancing – With you?
    4. 4. Our Brand • About simple, practical navigation • About the REAL outdoors • About exploiting trends in Data • About Innovation in product & service design
    5. 5. Who’s in SplashMaps? • An Engineer who likes a challenge • A Marketer who follows trends • A Collaborative Project Manager • An Open Sourcerer • A gifted Service Implementer • A growing community
    7. 7. Biased toward bikes? – Do you blame us? •23% growth in cycle sales to 2016 •Avg bike price increased by 40% in 5yrs. •6% of the 3.7M bikes sold >£1000! •Overall cycling market (UK) is £2.5bn. •A 1.3M increase in cyclists in 2010. •£667m non-service accessory mkt. Sources: Mintel, Sky, BikeRadar
    8. 8. User Centred Design • Designed with users- extreme & casual www.splashmaps.net • Something Tailored to them. • Consumer as contributor
    9. 9. WHAT DO WE DESIGN?
    10. 10. A design challenge… Thanks Garmin!
    11. 11. The Medium
    12. 12. Challenges of a REALoutdoor spec. • Materials (Faux Silk, Satin, Polyester etc.) • Bleed • License for 1:25k Raster • Data Integration • Styling for Open Data (OS, OSM, LA) • Colours (CYMK, RGB) • Map and Key physical design • Feedback on content
    13. 13. Carto Choices
    14. 14. Carto Choices
    15. 15. Sporting events & destinations
    16. 16. Events and Experiences
    17. 17. OUR COMMUNITY
    18. 18. Staying ahead and being seen Building a community around the brand Retaining Thought leadership
    19. 19. Our Backers www.splashmaps.co.uk “…a real example of Open Government Data supporting small business innovation!!” •Ed Parsons, the Geospatial Technologist of Google Gary Gale; Director of Places for Nokia, co-founder of WhereCamp EU: “It’s maptastic! ”
    20. 20. And from users/ reviewers? • “…confidence to go further afield.” • “Silent” • “…I love the maps, a great idea, easy to stuff in a bag or pocket, light and indestructible.” • “…it has so many uses I’d take one with me as well as a GPS” www.splashmaps.net/blog/ to read all case studies
    21. 21. Making a Splash
    22. 22. ADVANCING - WITH YOU?
    23. 23. Growing geographical spread Many thanks to www.rowmaps.com – Barry Cornelius
    24. 24. Australia - Geonext USA - Yosemite Africa – World Bank Germany Italy SplashMaps goes international
    25. 25. Increasing personalisation & convergence Maps for the #REALoutdoors
    26. 26. Our workflow www.splashmaps.co.uk
    27. 27. Recognising the huge value of Cartography • Guest Cartographer: – Opportunity to design commercial maps – Get your map free – Market Feedback on your design – SplashMaps gain insights as they retail – Cartographers get Kudos • Announced today, and for you. – Early 2014 – SLD’s to apply to SplashMaps integrated data
    28. 28. Conclusions • SplashMaps is Navigation for the REAL outdoors • Designed from strong insights • Tested and retailing as a whole new concept • Community growing –contributors of data, skills, support, spec. and funds • Advancing – With you?
    29. 29. Contacts david@splashmaps.net doverton@dbyhundred.co.uk @splashmaps @dbyhundred Facebook: /SplashMaps www.splashmaps.net www.dbyhundred.co.uk