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  • 1. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / YOUTH PROGRAMS GRANTS With a special focus on South CarolinaMary Black Foundation The Mary Black Foundation was established as an independent grant making organization to improve the health and wellness of the people and communities of Spartanburg County, SC. The goals of the early childhood development program include school readiness, and research-based approaches are given priority. Before submitting an application for a grant in Active Living or Early Childhood Development, potential applicants must meet with the Foundations program staff. The Foundation accepts applications for active living and early childhood development quarterly. The Mary Black Foundation was established as an independent grant making organization to improve the health and wellness of the people and communities of Spartanburg County, SC. The goal of the active living program is for more people in Spartanburg County to become more physically active. Before submitting an application for a grant in Active Living or Early Childhood Development, potential applicants must meet with the Foundations program staff. The Foundation accepts applications for active living and early childhood development quarterly. Award Amount: Awards amounts vary Deadline: March 1, June 1, September 1, and December 1 Carolina Community Foundation of Charity Foundation of South Carolina Family Foundation Foundation of the Low country
  • 2. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / dbushmakingmail.com Coalition for Science After Finance Project Financing and Sustaining Out-of-School Time and Community School Initiatives This initiative of the Finance Project provides information on funding technical assistance and resources. The website includes information on mobilizing communities, measuring and using results, finding funding, planning for sustainability, and developing partnerships. The project also highlights profiles of successful financing strategies. Title I Supplemental Educational Services and Afterschool Programs: Opportunities and Challenges This brief by the Finance Project discusses the benefits and challenges of afterschool programs becoming supplemental services providers. The article is designed to help afterschool program administrators understand what supplemental services are, consider the implications of becoming a provider, and identify the steps necessary to become a successful provider. The Finance Project’s Youth Programs Resource Center provides information and tools on financing and sustaining youth programs, policies and systems. Onthe links below to view these new funding tips and promising practice profiles that highlight timely information about new funding sources and financing strategies that can help youth programs sustain their work. The Finance Project, a national organization that develops and disseminates research, information, tools, and technical assistance for improved polices,programs, and financing strategies that will support decision-making that produces and sustains good results for children, families, and communities. A number of their publications are excellent resources for giving programs ideas on how to finance and sustain their work. Monthly funding tips cover several different approaches to doing so - be sure to check out their website. Profiles of Successful Afterschool Financing Strategies: 2005 The Finance Project profiles the innovative approaches of the Ella J. Baker House in Boston and Heads Up in Washington D.C. Learn from the promising practices they use to secure funding and sustain their initiatives. These are the latest in a series by the Finance Project highlighting effective strategies for financing afterschool programs. Review all 18 profiles at: Using the Workforce Investment Act to Support Out-of-School Time Initiatives This strategy brief by the Finance Project explains the Workforce Investment Act (WIA), outlines strategies for leveraging WIA funds and provides examples of afterschool programs that benefit from WIA support. WIA links youth development and youth employment, in keeping with
  • 3. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / research, which is the most effective way to attract and retain youth. Afterschool programs can benefit from this opportunity by accessing funds for both staffing and services. Using NCLB Funds to Support Extended Learning Time This strategy brief from the Finance Project and the Council of Chief State School Officers describes how six major funding streams included in the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) can support extended learning opportunities. Using NCLB Funds to Support Extended Learning Time: Opportunities for Afterschool Programs provides important context for those seeking to access these funding streams, and includes a discussion of strategies, considerations and tips for accessing each source.http://www.financeproject.orgDiscovery Education and the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation Invite you to enter the Healthy Playground Makeover Sweepstakes. Its all part of Energy Balance 101 - a robust online resource for educators, nurses and health care professionals, and parents to help kids find the right balance between what they eat and how they move! Anyone can enter to win on behalf of your school, so spread the word to your fellow teachers, parents and students today! 2 Grand Prizes! 2 lucky schools will win a $30, 000 grant from Sports Authority and a new playground from Playworld Systems One of the Grand Prize Winners will be chosen from a special drawing for Title 1 schools* 3 Secondary Prizes 3 more schools will be awarded a $5, 000 grant from Sports Authority Dont forget to enter by January 31, 2012 for your chance to win! $1000 for applying ideas from “Failure to Promise”From Failure to Promise k-12 Educators Grant Dr. C Moorer& Associates U.S. educators in K-12 Schools and libraries. Teachers of literacy, math, science, and or technology. Grant $1000 Grant Deadline: Tuesday July 31st, 2012 To Assist Educators In Moving Students From “Failure To Promise” In Literacy. Math, Science, And Or Technology.
  • 4. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / dbushmakingmail.comToshiba America Foundation (TAF) grants Toshiba America Foundation Grades 6-12 math and science teachers GrantAwards fall into two groups: Grants up to $5, 000 and grants over $5, 000 Grade 6-12 applications for $5, 000 or less are accepted on a rolling basis, throughout the calendar year. Grant requests of more than $5, 000 are reviewed twice a year. Applications for grants of more than $5, 000 are due February 1st and August 1st each year. The Toshiba America Foundation is a nonprofit grant-making organization dedicated to supporting science and math education in the U.S. The foundation contributes to the quality of science and mathematics education by investing in projects designed by classroom teachers to improve instruction for students in grades 7-12. The foundation awards grants of $5, 000 on a rolling basis. For grants of more than $5, 000, applications are due Feb. 1 and Aug. 1 of each year. $5, 000 to $10, 000 for education initiatives The Texas Instruments Foundation Schools and districts $5, 000 to $10, 000 per award Hollands Opus Foundation K-12 music programs Musical instruments and instrument repairs The Melody program is designed to provide musical instruments and instrument repairs to existing K-12 school music programs that have no other source of financing to purchase additional musical instruments or materials. Applicants whose music programs lack institutional financial support and whose students qualify for financial assistance will receive greater consideration. The applicant school must have an ongoing music program that is at least three years old. Corp. Non-profit organizations
  • 5. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / More than $1 billion Microsoft Corp. plans to commit more than $1 billion over the next five years to Unlimited Potential (UP), a global initiative focused on providing technology skills to disadvantaged individuals through community-based technology and learning centers. In the first round of UP grants, Microsoft awarded $8.1 million in cash and software to 82 nonprofit organizations. Initially, UP will provide funding to help community-based technology and learning centers hire and train technology instructors. Subsequent phases of the initiative will offer an online global support network delivering technology curriculum, research, tools, and help-desk services. UP also will sponsor a global and regional awards program, which will invest in technology solutions that deliver a social benefit. The awards are designed to encourage innovation and provide the funding necessary to help the best technology solutions scale for broader use. $1, 000 in reading technology per award Reading Pen Group K-12 and higher-education institutions in the U.S 10 free Readingpen devices worth $1, 000 total The Reading Pen Group is offering two types of grants: the Readingpen K-12 Grant and the Readingpen Higher Education Grant. The K-12 Grant provides assistance to pioneering educators who want to use Readingpen in effective and creative ways to improve students reading skills. The Higher Education Grant is designed to support innovative and valuable uses of Readingpen at the college and university level for teacher professional development or research. Proposed projects for both the K-12 and higher-education grants must focus on using Readingpen devices in daily instruction with K-12 students, whether in the classroom or during homework. Grant recipients get 10 Readingpen devices. Teacher support materials that include a Teachers Guide, student activities, and white papers. guidance from a mentor or senior reading specialist with experience in integrating technology into the K-12 environment. The approximate value of each grant package is $1, 000. $1, 050 in new hardcover childrens library books Arts Education and Research Foundation U.S. schools and colleges $2, 500 per award
  • 6. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / The Graphic Arts Education and Research Foundation (GAERF) has provided more than $4.5 million to fund more than 125 projects at more than 45 institutions since it was founded in 1983. GAERF awards two types of grants: full grants and mini-grants. Mini-grants are awarded for projects such as one-day workshops, specialized conferences, and the production of career and educational materials. Funding is limited to $2, 500 per project and may be submitted at any time. Four mini-grants are awarded per year. Requests for mini-grant funding should be submitted in the same manner as other foundation proposals. $25K to form mentoring programs to teach mathhttp://www.gaerf.orgThe Actuarial Foundation Schools and nonprofit organizations in the U.S. Canada Up to $25, 000 total Through its Advancing Student Achievement program, the Actuarial Foundation awards monetary grants to schools and nonprofit groups throughout the United States and Canada. The basic requirement for schools or groups seeking funding is that they develop a viable mentoring program involving actuaries in the teaching of mathematics to children in private or public schools. The program brings together actuaries and educators in local classroom environments with the belief that interaction with real-world mentors will boost students interest and achievement in math. The Actuarial Foundation provides a local network of actuaries ready to participate, as well as suggestions on how to integrate math concepts from the workplace into the classroom. Groups applying for grants will be given wide latitude in designing programs that enhance learning and create a "love of math" in each student. $5, 000 per award for innovative math and science projects Texas Instruments Foundation Requires no special application form. Grants usually range from $5, 000 to $10, 000, but the foundation has awarded some schools up to $100, 000. Approximately 65 awards are granted each year. Applicants are encouraged to submit one- or two-page proposals that briefly outline the following: purpose of the organization, population served, amount requested, how the requested funds will be used, how the proposal matches funding interests of the foundation, and a copy of 501(c)(3) designation. Proposals are considered from civic, research, educational, health, welfare, charitable, and cultural organizations that have been ruled to be tax-exempt
  • 7. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and that are not private foundations as defined by the code. Grants to increase student achievement & access to educational content William and Flora Hewlett Foundation The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation seeks to achieve greater quality and equality of educational opportunity in the United States and throughout the world through grants that support increased student achievement, improved access to exemplary educational content, and other goals as outlined on its web site. The foundation will not consider requests to fund student aid, individual scholarships, construction, equipment and computer purchases, health research, or health education programs. Applicants should submit a brief letter of intent for initial review, after which proposals may or may not be requested. Full proposals will not be accepted unless they are requested. Check the foundations web site for details before sending a letter of intent.http://www.hewlett.orgPremier Literacy Schools and nonprofit organizations Full Premier Assistive Technology software suite Since 2002, Premier Assistive Technology Inc. has been offering its full suite of Accessibility Suite software products to educational and nonprofit organizations through its Breaking Down Barriers to Assistive Technology grant program, which has benefited more than 1, 800 school districts nationwide. To help meet the reading and writing challenges of all students, including English Language Learners and those with learning disabilities, the program offers a range of software that reads digital text aloud, provides study efficiency tools, and converts hard copy text to digital format. The grant includes an unlimited institutional license to install all applications on all workstations/networks in a district. Grant applications take two to three weeks to process. Free educational videos and guides on math, science, and more Co.
  • 8. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / Teachers Free educational videos For the past 25 years, ConocoPhillips Co. has been producing high-quality educational videos and teachers guides for math, science, and environmental topics. These materials have been offered to qualified teachers for free and have been seen by millions of junior high and high school students. These free teaching guides and videos cover topics ranging from math and science to problem solving and protecting wildlife. To order one of ConocoPhillips educational films, visit the Teaching Tools web site or fax your request to (570) 822-8226. Free satellite educational programming and equipmenthttp://www.teachingtools.comDIRECTV K-12 schools Equipment, content The DIRECTV Goes to School program offers educators a free, nonviolent educational programming package and satellite equipment to reach students through auditory, kinesthetic tic, and visual means. The programming package, called SCHOOL CHOICE, is available to state- accredited public and private schools serving students in grades K-12. A free DIRECTV Multi- Satellite System also will be provided, although there is a limited quantity available. Installation costs are not included. $500 in credit to buy items that enrich the classroom $500 credit Teachers who register at the Adopt-a-Classroom web site can be adopted by an individual, a business, or a foundation. Once adopted, teachers will receive $500 worth of credit to purchase items that enrich the learning environment, including classroom technology. Teachers help solicit their own sponsors by downloading and distributing fliers within their community or by sending out a personalized, pre-written email from the Adopt-a-Classroom web site. Every donor receives information about the classroom it has adopted, including an itemized list of what teachers bought so donors can see the impact of their donation.
  • 9. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / dbushmakingmail.comDigital Wish Olympus and Tool Factory Every teacher has the power to earn funding at Digital Wish. Like a wedding registry, teachers make their technology wishes public and tell their story, so that anyone can make a donation to their classrooms cart. Registered teachers will automatically qualify for 43 new technology grants fromOlympus and Tool Factory, including a Mobile Digital Camera Lab. Grants isthen awarded to the teachers with the best all-around class profile and lesson plans. Regardless of whether teachers win a grant, their story will be available for any potential donor to read, and later contribute to. The Digital Wish web site also features a library of grant links and fundraising resources to help educators find additional funding for technology. There is also an extensive library of lesson plans so that educators can find ideas for digital projects. Complete classroom A/V system Learning Any teacher GrantFree DreamBox teacher tools and PDFs Any teacher can use DreamBox online manipulatives free, with an internet connection and an interactive white board or projector or even just a computer. DreamBox has developed a variety of resources to support teachers’ professional development and students’ mathematical learning. Download free curriculum guides on the science of vision Carolina Afterschool Alliance The mission of the South Carolina Afterschool Alliance (SCAA) is to raise awareness, increase sustainability and promote the importance of quality out-of-school time (OST) programs in South Carolina. SCAA collaborates with its partners on four key strategies to meet the needs of faith, community and school-based OST providers. Accomplishments: SCAA led the planning and development of a professional development system for school-age professionals commissioned by the South Carolina Department of Social Services. SCAA secured funding from the South Carolina General Assembly to support the network through a proviso as well as increased support of an existing state education appropriation line
  • 10. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / item entitled, Homework Centers and After School, from $6.9 million to $10.4 million for local providers. SCAA formed nine regional and local OST coalitions to expand resources to 21 underserved counties. SCAA undertook a five-year sustainability plan. SCAA facilitated the first South Carolina Statewide Municipal Leaders Summit to develop action plans for 76 city and school district leaders. Current Projects and Initiatives: SCAA provides and hosts Building the After School Workforce in Rural Areas. This is a project to enhance afterschool programs in rural areas providing five regional trainings coupled with technical assistance to approximately 162 frontline staff serving 8, 100 students. In collaboration with the South Carolina Department of Education, SCAA will administer a grant process for afterschool programs serving students attending one of South Carolina’s Palmetto Priority Schools. SCAA will produce an Annual Statewide Conference for over 600 afterschool providers across South Carolina to introduce the latest techniques and best practice models in health and safety, informal sciences, mathematics and technology as well as resources and education necessary to prevent drug and alcohol abuse, teen pregnancy and juvenile delinquency. SCAA continues to facilitate regional trainings on sustainability and strategic planning, coalition building and health and safety curriculum aligned with national and state education standards. SCAA coordinated a tri-state summit entitled, Meeting the Needs of Disadvantaged Students in the Afterschool Hours, which brought Together leaders and policymakers from Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina to examine the importance of cross-sector collaboration to meet the needs of disadvantaged youth. CONTACT INFORMATION Network Lead: Zelda Quiller Waymer (803) 254-5454SPARK Grant of the Day The SPARK Grant-Finder Tool is your best resource for locating national and state-specific grants for your Physical Education, After school, Early childhood or Coordinated School Health program. Grants can be used for curriculum, teacher training, or equipment. Have questions on a specific grant? Please note- the grants below are funded by the organization specified in each grant summary. SPARK compiles these grants to help you find funding opportunities but does not provide any grants directly.
  • 11. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / dbushmakingmail.comHealthy School Makeover Contest In support of National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, SPARK has teamed-up with other leading health and physical education organizations to provide a nationwide Healthy School Makeover Contest, with the winner receiving a grand prize worth $45, 000 in educational materials, training, and equipment! Nominate your school by submitting a short video explaining why your school needs a healthy school makeover and how youll use the Grand Prize award to improve the health of your students. Hall of Fame golfer Annika Sorenstam will present the grand prize to the winning school! All entries must be received by October 31, 2012. Award Amount: $45, 000 Deadline: October 31, 2012 Fuel Up to Play 60National Dairy Council and the National Football League Funding is available to K-12 schools enrolled in Fuel Up to Play 60. The competitive, nationwide funding program can help your school jumpstart and sustain healthy nutrition and physical activity improvements. Funds can be used to conduct in-school promotions focused on creating a healthier school and to implement Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Plays. Funds can also be used for professional development, nutrition education materials, and physical education equipment & materials. Award Amount: $4, 000 Deadline: October 1, 2012, January 15, 2013Nickelodeon &the NEA Foundation The Big Help Grants program is dedicated to the development and implementation of ideas, techniques, and approaches to addressing four key concerns - health and wellness, environmental awareness, students right to a quality public education, and active community involvement. Multiple grants of up to $5, 000 will be awarded to select applicants. Public school teachers or public school education support professionals practicing in the U.S. are eligible to apply. Award Amount: $5, 000 Deadline: October 15, 2012Race to the Top District The U.S. Department of Education The Race to the Top-District competition invites applicants to demonstrate how they can personalize education for all students and is aimed squarely at classrooms and the all-important relationship between teachers and students. The competition will encourage transformative change within schools, providing school leaders and teachers with key tools and support in order to best meet their students needs. These 4-year awards will range from $5 million to $40
  • 12. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / million, depending on the population of students served through the plan. The Department is expecting to make 15-25 awards. The Department is requesting interested districts to submit their intent to apply by August 30th. Applications are due October 30th. Award Amount: $5 million - $40 million Deadline: October 30, 3012Lowes Toolbox for Education Lowes Charitable and Educational Foundation Lowes Charitable and Educational Foundation knows how hard you work for your kids and your community and is dedicated to helping your parent-teacher group achieve even more for your school. Apply for the Toolbox for Education Grant now and build on your already impressive parent group success with Lowes. The Fall 2012 cycle is now open. Deadline: October 12, 2012 Educator for a Day GrantsLiberty Mutual Liberty Mutual provides Responsible Sports Community Grants to non-profit youth sports organizations and educational athletic programs to help defray the many costs of running a successful youth sports program. Once your organization is registered, rally as many members and supporters to participate in the self-paced Responsible Sports coursework. Each credited certification brings your organization one step closer to earning a grant. Fifteen youth sport organizations with the most credited certifications will earn a Responsible Sports Community Grant. Award Amount: $2, 500 Deadline: November 30, 2012 Local Giving ProgramThe Walmart Foundation The Wal-Mart Foundation supports programs and initiatives addressing education, workforce development, economic sustainability, and health and wellness. Health and Wellness examples include programs that support nutrition and active lifestyles, educating people of all ages about their health, preventing and managing chronic disease. Multiple awards ranging from $250-$5, 000 are available for select applicants. Nonprofit organizations, K-12 schools, church or faith based organizations, and government entities are eligible to apply. Award Amount: $250-$5, 000 Deadline: December 1, 2012The National Education Association Foundation
  • 13. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / Learning & Leadership grants support public school teachers, public education support professionals, and/or faculty and staff in public institutions of higher education to fund participation in high-quality professional development experiences, such as summer institutes or action research. All professional development must improve practice, curriculum, and student achievement. Apply for funding to attend the SPARK Institutes today! Award Amount: $2, 000 Deadline: February 1, June 1, October 15UnitedHealth HEROES Service-Learning Grants Youth Service America UnitedHealthcare is inviting schools and other community-based nonprofit organizations to Step into Service by applying for UnitedHealth HEROES grants. Grants of up to $1, 000 are available for youth-led service-learning projects which aim to combat childhood obesity through walking, running or hiking programs. The online application will open on September 4, 2012 and will close on October 15, 2012. Award Amount: $1, 000Child Welfare Foundation Grants are available to contribute to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual welfare of children through the dissemination of knowledge about new and innovative organizations and/or their programs designed to benefit youth. Grants must have the potential of helping American children in a large geographic area (more than one state). Grants are awarded only to nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations. Applications are accepted from May 1 to be postmarked no later than July 15, of the current year. Award Amount: Award amounts vary Deadline: May 1 - July 15 (Annual)U.S. Soccer Foundation The U.S. Soccer Foundation annually awards grants to support both soccer programs and field building initiatives in underserved areas nationwide. Deadline: October 5, 2012 Education GrantsThe Safeway Foundation The Safeway Foundation supports numerous youth development organizations as well as a broad range of after-school and physical education programs. Local grants are reviewed biannually. For grant requests that are national or multi-regional in scope, requests are reviewed on a quarterly basis. Award Amount: $2, 500 - $10, 000
  • 14. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / Deadline: RollingMetLife Foundation MetLife Foundation supports projects to empower people to lead healthy, productive lives and strengthen communities. The Foundation makes grants in health, education, civic affairs and culture. Underlying the Foundations programs is a focus on education at all ages and a commitment to increasing access and opportunity. The Healthy Habits program seeks to promote healthy habits and physical fitness for illness prevention, especially among children. Requests are accepted and reviewed throughout the year.Rite Aid Foundation The Rite Aid Foundation is offering funding to programs that focus on health and wellness in the communities in which Rite Aid operates. The Foundation accepts proposals throughout the year and reviews the m as soon as possible after July 1, October 1, January 1 and April 1. Deadline: July 1, October 1, January 1 and April 1 Translational Research to Improve Obesity and Diabetes OutcomesNational Institutes of Health The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) encourages NIH Research Demonstration and Dissemination Project grant (R18) applications from institutions/ organizations to test practical, sustainable, acceptable, and cost efficient adaptations of efficacious strategies or approaches prevent and treat diabetes and/or obesity. Research must target the prevention or reversal of obesity, prevention of type 2 diabetes,improved care of type 1 and type 2 diabetes, or the prevention or delay of the complications of these conditions. The approaches tested should have the potential to be widely disseminated to clinical practice, individuals and communities at risk. Deadline: November 1, 2012, March 1, 2013, July 1, 2013, November 1, 2013, March 3, 2014Henry E. Niles Foundation The mission of the Henry E. Niles Foundation is to help in the nurturing and uplifting of people in need by strengthening education, fighting economic hardships through self-help opportunities, and enhancing public health. The Foundation is offering grants to organizations that promote partnerships and collaborative efforts among multiple groups and organizations. The majority of grant making is focused in the northeast, but occasionally grants may be awarded in other regions of the country. Applicants must be a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Award Amount: $2, 000 - $100, 000H.J. Heinz Company Foundation
  • 15. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / As a leading global food purveyor, Heinz has established the H.J. Heinz Company Foundation to promote the health and nutritional needs of children and families around the world. The nutrition program component includes promoting improvements in and a better understanding of good nutrition, and contributing to the health and wellbeing of people and communities. Priority is given to programs in communities where Heinz operates with a special focus given to southwestern Pennsylvania.The Mott Foundation The Mott Foundations Pathways Out of Poverty program supports initiatives around the U.S. that promote learning beyond the classroom especially for traditionally underserved children and youth -- as a strategy for improving public education. Grant making under this objective seeks to provide optimum opportunities for academic support and enrichment for young people to learn and develop both in school, summer, and after school. Central to this effort are partnerships between school and community-based organizations and other local institutions. Search the grant listings for funding opportunities that best fit the needs of your organization and submit a Letter of Inquiry Form for more information. Deadline: Deadlines vary by applicationThe Aetna Foundation Learning more about the underlying causes of obesity can inform and shape effective population-based health and wellness programs. The Aetna Foundation wants to understand the contributors to obesity, particularly among minority populations, and what supports and sustains better choices that can stave off overeating and reduce inactivity. Grant-making in this area focuses on initiatives that create a better understanding of the root causes of the obesity epidemic. Examples of grants we would support include projects and/or studies that identify causes of obesity and potential best practices for addressing obesity. Letters of Inquiry are accepted on a rolling basis. Following LOI review, applicants will be contacted for additional information, declined or invited to submit a full proposal. Award Amount: $50, 000 - $250, 000The Finish Line Youth Foundation The Finish Line Youth Foundation supports youth programs that are effective and inclusive, funding opportunities for participation in youth programs that place an importance on youth development and an active lifestyle. Grants generally range from $1, 000 to $5, 000, although the Foundation may occasionally make significant, larger grants to maximize funding impact in its interest areas. Applications will be accepted on a quarterly basis. Award Amount: $1, 000 - $5, 000The Coca-Cola Foundation
  • 16. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / The Coca-Cola Foundation aims to make a greater impact on the communities Coca-Cola serves around the world by being responsive to the citizenship priorities of the communities in which we live and work. The Coca-Cola Foundation is interested in funding organizations in these areas: Water stewardship, healthy active living, community recycling, and education. Healthy active living includes providing access to exercise, physical activity and nutritional education programs. Award Amount: Award amountMay and Stanley Smith Charitable Trust The May and Stanley Smith Charitable Trust seeks to foster healthy development and future independence by increasing opportunities for children and youth (ages 0-25). Among the programs of greatest interest to the Trust are those offering direct services to disadvantaged children and youth such as Academic enrichment and support, Mentoring and youth leadership programs, and Recreational programs and camps incorporating youth development objectives. The May and Stanley Smith Charitable Trust makes grants to nonprofit organizations that are tax exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code. There is a two-stage application process: an online letter of inquiry (LOI) submission followed by an invited full proposal submission. Deadline: Rolling (Letter of Inquiry Required)CVS Caremark The Community Grants Program will focus on a few key areas, including public schools and physical movement and play. CVS Caremark is devoted to supporting organizations that enrich the lives of children with disabilities through inclusive programs. Through the Community Grants Program, CVS works to ensure that students are not left behind in school. Proposed programs must be fully inclusive where children with disabilities are full participants in an early childhood, adolescent or teenage program alongside their typically developing peers.U.S. Department of Education This program supports the creation of community learning centers that provide academic enrichment opportunities during non-school hours for children, particularly students who attend high-poverty and low-performing schools. The program helps students meet state and local student standards in core academic subjects, such as reading and math. Offers students a broad array of enrichment activities that can complement their regular academic programs, including recreation and physical activity. Offers literacy and other educational services to the families of participating children. Awards are made to State Education Agencies (SEAs). Local education agencies (LEAs) and nonprofit organization may apply to states for subgrants. Deadline: Deadlines vary by stateThe Dreyers Grand Ice Cream Foundation
  • 17. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / The Dreyers Grand Ice Cream Foundation makes small grants ($1, 000 or less) and donates ice cream products and gift certificates/auction items to bona fide non-profit organizations for events. These proposals are reviewed on a monthly basis. Requests are accepted throughout the year. Please allow an eight-week processing time for ice cream and gift item requests.Wells Fargo Wells Fargo offers grants in the areas of community development, education, and human services. Non-profit organizations and educational programs in the Wells Fargo service area are eligible to apply. To learn how to apply for a grant or sponsorship, visit the Wells Fargo website and on your state for specific guidelines.Michael and Susan Dell Foundation The Michael & Susan Dell Foundations primary goal is to support and initiate programs that directly serve the needs of children living in urban poverty. Priority is given to initiatives addressing childrens health, education, and microfinance, as well as initiatives in India and Central Texas that specifically address the needs of children. The Foundation is determined to reverse the trend in childhood obesity by supporting national school-based programs that engage teachers, students and their community in healthy eating choices and regular physical activity. To apply for a grant, go to and then to the Grants tab.The LEGO Group The LEGO Childrens Fund will provide quarterly grants for programs with a special interest paid to collaborative efforts and in providing matching funds to leverage new dollars into the receiving organization. Focus areas include: early childhood education and development. technology and communication projects. sport or athletic programs that concentrate on under- served youth. Priority is given to programs in communities where Lego operates with a special focus given to organizations serving Connecticut and Western Massachusetts. Award Amount: $500 - $5, 000 Deadline: January 15, April 15, July 15, October 15W.K. Kellogg Foundation The Kellogg Foundation makes grants to organizations that embrace a similar mission of creating communities, systems, and nations in which all children have an equitable and promising future. One in which all children thrive. Our grants will fund programs and projects that support children, families, and communities as they strengthen and create conditions that propel children to achieve success as individuals and as contributors to the larger community and society. Promising ventures throughout the country are eligible to apply, with a special focus on Michigan, Mississippi and New Mexico. Award Amount: $10, 000 - $600, 000
  • 18. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / dbushmakingmail.comCarol M. White Physical Education Program Grant The Carol M. White Physical Education Program (PEP) provides grants to LEAs and community- based organizations to initiate, expand, or enhance physical education and nutrition programs, including after-school, for students in kindergarten through 12th grade. SPARK has worked with many successful PEP grant recipients to implement standards-based and field-tested physical education and nutrition programs, and we would love to help your district reach your PEP grant goals. The 2012 grant awards were announced in July 2012. The 2013 application is not yet available. Award Amount: $100, 000 - $750, 000The Wal-Mart Foundation The Wal-Mart Foundation supports programs and initiatives addressing education, workforce development, economic sustainability, and health and wellness. Health and Wellness examples include programs that support nutrition and active lifestyles, educating people of all ages about their health, preventing and managing chronic disease. Nonprofit organizations, K-12 schools, church or faith based organizations, and government entities are eligible to apply. Applications are accepted Feb. 1 through Dec. 31. Award Amount: $250 - $5, 000National Institute of Child Health and Human Development/NIH/DHHS The sponsors provides support to enhance childhood obesity research by fostering the formation of local, state, or regional teams consisting of researchers, policymakers, and other relevant stakeholders in order to identify research questions and hypotheses, design and implement the relevant research, and translate the research into evidence relevant to potential policy efforts in this area. This program will use the NIH Exploratory/Developmental (R21) grant mechanism. Although the size of award may vary with the scope of research proposed, it is expected that applications will stay within the budgetary guidelines for an exploratory/developmental project. Direct costs are limited to $275, 000 over an R21 two-year period, with no more than $200, 000 in direct costs allowed in any single year. The deadlines for receipt of standard applications under this announcement are: February 16, June 16, and October 16 annually. Deadline: February 16, June 16, and October 16American Express & Do Something Seed Grants and Do Something Club Grants support youth-led community projects. Applications are accepted on an on-going basis. Award Amount: $250 - $500Sara Lee Foundation
  • 19. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / The Sara Lee Foundation places funding priority on grants to nonprofits that create collaborative and innovative initiatives focused on fighting hunger. Nutrition and nutrition education is also of significant interest, particularly in programs that distribute food provided by the government. Finally, in taking a holistic view on issues of food, the Foundation considers projects that deal with issues of food in relationship to healthy and active lifestyles through programs that address the need for nutrition education combined with increased physical activity. To be considered for support, a prospective applicant must first submit an Online Letter of Intent. There are no deadlines for submission of an LOI. Priority is given to nonprofit organizations located in and serving communities where Sara Lee has a facility.Major League Baseball The Baseball Tomorrow Fund is a joint initiative between Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Players Association designed to promote and enhance the growth of youth participation in baseball and softball. Grants are intended to finance a new program, expand or improve an existing program, undertake a new collaborative effort, or obtain facilities or equipment necessary for youth baseball or softball programs. Award Amount: $39, 000 AverageJewel-Osco Jewel-Osco provides support for not-for-profit (501c3) organizations that help create healthy, thriving communities. Grants are available in three areas: Hunger Relief, Health and Nutrition, and Environmental Stewardship. Health and Nutrition includes promoting nutrition education and maintaining a healthy lifestyle through diet.Albertsons Albertsons is accepting grant applications in the following areas: hunger relief, dietary health, and nutrition education. Nutrition Education includes healthy lifestyles and nutrition promotion and education, as well as access to healthy foods. Eligible applicants are 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations and schools in areas where Albertsons grocery stores operate.Richard Davoud Donchian Foundation With an interest in rethinking and reconfiguring curriculum, pedagogy, and the other academic resources in schools and communities, the Foundation focuses on programs that work toward long-term improvement in all aspects of education, but with an emphasis on literacy. The majority of the Richard Donchian Foundations grant making is focused in the northeastern United States, although grants may be made in other regions of the country. Award Amount: $2, 000 - $50, 000Safe Routes to School National Partnership
  • 20. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / The Safe Routes to School National Partnership is a network of more than 400 nonprofit organizations, government agencies, schools, and professionals working Together to advance the Safe Routes to School (SRTS) movement in the United States. SRTS can provide a variety of important benefits to children and their communities, including increasing physical activity, reducing traffic congestion, improving air quality, and enhancing neighborhood safety.Adopt-A-Classroom Dont see a grant that fits your needs? Try posting a project on and request donations for SPARK curriculum & Sportime Equipment. Adopt-A-Classroom invites the community into the classroom in support of teachers and their students. By adopting a classroom, donors form partnerships with specific classrooms providing financial and moral support. The result is a meaningful contribution to education in which donors experience the impact of their efforts and celebrate in a classrooms success. Nutrition and Physical Activity Policies, Obesogenic Behaviors and Weight Outcomes The purpose of the grant is to fund research that fosters multidisciplinary research that will evaluate how policies can influence school physical activity and nutrition environments, youths obesogenic behaviors, and weight outcomes. Understand how schools are implementing these policies and examine multi-level influences on adoption and implementation at various levels. Understandthe synergistic or counteractive effect of school nutrition and physical activity polices on the home and community environment and body weight. Eligible organizations include: state, county, or city governments. Independent school districts. Nonprofit organizations. Native American tribal organizations. Deadline: February 5, June 5, October 5The Duke Endowment The Endowment focuses resources on vulnerable children, health care, higher education and rural United Methodist churches in North Carolina and South Carolina, balancing direct aid in the present with strategic investment for the future. Search the endowment grant database for funding resources that best fit the needs of your organization. Deadline: Deadlines vary by funding sourceThe J. Marion Sims Foundation
  • 21. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / The Foundation awards grants to programs that enhance health and wellness in Lancaster County, and the neighboring communities of Great Falls and Fort Lawn, South Carolina. The Responsive Grant program supports innovative education, health & wellness programs. Contact the Foundation to schedule a meeting with the program officer prior to the grant deadline. Deadline: April 15, October 15Teachers Pet Grants This grant supports the teachers effort to enhance curriculum and provides funding for a variety of curriculum materials. Contact SPARK for a quote for curriculum, music and a SPARKfolio for your class! Award Amount: $500Knight-Funded Foundation Create informed & engaged communities Help sustain democracy by leading journalism to its best possible future in the 21st century. To help sustain healthy communities in a democracy, we aim to increase the ability of individuals to engage in change. Weave the arts into the fabric of communities to engage and inspire the people living in the m. FEATURED FUNDING INITIATIVES Black Male Engagement Vision: We envision black men and boys leading in solutions, participating in decision-making and fully engaged in all issues and opportunities affecting their communities. Strategy: To get there, Knight opens up opportunities for everyone to get involved. We partner with and support ideas from leading national networks, local organizations and yes, even regular everyday people. Community Foundations Program The Knight Community Foundations Program serves to advance informed and engaged communities by working in transformational ways with community foundations and their leaders. Knight Arts Challenge In South Florida and Philadelphia we are seeking ideas and innovation in the arts from nonprofits, companies and individuals. Knight Community Information Challenge The Knight Community Information Challenge engages community and place-based foundations in playing leading roles in meeting the information needs of their communities. Knight Enterprise Fund
  • 22. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / The Knight Enterprise Fund provides early-stage venture funding for media innovation. We’re looking for companies with disruptive solutions at the intersection of information, community and engagement. Knight Library Initiative Knight Foundation is helping libraries in 27 cities become true digital community centers that help foster informed and engaged communities with Knight’s $6.7 million Library Initiative. Knight News Challenge The Knight News Challenge accelerates media innovation by funding breakthrough ideas in news and information. Winners receive a share of $5 million in funding and support from Knight’s network of influential peers and advisors to help advance their ideas. The Knight Prototype Fund helps entrepreneurs, journalists and tinkerers of all kinds build and test new ideas that push media and journalism forward. Prototype grants offer up to $50, 000 of funding on a rapid time cycle aimed to keep up with the speed of innovation. Build fast, fail fast, and in the process. As successful projects emerge the Knight Foundation is positioned to help the m scale. Techn for Engagement While the Web is often the place to express opinions on important issues, the clicks and comments dont always translate into a movement to better communities. Ways to take technology a step further r, using it as a tool to inspire and facilitate on-The - ground action. Knight Foundation supports transformational ideas that promote quality journalism, advance media innovation, engage communities and foster the arts. We believe that democracy thrives when people and communities are informed and engaged.North Carolina Afterschool Funding Streams Overview The NC Center for Afterschool Programs has released an overview of the available afterschool funding streams in the state. Funding streams come from state agencies as well as some private organizations, and are divided into Academics, Juvenile Justice, Health and Wellness, and Needs- Based fundingon the image below to access the overview.Connect a Million Minds Initiative As Time Warner Cable continues their Connect a Million Minds initiative to support STEM programming in out of school time opportunities, they have available funding for middle school afterschool STEM programming. Funds from this grant will allow organizations to provide high- quality STEM programming to the youth that they serve. To apply for the Connect a Million Minds funding. Applications are on a rolling basis, but programs are encouraged to apply soon while funds are still available. If you have questions about this funding, contact Dan Ballister ( or Stephanie Richin (
  • 23. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / Programs are also encouraged to join the Time Warner Cable connectory – a great resource to publicize STEM events and look for volunteers. Time Warner Cable employee volunteers are constantly looking for new volunteer opportunities with afterschool programs.Student Science Enrichment Programs - Burroughs Wellcome Fund Burroughs Wellcome Fund supports creative, hands-on science education activities for K-12 students for activities occurring outside of the school day. Nonprofit organizations serving North Carolina primary and secondary school students are eligible to apply. Awards provide up to $60, 000 per year for three years. Visit their website to : Deadline for 2012 has passed - stay connected to find out more for 2013. Line An athletic retailer specializing in brand name footwear, apparel and accessories, supports athletic and wellness programs located in communities where their stores are located. The foundation funds projects registered as 501 (c) (3) organizations. Have a primary focus on assisting children and young adults 18 and under. Concentrate on athletics or wellness. Benefit communities in which Finish Line stores are located. Deadline: Rolling Quarterly Reviews.KaBOOM! Play Day Grants Roll up your sleeves and play! Host a KaBOOM! Play Day, presented by Motts, in your neighborhood and be part of a national celebration to save play in the lives of children. A Play Day is your chance to gather r at your communitys favorite park or playground for fun games and service projects that celebrate and improve your play space. If you include an improvement project at your Play Day you could win a $10, 000 grant to further r improve your play space. The KaBOOM! Play Day website helps you plan for your big day. You can watch YouTube videos with planning tips, print the set of game and activity cards, and post in the Scrapbook. at: Keep updated with KaBooms deadlines by visiting their website. The Construction Grant deadlines and Spruce-up grant deadlines are available at different times throughout the year.American Honda Foundation Grants The American Honda Foundation is making available one-year grants from $20, 000 to $60, 000 for youth education and scientific education. Educational institutions, including K-12, colleges
  • 24. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / and universities, community colleges and trade schools are eligible, as well as nonprofit organizations and other foundations. "Scientific education" encompasses physical and life sciences, mathematics and the environmental sciences. The American Honda Foundation was founded to make grants to worthy national nonprofit causes, programs and organizations that directly benefit the people of the United States. Since its inception, the American Honda Foundation has provided more than 401 grants for more than $18.1 million. To be considered for possible funding, programs related to youth and scientific education should: Be dedicated to improving the human condition of all mankind. Be soundly managed and administered by enthusiastic and dedicated individuals. Look to the future. Offer innovative and creative programs that propose untried methods which ultimately may result in providing solutions to complex cultural, educational, scientific and social concerns. Ensure a broad scope, intent, impact and outreach. Possess a high potential for success with a relatively low incidence of duplication of effort. Operate from a position of financial soundness. Be in urgent need of funding from a priority basis (not necessarily financial need). and Represent a minimal risk in terms of venture capital investment. For further r information visit the American Honda Foundation website. Different deadlines apply.Best Buy Community Grants Best Buy teams across the U.S. select non-profit organizations that provide positive experiences to help teens to excel in school and develop life and leadership skills. Non-profits located within 50 miles of a Best Buy store or Regional Distribution Center may apply. Grants will average $4, 000-$6, 000 and will not exceed $10, 000. Visit the Best Buy website to. The RFP for 2012 grants will be released in Spring.CVS Caremark Charitable Trust The CVS Caremark Charitable Trust seeks to support organizations that are most effective at creating positive and measurable outcomes for children with disabilities and providing healthcare services for underserved populations. Last year, the trust awarded grants to more than seventy organizations for programs focused on autism, technology, life and workforce skills, and access to health care. Inspired by a belief that children of all abilities should have equal access to educational, social, medical, and therapeutic services in order to live a healthy and happy life, the trust seeks applications from organizations that are providing the following support services and programs for children under the age of 21 and their families: early intervention — therapeutic and support services designed to meet the needs of infants and toddlers who have a developmental delay or disability. Parental support and education programs that educate, prepare, and assist parents in the care giving and support of their
  • 25. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / children. Assistive technology programs that provide access to equipment or training on assistive technologies that help children learn, communicate, and thrive. Programs that support the development of social skills and/or independent living skills, including camp programs. Applications are invited from nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations in U.S. locations where CVS Caremark has a business presence (all states except Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington, and Wyoming). One-year grants will range from $10, 000 to $50, 000. Stay updated through the CVS website for 2012 opportunities, which will be posted in March.Lego Childrens Fund The LEGO Children’s Fund will provide quarterly grants for programs, either r in part or in total, with a special interest paid to collaborative efforts and in providing matching funds to leverage new dollars into the receiving organization. We will give priority consideration to programs that both meet our goals and are supported in volunteer time and effort by our employees. The Foundation awards grants to qualified tax-exempt organizations (as determined under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue code) including educational organizations as defined in USC 26 § 170 (C) with specific, identifiable needs primarily in these areas of support: Grant awards vary from $500 to $5, 000. To find out more about, visit their website. Deadlines vary - stay connected through their website.Home Depot Community Impact Grants Program Proposals for the following community improvement activities will be considered: repairs, refurbishments, and modifications to low-income and/or transitional housing or community facilities, weatherizing or increasing energy efficiency of low-income and/or transitional housing or community facilities. Planting trees or community gardens and/or landscaping community facilities. Development of community parks or green spaces. Grants of up to $5, 000 are made in the form of the Home Depot gift cards for the purchase of tools, materials, or services. Visit their website for more information. Home Depot will accept grant proposals beginning Feb. 6, 2012 through August 13, 2012Do Something Seed and Growth Grants (Deadline: Ongoing) Are you working to start a community action project or program? Do you need money to put your ideas into action? If you answered, "YES!", you are eligible to apply for a Do Something Seed Grant. We give out a $500 Do Something Seed Grant every week to help young people just like YOU! Do Something Seed Grants are targeted towards project ideas and programs that are just getting started. These grants can be used to jump-start your program or to realize your ideas for the first time. These are grants for all types of community action projects around causes that you care about and are important in your community! Deadlines: Rolling- Apply now! You will be notified whether or not you have won within 2-3 months after submission.
  • 26. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / Did you create a sustainable community action project, program or organization that you want to grow? Are you looking for funding to take your already successful project to the next level? If you answered "YES!", you are eligible to apply for a Do Something Growth Grant. We give out a $500 Do Something Growth Grant every week to help young people just like YOU! Do Something Growth Grants are targeted towards projects that are already developed and sustainable. These grants go towards the next steps of your project and organization to help you as you look to expand your project and grow your impact. Deadlines: Rolling- Apply now! You will be notified whether or not you have won within 2-3 months after submission. Grants (Deadline: Ongoing) invites teens in the United States to apply for grants to fund their community service ideas across any one of 16 issue areas. You can apply for a grant, by visiting and for any issue area, selecting "See Ways to Help" followed by "Apply for a Grant". Applications are short - just 5, 000 words or less - and should summarize: how the project will involve oThers, who it will help, what effect its expected to have, when it will start and how the funds will be used. Grant requests are reviewed and responded to on a monthly basis.Baseball Tomorrow Fund Grants The Baseball Tomorrow Fund is a joint initiative between Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Players Association designed to promote and enhance the growth of youth participation in baseball and softball. Grants are intended to finance a new program, expand or improve an existing program, undertake a new collaborative effort, or obtain facilities or equipment necessary for youth baseball or softball programs. Projects must meet the following criteria: increase the number of youth participating in baseball and softball programs. improvethe quality of youth baseball and softball programs. create new or innovative ways of expanding and improving baseball or softball programs. are able to match funds for programs. provide programs for children between the ages of 10 and 16. support existing programs that have demonstrated success in providing a quality youth baseball/softball experience. address opportunities for minorities and women. Nonprofit and tax-exempt organizations involved in youth baseball programs are encouraged to submit a Letter of Inquiry. Selected applicants are then invited to submit a full application. Grants are awarded on a quarterly basis. Deadline: Open. requires Letters of InquiryKinder Morgan Grants to Youth Programs Kinder Morgan Foundation gives to nonprofit youth programs that focus on education, the arts and the environment. "Every year, our grants support thousands of youth in communities large and small across North America." Grants are between $1, 000 and $5, 000. Deadlines are the
  • 27. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / 10th of every other month beginning in January. For more information, visit the Foundations website.Build-A-Bear Workshop Giving Programs The Build-A-Bear Workshop Bear Hugs Foundation supports charities in the United States and Canada through the following special grant programs:Champ-A Champion Fur Kids provide direct support for children in the areas of health and wellness. Grant request deadlines are at the end of April, July, and October. Literacy and Education: Grants provide support for children in literacy and education programs. Grant request deadlines are at the end of February, May, August, and November. Organizations seeking unrestricted support for children, families, and animals or for wild animals and the environment are encouraged to apply for grants through the Build-A-Bear Workshop Foundation, a nonprofit organization. Grants range between $1, 000 and $10, 000 each.Starbucks Shared Planet Youth Action Grants The Starbucks Shared Planet Youth Action Grants are designed to heinlp young people realize their natural potential to reinvent their local communities. The Starbucks Foundation accepts applications from organizations that provide young people (ages 6-24) with a continuum of service opportunities in social entrepreneurship. Grants range from $10, 000 to $25, 000. Check our their website for information about submitting Letters of Inquiry for the 2013 Grant Cycle.Innovation Generation Grants The Motorola Solutions Foundation has opened the application process for $5.5 million in grants to U.S. science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education programs through its signature Innovation Generation grants program in 2012. Aligning closely with U.S. President Barack Obamas Educate to Innovate campaign, the Motorola Solutions Foundations Innovation Generation program incorporates funding, employee volunteers and intra-grantee collaboration to boost American student engagement in STEM. Check out their website for information about the 2012 Grant Cycle.GoodSearch for Your Charity You search, they give! is a new search engine that donates half its revenue, about a penny per search, to the charities its users designate. You use it just as you would any search engine, and its powered by Yahoo!, so you get great results.
  • 28. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / Go to to sign your charity up, or enter NC CAP in the charity box if you want donations to go to us. Just 500 people searching four times a day will raise about $7300 in a year without anyone spending a dime! And, be sure to spread the word!Financing and Sustaining Summer Youth Employment Programs This promising practice profile highlights effective strategies that three localities have used to finance and sustain summer youth employment efforts. Youth program leaders in New York City, Seattle-King County, and Hartford, Connecticut successfully engaged partners, utilized technology, and blended an array of funding sources to expand their summer youth employment programs in 2009. The profile highlights how other localities can replicate some of these strategies in the summer of 2010 and beyond.Financing and Sustaining Afterschool Programming: LA’s Best This promising practice profile focuses on LA’s BEST’s organizational and fiscal practices that have resulted in a successful and innovative approach to afterschool enrichment, in part due to the partnership with the city and Los Angeles Unified School District. The LA’s BEST partnership model makes it eligible for funding streams that would oTherwise be unavailable, allows it to share administrative costs and ensures that quality afterschool programs remain a priority on the city’s education agenda.Forming Partnerships to Meet Administrative Needs of Youth-Serving Organizations Youth-serving organizations have come under increasing pressure to do more with less in the wake of the economic downturn. Many organizations are looking for ways to weaTher the decline, including accessing untapped revenues, cutting costs, and building administrative partnerships. This brief explores the options available to youth program leaders to meet their back-office needs by establishing administrative partnerships. It addresses the following questions:The RGK Foundation Offering grants up to $25, 000 for community, education and health projects including youth development, community improvement, abuse prevention and educational enrichment programs. Letters of inquiry are accepted year-round.Duke Endowment Who is eligible for child care grants?
  • 29. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / dbushmakingmail.comThe following North Carolina and South Carolina organizations are eligible to apply for ChildCare grants:Accredited, licensed residential childrens homesAccredited adoption placement agenciesAccredited child advocacy centersPublic sector child welfare agencies (under certain circumstances)Big BroThers/Big Sisters agenciesPrevent Child Abuse of North Carolina and South Carolina (and their local affiliates)Children and Family Services Association–NCSouth Carolina Association of Childrens Homes and Family ServicesOrganizations replicating proven models listed belowWhat kinds of projects does the Endowment fund?Three broad categories define how we fund efforts aimed at helping children.Replicating success grants reflect the value we place on proven programs and effectivepractices. As we work to address persistent social problems, expand individual opportunity andprovide essential support, we value established approaches with clear records of success andreplicable models, including:Families and Schools Together (FAST)Multisystemicthe rapy (MST)Parent-Child Interaction the rapy (PCIT)StrengThening FamiliesThe Incredible YearsTrauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral the rapy (TF-CBT)Positive Parenting Program (Triple-P)Other proven approaches will be considered as well.StrengThening organizations grants reflect our commitment to investing in building theinfrastructure of effective organizations and institutions. In our efforts to improve facilities,systems, management and operations, we are particularly interested in supportingopportunities that show great promise for long-term gains.Advancing innovation grants reflect our investment in projects that advance innovation whenhigh-achieving, successful models are lacking.When are grant applications due?The Trustees of the Duke Endowment meet to review Child Care grant applications in June andDecember. Applications must be received by December 15 for consideration at the June meetingand June 15 for consideration at the December meeting.Why does the Endowment only support programs in North Carolina and South Carolina?We exist to fulfill the legacy of North Carolina industrialist and philanthropist James B. Duke. Allgrant making at the Endowment is guided by an Indenture of Trust(pdf) in which Mr. Duke setforth specific funding guidelines that focused on children, rural churches, health care and highereducation in the Carolinas. While our trustees have full discretion over year-to-year
  • 30. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / dbushmakingmail.comdisbursements, all grants must be made in accord with the wishes of Mr. Duke that they supportlives and communities in North Carolina and South Carolina.My organization is starting a child care program/early education program/afterschool program.Can we apply for a grant?The Endowment awards grants in North Carolina and South Carolina only to eligibleorganizations. Grants are available for child day-care centers, early education programs, orafter-school programs only if they are affiliated with one of these organizations.The Endowments Rural Church program area also makes grants to rural United Methodistchurches in North Carolina that are operating child care programs, but it cannot make grants tochurches of other denominations. If your rural United Methodist church is interested in a futuregrant for a church-operated child care program, please contact our Rural Church program area.Due to the current economic situation, however, the Endowment is not accepting new grantapplications.Does the Endowment make grants for public school programs?No. Our child care grants can be made only to eligible organizations.Does the Endowment ever make child care grants to organizations outside the traditionalbeneficiary list?Sometimes. Occasionally the Endowment will launch an initiative that is open to non-traditionalbeneficiaries.How much will the Endowment contribute in a child care grant for a capital project?Such grants typically cannot exceed 10 percent of the total project cost,and 60 percent of fundsnecessary for the project must already be committed before the Endowment will award a grant.My organization also serves children at risk for abuse and neglect. Are we eligible for a grant?While the re are many worthwhile organizations working on behalf of childrens welfare, theDuke Endowment has chosen to focus its efforts only on the eligible organizations previouslymentioned. This choice is consistent with Mr. Dukes goal of achieving the maximum benefitthrough grant making in narrowly defined areas. As he wrote in his Indenture of Trust(pdf),broader grant making "probably would be productive of less good by reason of attempting toomuch."Our residential facility serves some children from the Carolinas, but we are located in anotherstate. Are we eligible for a grant?No. In keeping with Mr. Dukes directions, residential facilities must be located in the Carolinasto be eligible.We are starting a group home for children. Is it eligible for support?Yes, after it has been licensed and accredited.What types of accreditation does the Endowment require for childrens welfare agencies?For residential facilities, foster care programs and adoption placement services, we recognizeaccreditation by EAGLE, the Council on Accreditation, or the Joint Commission on Accreditationof Healthcare Organizations. For child advocacy centers, we recognize full accreditation by theNational Childrens Alliance.
  • 31. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / dbushmakingmail.comChildren’s Trust Fund of South Carolina Applying for a CBCAP Grant Children’s Trust Fund of South Carolina is seeking qualified organizations or agencies to apply for grants to support effective, community-based child abuse and neglect prevention programs. REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL CHILD ABUSE AND NEGLECT PREVENTION GRANTS CFDA No. 93.590 Multi-year grant First grant year: October 1, 2012 through 30-Sep-13 Applicants for Children’s Trust grants are local or statewide public entities or private non-profit organizations meeting the requirements of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Funds will be used for prevention programs encompassing Parenting Education and Support or Home Visitation. During the coming year Childrens Trust will place emphasis on: Parent Education & Support – targeted services to vulnerable families that are at risk of abuse or neglect. these programs will include and demonstrate: Delivery of a model that takes place in an individual or group setting Use of a set curriculum that is evidence/ research-based and age appropriate Opportunities for practice and modeling of appropriate parenting behavior and skills Increased knowledge and skills in the area of child rearing, behavior management, child development and communication Social support along with information and referrals to assist parents/caregivers Home Visitation – family-focused services delivered in the home to expectant parents and families with new babies and young children. these programs will include and demonstrate: Delivery of a model that takes place in the home of the participant Use of a set curriculum that is designed to individualize the sessions for the needs of the parent and child and is evidence/ research-based and age appropriate Use of an evaluation tool that monitors program effectiveness Visits that last at least one hour Visits that target an at-risk population will include plans for extended support and education Interaction with the parent and child Together in a modeling situation with the home visitor Conducted by trained professionals, paraprofessionals and/or volunteers Any staff or volunteer conducting home visits will receive comprehensive training before conducting visits. Training must be continuous throughout the grant year. (most programs require a minimum of 16 hours of training.) In compliance with federal statutes and recommendations, faith-based organizations are encouraged to apply (based on recommendations from various national federal and private
  • 32. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / dbushmakingmail.comfaith-based technical assistance providers, Children’s Trust recommends that faith-basedorganizations applying for funds established a separate 501(c)(3) entity to receive and maintainfederal funds for programs.Applicants must adhere to the following:Establish or continue a community-based child abuse and neglect prevention program servingresidents of South Carolina. Funds may not be used for treatment. Funds may not supplantfunds for an existing program.Demonstrate the use of evidence based programming and practices that prove behavioral andattitudinal changes in program participants, which lead to the prevention of child abuse andneglect.Ensure that training, staff development, and conferences support the prevention activitiesoutlined in the grant. To be paid for by Children’s Trust grant fund a specific training activitymust have prior approval from Children’s Trust.When a program is a collaborative or sponsored effort, Children’s Trust will only contract withthe primary agency.Provide documentation of 501(c)(3) status in the grant application. Any Grant Application notshowing 501(c)(3) status documentation at the time of application will not be accepted. Thename of the applicant and the name on the determination letter MUST match.Include a current list of governing board members of the applicant organization.Comply with the American with Disabilities Act of 1990. No person shall be discriminated againston the grounds of race, color national origin, sex, age or disability in receipt of services fundedwith this grant.Provide assurance to Children’s Trust that these funds are not used in a duplicative manner.Private nonprofit organizations which are directly requesting funds from the legislature for theprevention of child abuse and neglect for the coming year are not eligible to apply for grantsfunded by Children’s Trust.Encourage strong collaboration with other public/private agencies in the community.Guarantee that parallel funding will not place restraints on the program’s ability to meetChildren’s Trust expectations.Grant Applications must be received IN the CHILDREN’S TRUST OF SOUTH CAROLINA OFFICE by4:30 p.m. EST on Friday, July 13, 2012. The re are no exceptions to this deadline. Please handdeliver or send applications via UPS, Federal Express, United States Postal Service – upgradeddelivery, Airborne Express, etc. to: 1634 Main Street, Suite 100, Columbia, SC 29201*Note: If you choose to use standard postal delivery, please be aware of the followingChildren’s Trust has no way to prove delivery time or date if you use standard postal delivery.The re is no guarantee that your application will arrive at our offices or arrive in the time frameyou need. Return receipt and priority delivery is highly recommended.Appeals based on late applications must include a return receipt with time and date.Local OfficeProgram Coordinator & COO, Joan Hoffman
  • 33. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / 1634 Main Street, Suite 100, Columbia, SC 29201 803-744-4026 Contact Bidders Training Notice for CBCAP applications CBCAP Documents and Forms for Proposals CBCAP Frequently Asked Questions on the Application Process CBCAP Grantee Reporting Forms CBCAP Grantees CBCAP Web Resources Support Letter for the 2010 CAPTA Reauthorization Grants for South Carolina - Grants for Garden Programs in Schools and Youth Groups Deadline: 09/30/2012 Grants of $5, 000 to sustain a current garden program in schools and youth groups nationwide. Existing garden programs involving children currently in grades K-12 are encouraged to apply. The award is designed to support the continued sustainability of an exceptional youth garden program that... Grants to U.S. Non-Profits and Schools for Environmental Education for Youth and Families Grants of up to $2, 500 to United States-based schools and non-profit organizations to provide innovative, high-quality educational programs that enable children and youth to understand and appreciate their world through learning experiences that engage the m in active, hands-on projects to improve... Grants to U.S. Non-Profits for Youth Athletics and Wellness Programs Grants ranging from $1, 000 to $5, 000 to U.S. non-profits that provide opportunities for youth (18 and under) to participate in athletics programs/activities that promote an active and healthy lifestyle. Funding will be provided for eiTher: (a) community-based youth athletics programs that... Grants to U.S. Teachers to Integrate the Arts into Educational Programming Grants of up to $1, 000 to U.S. teachers that create new or expand existing innovative programs that integrate the arts into educational programming. The purpose of these grants is to aid and support teachers who are trying to establish effective learning tools through using the arts in teaching... Grants to Non-Profits Nationwide for Mental Health Awareness Programs Grants to non-profits nationwide for mental health awareness programs. Grants ranging from $500 to $10, 000 are available for organizations that provide individuals, families, and the general public with information necessary to change attitudes and remove the stigma associated with depression...
  • 34. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / dbushmakingmail.comGrants to Non-Profits, Schools, and Governments for Community Building and Youth and FamilyServicesDeadline: 10/01/2012Grants ranging from $50 to $3, 000 to non-profits, public/private schools, libraries, andgovernment agencies that develop and implement effective, innovative projects, programs, oractivities that address the following issues: (a) disaster relief and recovery efforts, (b) making adifference...Grants to International Organizations and Individuals for Projects that Aid VulnerablePopulationsGrants are available to U.S. organizations and individuals for projects that advance the goal ofinspiring and supporting charity, justice and righteousness throughout the world and to supportprograms that will make a tangible and lasting difference in the lives of the populationsserved....Grants to Support K-12 Educational Field TripsGrants of up to $700 will be awarded nationwide to educators, teachers, principals,paraprofessionals, or classified staff of schools to plan and execute a field trip that will provide ademonstrable learning experience for K-12 students. Funds are best used for visits to art,science, and...Grants to South Carolina Non-Profits for Basic Needs in Berkeley, Charleston, & DorchesterDeadline: 10/05/2012Grants of up to $10, 000 to South Carolina non-profit organizations that provide high-quality,outstanding programs that meet the needs of the people living in Berkeley, Charleston, andDorchester Counties. The Foundation is specifically looking to support projects that address theareas of:...Grants to U.S. Non-Profits for Youth Outdoor Participation ProgramsDeadline: 10/08/2012Grants of up to $2, 500 to U.S. non-profit organizations that provide programs that encourageyouth outdoor participation, with a focus on activities that: connect children with nature,increase access to both front- and back-country recreation, and provide education for bothpersonal and environmental...Grants to U.S. Non-Profits for Projects and Programs that Provide Basic Human NeedsGrants are available to non-profit organizations nationwide for projects and programs thatsupply basic human needs to individuals and families. Funds may be used to assist with needssuch as: Hunger Relief/Food Access, Emergency Shelter/Supportive Short-Term Housing, andBenefits Access and...Grants for Non-Profits and Public Agencies Assisting Black, Hispanic, and Native American YouthDeadline: 10/10/2012Grants are available for large non-profits and public agencies in the U.S. territories to implementor expand innovative programs that will enable black, Hispanic, and Native American middle andhigh school youth to improve their health and opportunities for success in school, work, and...
  • 35. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / dbushmakingmail.comGrants to U.S. Non-Profits, Public/Private Agencies, and OThers to Promote Senior VolunteerismDeadline: 10/11/2012Grants are available to U.S. non-profits, universities, government agencies, and other entities forprojects that support volunteers 55 years or more in the following focus areas: education,health, veterans and military families, environment, economic opportunity, and disasterservices. The ...Grants to U.S. Non-Profits in Multiple States for K-12 Education, Environment, & CommunityVitalityDeadline: 10/12/2012Grants to U.S. non-profits in multiple states that provide a wide rage of innovative, high-qualityprograms that address the areas of K-12 STEM education, environmental sustainability, andcommunity vitality. The purpose of these grants is to promote the development andimplementation of programs...Grants to Non-Profits, Schools, and Faith-Based for Education, Health Care, and SustainabilityProgramsDeadline: 10/14/2012Grants ranging from $5, 000 to $10, 000 to non-profits, public, and private elementary andsecondary schools, hospitals/medical research organizations, and faith-based organizationsacross the United States that provide quality, innovative programs in the focus areas of:education, health care, ...Grants to Create Parent-Child Education Programs for Low Income Hispanic FamiliesDeadline: 10/15/2012One-time grants of $50, 000 will be awarded to non-profit organizations to set upcomprehensive Parent-Child Education Programs for low-income high needs Hispanic families inorder to break the cycle of poverty. these programs will promote community economicdevelopment, positive parenting skills...Grants to Non-Profits for Music, Education, & Community Organizing ProjectsLetter of Intent Due: 09/15/2012Grants to non-profits and individuals that develop start-up projects and innovations in music,education, and community organizing. The purpose of these grants is to promote thedevelopment of new education projects that focus on learning as a community activity, andcommunity organizing projects, ...Grants to U.S. Non-Profits and Schools for Youth-Led Health ProgramsGrants of up to $1, 000 are available nationwide to schools and other community-based non-profit organizations for youth-led service-learning projects that aim to combat childhood obesitythrough walking, running, or hiking programs. Proposals must include an activity element whereyoung people...Grants to PreK-8 Public School Educators for New Techniques to Encourage AcademicAchievement
  • 36. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / dbushmakingmail.comGrants of $2, 000 and $5, 000 to U.S. PreK-8 public school educators who develop andimplement new ideas, techniques, and approaches for addressing the following key focus issues:environmental awareness, health and wellness, students’ right to a quality public education, andactive community...Grants to U.S. Public & Private Schools to Enrich Learning Experiences for K-12 StudentsDeadline: 10/17/2012Grants of $50, 000 each to U.S.-based K-12 public and private schools that develop andimplement successful and effective programs that improve educational experiences forstudents, with a special focus on projects in the following areas: (a) out-of-classroom playactivities, (b) arts and creativity, ...Grants to K-12 Schools for Aerospace Education Activities in ClassroomsDeadline: 10/18/2012Grants of up to $250 to United States-based schools that promote aerospace educationactivities in classrooms from kindergarten through twelfth grades. The purpose of these grantsis to meet the unmet and unfunded educational needs of students by providing grants to worthyprojects that significantly...Grants to Non-Profits, Government & Tribal Entities for Programs Addressing Sexual ViolenceDeadline: 10/24/2012Grants for programs that address issues of sexual violence against children, youth, and youngadults, from ages 13 - 24, will be awarded to experienced U.S. non-profit entities, community-based organizations, local governments, and tribal organizations and governments. Twoprograms will be...Grants to Low-Income Schools and School Districts to Implement a Hotline to Improve StudentSafetyDeadline: 10/31/2012Grants of up to $2, 500 are available to schools and school districts in low-income/high povertyareas to implement a safety hotline for students. Funds will help schools introduce a bullyinghotline where anonymous callers can report incidents of bullying. The program is designed tohelp reduce...Grants to Non-Profits in U.S States and Puerto Rico that Benefit Children and the UnderservedGrants of up to $5, 000 will be awarded within eligible U.S. States and Puerto Rico to non-profitorganizations for inclusive programs and programs that benefit children. Specific focus areasinclude: children with disabilities under age 21. academic and enrichment programs at publicschools....Grants to Non-Profit Organizations for Education, Youth Leadership, and WellnessDeadline: 11/01/2012Grants to U.S. non-profits that develop and implement high quality programs that promoteeiTher (a) educational opportunities for children and families, (b) youth leadership, or (c)wellness. The purpose of these grants is to provide funding to support innovative, effectiveprograms that show...
  • 37. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / dbushmakingmail.comGrants to Non-Profits for Projects that Promote a Free SocietyGrants to U.S. non-profits that develop and implement innovative and effective projects thatfocus on cultivating a renewed, healthier, and more vigorous sense of citizenship among theAmerican people. The purpose of these grants is to promote programs that nurture thedevelopment of competent, ...Awards to Students in Grades 5-12 for Volunteer WorkDeadline: 11/06/2012Awards of $1, 000 plus a trip to Washington, D.C., will be given to middle and high schoolstudents in grades 5-12, who made a difference through volunteering over the past year. Ten ofthese award recipients will be chosen for national honors with additional awards. Multiplestudents involved...Grants for Lifestyle Modification Programs for Type 2 DiabeticsDeadline: 11/20/2012Grants are available for eligible organizations to follow participants enrolled in long-termlifestyle modification programs. Grantees can follow obese/overweight type 2 diabetics, whoare involved in weight loss programs, to monitor the effects of the programs in one of two ways:(1) through...Grants to U.S./U.S. Territories Schools, Non-Profits, and OThers for Environmental EducationProgramsDeadline: 11/21/2012Grants are available to educational, government, and non-profit entities in the U.S. territories todevelop and implement environmental education programs, in a variety of venues, for youthand adults. The projects should serve as replicable models to be used in other settings. mustaddress...Grants to U.S. Youth Athletics Teams for Youth Sports ProgramsDeadline: 11/30/2012Grants of $2, 500 each to U.S. non-profit youth sports teams/organizations, recreationaldepartments, and high-school athletic teams. The purpose of these grants is to support bothlarge and small youth sports programs that positively impact youth and that demonstrateinnovation.The divisions...Grants to Non-Profits, Faith-Based, and Governments for Programs that Benefit U.S.CommunitiesDeadline: 12/01/2012Grants ranging from $250 to $5, 000 to U.S. non-profits, state/county/city governments, faith-based organizations, and schools (K-12 public/private school, charter school, community/juniorcollege, state/private college or university) that provide programs that benefit communities inthe areas...Grants to South Carolina Non-Profits for Programs for Disadvantaged and Minority Youth
  • 38. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / dbushmakingmail.comGrants of up to $10, 000 to non-profit organizations in Southern South Carolina counties forprograms that benefit disadvantaged and minority youth. The Fund seeks to improve theeducational opportunities for disadvantaged youth by providing enrichment classes, mentoringopportunities, GED preparation, ...Nationwide Grants to Alleviate Poverty and to Promote Education, Environment, and HealthLetter of Intent Due: 09/21/2012Nationwide grants to alleviate poverty and promote education, the environment, and health.Funding ranging from $5, 000 to $15, 000 is available for non-profit organizations for programsand projects that contain a root cause analysis of the key factors affecting the problem theproject will...Grants to South Carolina Non-Profits for Community Impact and Investment ProjectsGrants to South Carolina non-profits for community impact projects that benefit people who liveand/or work on Hilton Head Island. The Foundation seeks to support projects that havemeasurable outcomes, that are sustainable and collaborative, and that will impact positivelyupon large sectors...Grants to U.S. Schools & Community Organizations for Innovative Child-Centered GardeningProgramsDeadline: 12/03/2012Grants in the form of in-kind donations (valued at up to $1, 000) to schools and communityorganizations throughout the United States that provide successful child-centered gardeningprograms. Priority will be given to programs that emphasize one or more of the followingelements: integration...Grants to U.S. Non-Profits for Education and Equality for Women and GirlsDeadline: 01/15/2013Grants of up to $10, 000 to U.S. community-based non-profit organizations that develop andimplement innovative and effective programs or non-degree research projects that promoteeducation and equality for women and girls, with special consideration given to projects focusedon K-12 and community...Grants to Greenville, South Carolina Non-Profits for Art, Education, Environment, and HealthDeadline: 01/16/2013Grants ranging from $40, 000 to $100, 000 to non-profit community organizations in GreenvilleCounty, South Carolina that create and implement successful programs and projects that fitwithin one of the five funding areas of: arts and culture, education, environment, health, andhuman services....Grants to Nonprofits for Health, Culture,Education, and Social ServicesDeadline: OngoingGrants ranging up to $250, 000 for nonprofit organizations addressing health, culture,education, and social service and serving a large demographic. The purpose of this funding is to
  • 39. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / dbushmakingmail.comsupport efforts to ensure that all people have the opportunity to build healthy, productive andenriched lives....Grants to Improve Education, Health andThe Community Acrossthe U.S.Grants ranging up to $25, 000 for organizations to improve education, health, medicine, and thecommunity in the U.S. The foundation seeks to fund programs to advance knowledge, improvesociety and help realize human potential. The RFP will fund three different categories of grants,including...Grants for Programs Working to FosterGlobal Unity and Preserve World CulturesGrants of up to $25, 000 will be awarded to non-profit organizations for a broad range ofprojects that help to make the world a better place to live. Eligible projects foster cooperation,understanding, and unity among peoples of all backgrounds, including programs that helppreserve the heritages...Grants to Support NYC Organizations, Education,and Jewish Heritage InitiativesGrants will be awarded to non-profit organizations in the United States and Israel, with aparticular emphasis on New York City. A very diverse range of projects are funded through thisinitiative including those seeking to strengthen New York City organizations and institutions,those that...Grants to Develop an InternationalYouth Public Policy DatabaseGrants for up to $10, 000 to facilitate the development of an electronic youth public policydatabase. The Foundation works to build vibrant and tolerant democracies whose governmentsare accountable to their citizens. The purpose of this RFP is to support the development of web-based programs...Opportunities for Non-Profits to ReceiveProduct Donations for their OrganizationOpportunities are available for non-profit organizations to better serve the needs of theirmembers. Through a major networking operation, the provider receives donations of a widevariety of items from a huge range of donors and makes the m available to non-profits who havebecome members of...Grants to Improve Child EducationPrograms in the United StatesGrants for up to $5, 000 to improve child education programs in the United States. The overallgoal of the Foundation is to improve the lives of children throughout the country. The purposeof this funding opportunity is to support projects in the areas of early childhood education anddevelopment...Grants to Address Community ImprovementProjects Throughout the United States
  • 40. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / dbushmakingmail.comGrants for up to $3, 000 to address select community needs throughout the United States. Themission of the Foundation is to support the communities throughout the areas in which itconducts business. The purpose of the available funding is to support community improvementand building efforts...Grants to Support Non-Profitsthat Inspire Students to SucceedGrants for non-profit organizations that inspire students ages 11-18 to improve their academicachievements. The purpose of this grant is to support organizations that provide hands-onlearning opportunities that improve students proficiency in science, technology, engineeringand math. ...Grants to Support Economic DevelopmentPrograms in Local CommunitiesGrants are available to support non-profits that build strong local economies. The purpose ofthese grants is to support programs that increase access to opportunities for residents to buildtheir wealth in a sustainable manner. Funding will support non-profits and communities thatimplement...Grants to Promote Community Services Initiated by YouthGrants to support youth-initiated projects that benefit communities nationwide in the followingfocus areas: health, the environment, democracy and equality, and community issues. Thepurpose of these grants is to promote youth activism in community issues. The Foundation willprimarily fund...Grants to Improve Education and EntrepreneurshipGrant for organizations in the US, and specifically in Kansas City, Missouri to promote positiveeducation and accelerate entrepreneurship. The goal of the Foundation is to enable youth tobecome productive citizens and improve the economic welfare of the nation. The Foundationseeks an organization...Grants for Environmental, Social, Jewish and Israel-Focused Projects in the U.S. IsraelGrants ranging between $15, 000 and $25, 000 are being awarded for projects focusing onsocial, environmental, Israeli and Jewish issues in the U.S. Israel. Qualified non-profits canreceive funding for projects that help to develop a more just, caring, ecological and sustainableworld. Grants...Grants for Organizations Nationwide to Address Social and Environmental IssuesCompetitive grants of up to $15, 000 are available to non-profit grassroots organizationsnationwide and to organizations that provide technical and other assistance to these groups.Areas of interest for this opportunity are the environment, social justice, and sustainable foodsystems. Eligible...Grants to Improve the Lives of Rural and Disadvantaged CommunitiesIndividuals and companies in the consumer-based satellite video and broadband industry areeligible to apply for grants for programs and projects that benefit communities throughout the
  • 41. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / dbushmakingmail.comnation. The goal of the funding is to support activities that fill a particular need such as disasterrelief...Grants to Support Jewish Life and Community Grants to Support Democracy in IsraelThe funding agency is made up of a group of foundations. The foundations provide: grants thatstrengthen Jewish life, Israeli democracy, educational opportunity, health and mental health,and human rights. grants that promote educational opportunity, health, and human rights.grants that strengthen n...Grants to Support Innovative Curriculum Ideas by Teachers Across the United StatesGrants ranging from $100 to $500 are available for dedicated and outstanding teachers whowish to conduct classroom projects in the areas of arts, science, math, language, history, andsocial studies (selected from the Foundations list of projects collected during the past decade).The purpose...Grants to United States Non-Profits for Education, Health, Culture, and Social ServicesGrants to support established U.S. based non-profits that serve large demographic areas ofpopulations and address important issues in the areas of: education, health, culture, and socialservices. The purpose of these grants is to promote the development and implementation ofprogramming which...Grants to Support U.S. International Non-Profit Arts, Education, and Community ServiceProgramsGrants to non-profit organizations across the U.S. internationally that provide quality, innovativeprograms in the focus areas of: arts and culture, community betterment, education, andcommunity service. The purpose of these grants is to promote the development andimplementation of programming...Grants to Non-Profit Organizations for Pet-Care Assistance for Individuals in CrisisGrants to non-profits that provide programs that meet the needs of community members forpet-care assistance during times of crisis. The purpose of these grants is to provide financialsupport to programs that: (a) provide pet-care assistance to help people through times ofmedical necessity...Grants to Non-Profit Organizations for Programs that Meet Community NeedsGrants ranging of up to $25, 000 to non-profits across the United States with innovativeprograms that strengthen selected communities in the areas of: health and human services,hunger relief, education, and helping people with disabilities. The Foundation provides fundingin three different...Grants to U.S. Non-Profits for Youth Violence Prevention ProgramsGrants ranging from $25, 000 to $100, 000 to U.S.-based non-profit organizations that work toprevent violent behavior (including homicide, aggravated assault, robbery and rape) amongyouth, with a focus on youth violence prevention projects in Southwestern Pennsylvania(primarily in Pittsburgh)...Grants to International and U.S. Non-Profits that Directly Assist Disadvantaged Children
  • 42. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / dbushmakingmail.comGrants ranging from $1, 000 to $15, 000 to non-profits across the U.S. internationally thatprovide direct assistance and aid to vulnerable children (0-18 years old), regardless of theircircumstances. The purpose of these grants is to provide financial support for small, grassrootsprojects...Grants to Non-Profits, Schools, and Governments for Materials and Tools to Plant OrchardsGrants to U.S. (and occasionally, international) non-profits, NGOs, public schools, or governmententities that are interested in partnering with the Foundation to plant fruit trees and plants. Thepurpose of these grants is to provide organizations with the materials needed to grow fruit...Grants to Non-Profit Organizations Benefit Children and Youth Around the WorldGrants to non-profit organizations and groups around the globe that work directly with childrenand youth. The purpose of these grants is to provide small grants to innovative, community-based organizations working with many of the world’s most vulnerable children. The Fundsultimate goal...Grants to U.S. International Non-Profits for Education, Civic, and Environmental ProgramsGrants to a variety of U.S. international non-profits that provide broad-based programs andservices that address major social problems in the areas of education, employability, culturalaffairs, environment, and information technology. The Foundation also makes grants to collegesand...Grants to U.S. Non-Profits, Schools, and Governments for Education, Community, andHealth/MedicineGrants averaging about $25, 000 to U.S. non-profit organizations, including hospitals,educational institutions, and governmental institutions, that provide high-quality, innovativeprograms that address the broad areas of education, community, and health/medicine. Thepurpose of these grants...Grants to Support U.S. Israeli Non-Profits that Serve Poor and Vulnerable Individuals andFamiliesGrants will be awarded primarily in Maryland and Israel to non-profit organizations for programsthat assist financially disadvantaged and vulnerable individuals and families. The Foundationsfocus areas are: Older Adults, Workforce Development, Basic Human Needs & Health,Disabilities, Education, ...Grants to U.S. Non-Profits to Improve the Quality of Life for AmericansGrants of at least $250, 000 to U.S. non-profits that develop and implement innovative andeffective programs that address the Foundations main areas of focus: education, workforcedevelopment/economic development, health and wellness, environmental sustainability, andhunger relief. The purpose...Grants to U.S. Non-Profits in Multiple States for Children, Education, Health & Human ServicesGrants to U.S. non-profits in multiple states that provide a wide rage of innovative, high-qualityprograms that address the areas of children, education, and health and human services. Thepurpose of these grants is to promote the development and implementation of programs thathelp meet...
  • 43. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / Grants to U.S. Foreign Non-Profits to Fight Injustice and Sustain the Environment Grants averaging between $30, 000 and $120, 000 will be awarded globally to non-profit organizations for national and international projects to fight injustice, and to protect the diversity of nature and the natural systems upon which all life depends. The Fund supports initiatives related to... Grants to U.S. Non-Profits in Multiple States to Meet Educational, Health, & Basic Needs of Residents Grants to U.S. non-profits in multiple states that provide a wide range of quality programs that address the areas of: (a) food for the hungry, (b) breast cancer initiatives, (c) disaster relief efforts, and (d) K-12 education, and more. The purpose of these grants is to promote the development... Grants to U.S. International Non-Profits for Science Education, Health Care, Civic Engagement Grants of at least $10, 000 to U.S. international non-profits and government entities, including educational institutions, public libraries, and public hospitals that work to advance science education, improve quality of care and access for patients, and support resources that create sound... Ken May, Acting Executive Director Katie Fox, Arts Education Program Director 1800 Gervais Street Columbia, SC 29201 (803) 734-8696 Fax: (803) 734-8526 TTY: (803) 734-8983 of Child Care Licensing and Regulatory Services (South Carolina) Regulates the health, safety, and well-being of children in out-of-home care. provides support and quality control services to child care providers. Leigh Bolick, Child Care Services Director Cynthia S. Lara, Division Director Rick Knight, Program Coordinator State Department of Social Services Suite 200 2638 Two Notch Road Columbia, SC 29204 (803) 898-9030 (800) 556-7445
  • 44. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / Fax: (803) 989-9029 or History Day Program (South Carolina) Donald Stewart, Interim State Coordinator South Carolina Archives and History Center 8301 Parklane Road Columbia, SC 29223 (803) 896-6224 Fax: (803) 896-6167 or Provides history teachers with an innovative teaching tool. assists teachers and schools in meeting educational standards that require outcome-based learning activities. encouragesthe study of history by guiding students to express the mselves creatively through presentations of historical topics and materials in a variety of formats. stimulates student interest in learning about history by integrating the materials and methods of social studies, art, literature, language and music into their entries. supportsthe development of research and reading skills and the refinement of presentation skills in writing, visual projects, and performances. for Homeless Children and Youth (South Carolina) Ensures that all homeless children and youth have equal access to the same free, appropriate public education, including public preschool education, provided to other children and youth. develops, reviews, and revises policies to remove barriers to the enrollment, attendance, and success in school of homeless children and youth. providesthe m with opportunities to meet the same challenging state content and state student performance standards to which all students are held. Brenda J. Myers, State Coordinator State Department of Education Suite 1114-E 1429 Senate Street (803) 734-3215 (888) 565-7261 Fax: (803) 734-3043 Education Division (South Carolina)
  • 45. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / Provides services to those inmates who participate in education activities so that they may become responsible and productive persons who can effectively manage their incarceration and make contributions to their community upon release. Jon Ozmint, Agency Director Dr. Randy Reagan, Superintendent of Education Dr. Lisa Hall, Associate Superintendent Teresa Johnson, Administrative Assistant SC Department of Corrections Palmetto Unified School District 4444 Broad River Road Columbia, SC 29210 (803) 896-1583 Fax: (803) 896-1513 or of Adult Education (South Carolina) Provide students with opportunities to develop skills needed to qualify for further r education, job training, and better employment. Dr. David Stout Jr. Suite 908 (803) 734-8071 Fax: (803) 734-3643 or ...Division of Children with Special Health Care Needs (South Carolina) Addresses issues related to innovative managed care arrangements, Medicaid managed care, policies, access to care, epidemiology of chronic childhood conditions, and the identification of children with special health care needs. C. Earl Hunter, Commissioner Dr. Lisa Waddell, Deputy Commissioner for Health Brenda Y. Martin, Maternal and Child Health Bureau Director Cheryl Waller, Division Director State Department of Health and Environmental Control Mills-Jarrett Complex P.O. Box 101106 Columbia, SC 29211 (803) 898-0784 / (800) 868-0404
  • 46. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / Toll-Free Restrictions: SC residents only Fax: (803) 898-0613 or Carolina Technical College System Exchanges information on issues, trends, and projects, including state and federal legislation as well as finances relating to community colleges. shares data from the state and national levels to provide a perspective on community colleges. promotes research and legislation at the national level in concert with the American Association of Community Colleges. provides programs of assistance to members. Dr. Barry W. Russell, President Kelly Steinhilper, Director of Communications Tami Hinson, Administrative Assistant State Board for Technical and Comprehensive Education 111 Executive Center Drive (803) 896-5280 Fax: (803) 896-5281 or and Child Health Bureau Cheryl Waller Brenda Martin, Bureau Director Provides leadership, partnerships, and resources to advance the health of all our states moThers, infants, children, and adolescents. 1751 Calhoun Street Columbia, SC 29201-2606 Fax: (803) 898-2065 or of Exceptional Children (South Carolina) Ensure appropriate services and opportunities for children and youth with disabilities. Michelle M. Bishop, Interim Director Room 808 Columbia, SC 29201-3799 (803) 734-8806 Fax: (803) 734-4824
  • 47. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / or of Career and Technology Education (South Carolina) Administer vocational-technical education programs and services for youth and adults at the state level through federal grants awarded under the Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Applied Technology Education Act. Dr. James R. Couch Sr. Tina Proctor, Administrative Assistant Office of the Director, 912-A Rutledge Building (803) 734-8410 Fax: (803) 734-3525 ...South Carolina Department of Education Provide information, resources, and technical assistance on educational matters to the schools and the residents. Dr. Mitchell M Zais, State Superintendent of Education 1006 Rutledge Building (803) 734-8815 Fax: (803) 734-3389 or Carolina Higher Education Tuition Grants Commission Provides information on grants, scholarships, and other financial aid for college students from the state, including federally-supported state programs such as Byrd scholarships and LEAP (Leveraging Educational Assistance Partnership) grants. Earl L. Mayo Jr., Executive Director Katie Harrison, Deputy Director Gena Miles, Financial Officer 800 Dutch Square Boulevard Suite 260A (803) 896-1120 Fax: (803) 896-1126
  • 48. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / dbushmakingmail.comSouth Carolina Student Loan Private, non-profit corporations designated to administer the Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP). Charles C. Sanders, President Michael E. Fox, Vice President, Outreach P.O. Box 21487 Interstate Center, Suite 210 Columbia, SC 29221 (803) 798-0916 (800) 347-2752 Fax: (803) 772-9410 Carolina Commission on Higher Education Provide information on the states education programs, colleges and universities, financial aid assistance programs, grants, scholarships, continuing education programs, and career opportunities. Dr. Garrison Walters, Executive Director Kenneth B. Wingate, Chairman Camille Brown, Assistant Director/Chief Information Officer 1333 Main Street (803) 737-2260 (877) 349-7183 Fax: (803) 737-2297 or Carolina Humanities Council Funds and conducts humanities-based cultural and educational programs. Dr. Randy L. Akers, Executive Director Judy Burke Bynum, Chairperson P.O. Box 5287 Columbia, SC 29250 (803) 771-2477 Fax: (803) 771-2487 or
  • 49. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / dbushmakingmail.comSouth Carolina State Library Assists libraries and each states residents with rapid access to library and informational resources through the development and coordination of a statewide library/information system. David Goble Felicia Vereen, Interim Director of Library Services 1500 Senate Street P.O. Box 11469 (803) 734-8026 Fax: (803) 734-4757 Training and Resource Center (South Carolina) Provide training and information to parents of infants, toddlers, children, and youth with disabilities and to people who work with parents to enable the m to participate more fully and effectively with professionals in meeting the educational needs of their children with disabilities. Bev McCarty Suite Six 1575 Savannah Highway Charleston, SC 29407 (843) 266-1318 Fax: (843) 266-1941 or of South Carolina Mary S. Eaddy, Executive Director Suite 203 652 Bush River Road (803) 772-5688 (800) 759-4776 Fax: (803) 772-5341 Carolina PTA Supports and speaks on behalf of children and youth in the schools, in the community, and before governmental bodies and other organizations that make decisions affecting children.
  • 50. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / assists parents in developing the skills they need to raise and protect their children. encourages parent and public involvement in public schools. Sharyl Richardson, President Brandi Cosier, Executive Assistant 1826 Henderson Street Columbia, SC 29201-2619 (803) 765-0806 (800) 743-3782 Fax: (803) 765-0399 Prep (South Carolina) Prepare students for a highly skilled, technical occupation that allows eiTher direct entry into the workplace as a qualified technician or further r education leading to baccalaureate and advanced degrees. Tech Prep is a 4-year sequence of study from the 11th grade through 2 years of postsecondary occupation education culminating in a certificate or associate degree. Dr. James R. Couch, State Director Wofford OSullivan, Education Associate Rutledge Building, Room 926 (803) 734-8564 Carolina Commission for the Blind Coordinates and provides counseling, evaluation, and job placement services for people with disabilities. James M. Kirby, Commissioner Linda Johnston, Commissioners Assistant 1430 Confederate Avenue P.O. Box 2467 Columbia, SC 29202 (803) 898-8700 (800) 922-2222 Fax: (803) 898-8852 or Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation Department Barbara G. Hollis, Commissioner
  • 51. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / 1410 Boston Avenue P.O. Box 15 West Columbia, SC 29171-0015 (803) 896-6504 (800) 832-7526 Fax: (803) 896-6529 TTY: (803) 896-6666 or Comprehensive Center Help states, school districts, and schools meet the needs of children, including: children in high poverty areas, migratory children, immigrant children, children with limited-English proficiency, neglected or delinquent children, homeless children and youth, Indian children, children with disabilities, and, where applicable, Native Alaskan and Hawaiian children. Focus on two priorities: assisting Title I schoolwide programs and helping local education agencies that have the highest percentages or numbers of children in poverty. Dr. Robin Jarvis, Program Manager Dr. Vicki Dimock, Program Director SEDL Suite 700 3501 North Causeway Boulevard Metairie, LA 70002 (504) 838-6861 Fax: (504) 831-5242 or Equity Center Assist school districts and education agencies with issues related to educational equity in the areas of race, national origin, and gender desegregation. Jerry Graniero Tery J Medina, Associate Director Grace Reyes, Office and Business Manager Miami Equity Associates, Inc. Suite 304 1401 East Broward Boulevard Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 (954) 765-3553
  • 52. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / Fax: (954) 523-3340 With Special Needs Help families get involved in their childrens learning. Target areas with high concentrations of low-income, minority, and limited-English-proficient parents. Helen Duckett Helen Duckett, Founder-CEO P.O. Box 25555 Columbia, SC 29224 (803) 419-5136 Fax: (803) 788-3236 Trust of South Carolina Parent Information and Resource Centers (South Carolina) Sue Oliver Williams, Chief Executive Officer Heidi Vaughn, PIRC Director P.O. Box 11644 1634 Main Street, Suite 100 (803) 733-5430 (800) 244-5373 Fax: (803) 744-4020 or Center Research education issues, print publications, and provide training programs to teachers and administrators. Offer region-specific services that must be accessed through district education officials. Provide publications to anyone, regardless of region. Dr. Ludwig D. van Broekhuizen, Executive Director Lora Hodges, Deputy Executive Director Kathleen Dufford-Melendez, Senior Education Program Specialist Dixon Building 5900 Summit Avenue Browns Summit, NC 27214 (336) 315-7400
  • 53. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / (800) 755-3277 Fax: (336) 315-7457 or Regional Resource Center Assist state education agencies in the systemic improvement of education programs, practices, and policies that affect children and youth with disabilities. Help states and U.S. jurisdictions find integrated solutions by offering consultation, information services, technical assistance, training, and product development. Provide customized products, information, and services that address a wide range of topics. Dr. Richard Lewis The Alliance for Systems Change Human Development Institute/University of Kentucky One Quality Street, Suite 722 Lexington, KY 40507 (859) 257-4921 Fax: (859) 257-4353 TTY: (859) 257-2903 or Development Block Grant The South Carolina Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program is designed to provide assistance to units of local government in improving economic opportunities and meeting community revitalization needs, particularly for persons of low and moderate incomes. The Program’ s mission has been developed to improve the well-being of all South Carolinians by strengthenning communities through revitalization of and improvements to neighborhoods, public infrastructure and local economy. The CDBG Program has six major categories that address a full range of activities: Community Infrastructure: Addresses water, roads, sewer and drainage activities. Community Enrichment: Addresses needs in facilities and services. Village Renaissance: Addresses revitalization needs through comprehensive strategies linking commercial revitalization to improvements in adjacent neighborhoods. “Ready To Go”: Addresses Community Infrastructure or Community Enrichment project activities that are shovel ready. Regional Planning: Provided to Councils of Governments to assist local governments in developing plans and building local community development capacity.
  • 54. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / The se categories must be submitted during one of the two funding rounds offered during the year, except for the “Ready To Go” category, which may be submitted at anytime during the year once the project is shovel ready. Business Development: Provides resources for local governments to pursue opportunities that create new jobs, retain existing jobs, stimulate private investment and revitalize or facilitate the competiveness of the local economy. Business Development project applications may be submitted at anytime during the year. All CDBG projects must address one of three national objectives: Benefit low and moderate income persons Eliminate slum or blight Address urgent community needs Maximum grant amounts are generally $500, 000 but may be higher based on location and proposed activity. Most grants require a 10 percent local match. For information on the CDBG program, please contact Grazier Rhea or Jason Vance at 803-327- 9041 or by e-mail at or - Myrtle Beach IHOBF is working to enrich young lives by taking Action for the Arts® in communities across the nation. Please check back in September 2012 for information about opportunities that will be available in for Fall 2012. Also visit IHOBFs online Learning Center, Exhibition Center, and www.actionforThe to about IHOBF programs, events, and educational resources. Be sure to check back periodically for updates. for the Arts Instruments, Arts Resources, and Grants Program Public schools and non-profit organizations located in Myrtle Beach may be eligible to apply for musical instruments, arts resources and grants to support music and arts instructional programs for youth. Applications for the 2012/2013 program year (September 1, 2012, through June 30, 2013) will be accepted from May 1 through August 31, 2012 - DEADLINE EXTENDED. . ihobfmyrtlebeach@livenation.comAmericas Second Harvest of Coastal Georgia 2501 President Street
  • 55. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / Savannah, GA 31404 P: 912.236.6750 Referred By: Heikki Larsen Mary Jane Crouch Grant Amount: $5, 000.00 Americas Second Harvest of Coastal Georgia was established in 1981 as a response to hunger and food waste. By 2009, Second Harvest provided 7.1 million pounds of food to more than 90, 000 people, including 56, 000 children. SFC supports the Kids Café, which was created in 1989 when two young boys were found searching for food in an area housing project. This Savannah initiative is now nationwide with 1, 700 Kids Cafés providing more than 2, 000, 000 meals in 2009. Now Second Harvest sponsors 34 Kids Cafés in four counties that serve more than 2, 500 hot evening meals to children. The program’s unique approach to ending the cycle of poverty and hunger provides at-risk children hot, nutritionally-balanced meals in safe, nurturing environments. Children receive homework assistance and tutoring to improve their academic performance along with nutrition education, cultural enrichment, and physical activities. During the summer months, Kids Cafés provide children with two meals a day.American Cancer Society South Atlantic Division 950 48th Avenue North, Suite 101 Myrtle Beach, SC 29577 P 843.213.0333 x 206 MelanyMader, Community Manager Grant Amount: $1, 500.00 SFC is proud to support Krysta Price, a Margaritaville employee in Myrtle Beach who coordinates the stores participation in the annual Conquering Cancer Walk/Run. This charity run/walk is an event full of love, compassion and empowerment. It does not focus on or single out one particular cancer, but speaks to everyone’s common battles, struggles, losses, and victories. Every cancer will be represented and Together as a community walkers and runners come Together to take one step closer to fighting a disease that affects so many of us and the ones we love.B.O.R.N. (Better Opportunities Right Now) 828 Royal Street New Orleans, LA 70116 P 504.453.3664 Tyra Brown
  • 56. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / BORNs specific purpose is to provide "Better Opportunities Right Now" by connecting socio- economically disadvantaged citizens with life skills information and resources through education, advocacy and referral services. Our mission is achieved through education, professional development, collaboration and referral services in two key ways: by developing a community populated by individuals united by their desire to make a lasting difference in the lives of those in need, and by taking on challenging projects to improve the community. BORNs projects include: Financial Freedom, Gulf Coast Family Reunion Showcase, High School Help, Hope for the Holidays, In Memory of Project, Life Skills, MOMS program, Senior SupportBahama Village Music Program 727 Fort Street Key West, FL 30040 305.292.9628, Referred By: Margaritaville Store Key West Katchen Duncan Grant Amount: $4, 009.54 The Bahama Village Music Program was created in 1999 to honor Ellen Sanchez, a beloved music teacher in Bahama Village whose retirement left a void in the community. The program provides free music education to the children of Bahama Village residents, a historic community of multi- generational Bahamian Conchs. Its primary goal is to create an effective learning environment for developing music skills and self-esteem, while nurturing a strong sense of community among young residents of Bahama Village. The music program’s participants aged six to sixteen and now representing the entire Key West community, are encouraged to explore many aspects of music, from learning notes, rhythm, counting, tempo, and style to perfecting their performance skills in piano, guitar, violin, percussion, steel pan, woodwinds, choir, dance, and juggling. Professional music educators, adult volunteers, and high school students teach private and group lessons throughout the school year. Students in the Bahama Village Music Program perform in free concerts and recitals for their families and residents of Key West throughout the year. these young performers sustain our program’s belief that music can remove barriers, unite diverse cultures, and uplift the spirits of our community.Boys Hope Girls Hope of New Orleans P.O. Box 19307 New Orleans, LA 70179-0307 P 504.484.7744, F 504.484.6120, C 985.502.7729,
  • 57. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / Referred By: Margaritaville Store New Orleans Lindsay Hymel Grant Amount: $1, 000.00 Boys Hope Girls Hope of Greater New Orleans provides children in need between the ages of 8 and 18 with a stable home, positive parenting, high-quality education, and the support needed to reach their full potential. Local founders, Fr. Harry Tompson, S.J. Hon. Adrian G. Duplantier, recognized that a child’s ability to thrive requires both high-quality academics and a safe, nurturing home environment. Boys Hope Girls Hope is unique, and particularly effective in changing children’s lives, because it fills both of these needs - it helps children succeed by offering the m a stable home, college preparation, and round-The -clock support. It empowers youth by surrounding the m with healthy environments, mentors, and college expectations. It builds self-esteem through relationships, involving families as advocates for their children, exposing youth to college preparation, and giving children a meaningful connection to society through service. Singing for Change matched a contribution from Margaritaville New Orleans in support of BHGHs general programming.Climate Cycle 1415 W Devon / Chicago, IL 60660 P 773.942.6845 F .773.942.6845, Joey Feinstein Grant Amount: $10, 000.00 Climate Cycle was founded in 2008 out of a concern that todays youth lacked the tools necessary to respond to global warming or benefit from the emerging green economy. Today, Climate Cycle leads the charge in catalyzing environmental education in the classroom and in our communities by developing young leaders in sustainability. Since 2009, Climate Cycle has inaugurated eleven solar schools. these schools are recipients of solar systems and a dynamic school curriculum to maximize hands-on learning. The selected schools share a vision of climate solutions and energy independence from the students, faculty, administration, and beyond. Climate Cycle utilizes renewable energy because its an available technology that provides tangible learning opportunities while saving taxpayer money. The need for energy independence has never been greater. Schools spend more on utilities than books and computers combined. The refore, a majority of taxpayer dollars are leaving our communities. Buildings generate more carbon emissions than cars, trains, and planes alTogether. Schools are an ideal placement for renewable energy systems because they save money while offering an effective climate change solution with educational benefits. Climate Cycle absorbs the upfront cost of the solar system, and the complementary curriculum give youth the knowledge and skills to respond to climate change. By working with local public
  • 58. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / schools, Climate Cycle takes the green economy into classrooms and neighborhoods, making it accessible to everyone.Domenica Organic Agriculture Movement (DOAM) c/o the Florida Association for Volunteer Action inthe Caribbean and Americas (FAVACA) and Organicenterprises 1310 N. Paul Russell Road Tallahassee, FL 32301 P 850.410.3100 F 850.922.4849 www.favaca.orgDemianPasquirelli Grant Amount: $30, 000.00 The Dominican Organic Agriculture Movement (DOAM) is a private, nonprofit organization established in 2006 to facilitate and promote a responsible organic industry in Dominica. In collaboration with the Florida Association for Volunteer Action the Caribbean and Americas (FAVACA) and Organicenterprises, DOAM will focus on building a grassroots infrastructure to support fundamental change in the agricultural sector of the economy of this tropical island. DOAM seeks to promote sustainable development of the organic farming industry in Dominica whereby the use of local natural resources is made safe and cost effective. One of the primary aims of DOAM is to establish a set of high quality standards to guide its members on practices and procedures of organic production in order to meet international criteria of the Organic Certification Process. Any person, institution, or firm committed to the vision of developing a sustainable organic industry is eligible for membership. Please direct questions to: Local, regional, and international market opportunities exist for products from Dominica, and the project will result in establishing clear supply and demand channels, but the potential of this project goes beyond market opportunities. It intends to build food security from the ground up, hopefully establishing a new model for self-sufficiency in the Caribbean and beyond. Funds will support the hiring of staff, office space, and administrative cost to establish the organization and build capacity to raise funds. Funds also allow FAVACA and Organicenterprises to provide training and technical assistance on organizational and board development as well as one volunteer consultant to help local DOAM staff formalize a market survey and assist with its implementation.Earthecho International 888 16th Street NW Suite 800/ Washington, DC 120006 P 202.349.9828 F 202.355.1399
  • 59. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 /, Mia DeMezza, Executive Director Grant Amount: $25, 000.00 Earthecho International’s mission is to empower youth to take action that protects and restores our water planet. The organization’s goals are to: be a source of leadership for our water planet. forge collaborations and partnerships to bring new allies to the ocean conservation movement. use media and experiences to connect as many audiences as possible to inspiring stories and empowering resources. STREAM (STudents Reporting Environmental Action through Media), empowers youth to act as citizen journalists and guarantees that their voices will be heard. STREAM is a vital new youth citizen journalism movement that will engage, educate, and equip the next generation of journalists. The program was born out of an intersection between Earthecho International’s soon-to-launch Water Planet Challenge program, and an on-The - ground response to the Gulf oil spill disaster. STREAM Gulf Coast Bureau will launch this December with resources and tools including an in-person professional development institute with service-learning and journalism industry professionals on December 1-2, 2010, in New Orleans, LA.Family Connection 101 Industrial Park Rd. Blue Ridge, GA 30513 706.258.4090 Gaye Whalton, Snack in a Backpack Director and Community Volunteer Grant Amount: $2, 500 Fannin County Family Connection, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization serving children and families in a small rural county where the Blue Ridge Mountains begin, bordering both Tennessee and North Carolina. Family Connection is part of a state-wide effort to bring all agencies, schools, businesses and local nonprofits Together that work for children and families and to determine what services are offered to families, where gaps exist in services, and to fill those gaps using partner organizations. Because of the high unemployment rate in the county, numbers of families requesting emergency food through the AmeriCorps emergency food pantry increased. The re arose a need to supplement those efforts with an outreach program for children. One of the partner organizations, Feed Fannin, a volunteer group that developed a community garden, established Snack in a Backpack program to meet the additional needs of the children in our elementary and middle schools. This program is designed to provide food for children who get their meals at school and have little or nothing to eat on the weekends. Volunteers fill backpacks with non-perishable foods from a food list and deliver the packs to schools on Thursday or Friday. Each Friday, volunteers fill backpacks with nutritious food that will help to feed the children over the weekend, and may help feed their siblings as well. Children take the pack full of food home on Friday, return the
  • 60. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / empty pack on Monday, and the process is repeated weekly throughout the school year. The cost to fill each backpack is approximately $2.75 per week per child, or $110.00 to feed a child for the school year. Family Connection now works with the Chattanooga Food Bank allowing more food-purchasing power than previously, which in turn allows Family Connection to provide backpacks to more children. The projects goal is to end childhood hunger in Fannin County, one backpack at a time.globalbikeinc. 424 Mustang Drive Spartanburg, SC 29307 P 864.680.9464 Curt McPhail Grant Amount: $10, 000 globalbike is a grassroots non-profit that supplies bicycles in third world countries to health care workers in poverty-stricken areas. Check out this worthwhile cause here. The globalbike cycling team will be raising money throughout the season to provide bicycles to workers who would oTherwise walk to perform critical functions such as delivering HIV/AIDS medication in Zambia. On a bike, these people can travel three times farTher, carry five times as much, and see three times the number of people. globalbike was founded with a simple mission: use the transformative power of bikes to create positive social change in the developing world. Its contagious vision is a world where bicycles and creative partnerships provide those in need with access to health care and services vital to their collective prosperity. Unique in the nonprofit community and in the cycling world, the Globalbike Cycling Team (presented by Catoma Adventure Shelters) is the main marketing effort of globalbike. Are you ready for a road racing team, totally different than anything youve seen before, that is quickly ascending the ranks to become a professional squad in the years to come? At the beginning of 2011, it stands poised to rock the world of bicycle racing by continuing its dominance in the Southeast Region, making its presence felt on the National scene. Along the way, the team spreads the word of globalbike - bikes that make a difference for those most in need. By reading this, you are already part of the globalbike movement. Globalbike Cycling welcomes you to visit the races to learn how you can make a global difference with your cycling passion! ride.climb.transform. Follow globalbike as we partner with Kilimanjaro Initiative to deliver over 114 bikes in Kenya & Tanzania from February 18th - March 6th. www.rideclimbtransform.orgGulf Specimen Marine Laboratories, Inc. P.O. Box 237 222 Clark Drive Panacea, FL 32346 P 850.984.5297
  • 61. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / F 850.984.5233, Jack and Anne Rudloe, Founders Grant Amount: $35, 000 Gulf Specimen Marine Laboratory is a non-profit, 501(c) 3 organization founded in 1963 to support marine research and education both on site and at universities throughout the US and Canada. Giving people an appreciation for the diversity of life in the sea and a desire to protect it is Gulf Specimen Labs primary mission. The Lab does so by using touch tanks, graphic exhibits and conducting field trips to provide a unique "hands-on" experience enabling students to touch, smell, hear and even taste the odd and interesting creatures of the Gulf of Mexico, and develop an awareness and desire to protect the fragile life in the sea. To help maintain this facility, the Lab supplies schools and research laboratories with a wide variety of living marine life from the Gulf of Mexico. That service is essential to researchers all over the United States in many different fields of science. hence it has won state, national and international awards for its efforts. More than a hundred school groups and 16, 000 individuals visit each year to view hundreds of species of local invertebrates, fish and algae as well as sharks and sea turtles from the Gulf of Mexico. Exhibits are never the same twice. The marine biological supply operation that supports the Lab provides a constant flow of animals. A wide variety of invertebrates, fishes and algae are routinely collected and shipped to schools and research laboratories, hence no aquarium or standard marine laboratory with static exhibits can compete with it. At any given time, between one and two hundred species are present. Visitors are allowed to pick up and touch many of the animals, including starfish, sea pansies, sand dollars, whelks, clams, etc. SFC supports the launch of “Operation Noah’s Ark, ” Gulf Specimen Marine Labs aggressive plan to mitigate the catastrophic effects of the oil spill on sea life in the Gulf of Mexico. This multi- pronged initiative will filter out harmful bacteria caused by the oil pollution, repopulate the Gulf’s waters with marine life, and reinvigorate local fisheries. “We can ensure a future for marine life in the Gulf, but we have to act fast and we cannot do it alone, ” said Jack Rudloe, lab founder. “We need the support of donors and volunteers to get these programs launched as quickly as possible.” To combat the oil spill damage, Operation Noah’s Ark will retrofit lab facilities and a nearby shrimp hatchery with closed system technologies that can protect its specimens before oil hits the lab. submerge large branches into the Gulf to provide a habitat for oysters and other sea life. This helps repopulate species and helps filter and cleanse the water of excess plankton and bacteria. submerge manmade fiberglass habitats to create artificial reefs. these become home to many species of marine life and act as natural filters for the excess bacteria that often builds up after an oil spill. grow shrimp stocks in hatcheries. After the Gulf is no longer polluted with oil, the shrimp will be released into the sea where they will multiply, and fishermen will be able to harvest the m.Hands Together
  • 62. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / P.O. Box 80985 Springfield, MA 01138 P 413.731.7716 F 413.731.6405, Doug Campbell, Executive Director Hands Together is a nonprofit organization devoted to educating, inspiring, and encouraging people to understand the importance of responding to the needs of the poor and disadvantaged. Hands Together was founded by Fr. Tom Hagan after he led a group of Lafayette College students to Haiti, and was compelled to respond to the needs of the poor the re. He left his post as Catholic Chaplain to Princeton University and moved to Port-au-Prince in 1997. Since the n, Hands Together has emerged as a key educational and development organization working in Haitis largest and poorest slum, Cite Soleil. It has built free schools where the re were none, and provided every student with a daily hot meal. It has 8 campuses, including a high school, a free clinic, and an outreach and housing program for the elderly. It is one of Cite Soleils largest employers, giving decent, service-oriented jobs to hundreds of residents. Hands Togethers programs outside of Port-au-Prince promote human development among rural poor through water well digging, promoting agricultural and production, and assisting the poorest schools and clinics around the northern city of Gonaives. By establishing schools, orphanages, nutrition and feeding programs, medical clinics, sustainable-development projects, and by establishing partnerships with local leaders and communities, Hands Together is building a better world for thousands of suffering people in Haiti. Hands Together volunteers bring needed skills to many educational, health, and sustainable-development projects and provide hope to the poor living in Haiti. their work is grounded in the universal teaching that recognizes dignity in every human life, and a fundamental responsibility to the poor and vulnerable.HandsOn New Orleans 4153 Canal Street New Orleans, LA 70119 P 504.483.7041 F 504.483.7043, Geneva Marney Grant Amount: $100, 000.00, $50, 000.00 HandsOn New Orleans inspires and motivates people to meet critical community needs by encouraging active citizenship through meaningful service. HandsOn takes a holistic approach by addressing a wide range of local issues through partnerships with non-profits, businesses, and public entities to help build our collective capacity and properly leverage community resources. while empowering individuals to develop their own service projects to help rebuild our communities. HandsOn New Orleans’ goal in our revitalizing efforts is to become a resource
  • 63. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / center for grassroots service. The Community Engagement Program devotes our resources to individuals in the community who want to spearhead service projects of all sizes. We offer tools, volunteer recruitment, leadership training, technology, project planning guidance, housing for visiting volunteers, and service learning opportunities to community members or visiting volunteers with a will to make a difference. This model is designed for residents to lead the project planning process, thus ensuring that our projects address critical community needs. these community leaders are youth, members of other organizations and neighborhood groups, and oThers from the community with great project ideas. The Community Engagement Program consists of four distinct branches that work Together to enhance the service movement that has developed in New Orleans post-Katrina, and to holistically address the needs in our community. Tool Lending Library grants community members and non-profits access to more than 4, 800 tools to complete their own service projects. Youth Engagement Program provides community service, service learning, and leadership opportunities to youth in schools throughout New Orleans. Volunteer Leader Program provides trainings in project leadership, planning, and management that empowers community members to develop their own projects. Volunteer Housing Program provides affordable accommodations for thousands of "voluntourists" who continue to come to help in the recovery. Since 2005, HandsOn New Orleans has mobilized over 15, 000 volunteers, providing an estimated $13 million in economic benefits for New Orleans’ residents whose lives were devastated by the hurricanes. By leveraging national resources HandsOn New Orleans has been able to help restore homes, parks, and schools.Hole in the Wall Gang Fund 555 Long Wharf Drive New Haven, CT 06511 P 203.772.0522 F 203.782.1725 www.holeinThe Referred By: Jane Buffett Deborah G. Fraser, Grants Manager, Foundation Relations Grant Amount: $5, 000 Founded in 1988 by Paul Newman, the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp is a nonprofit, residential summer camp and year-round center serving children and their families coping with cancer and other serious illnesses and conditions. In collaboration with its associated camps in the United States and abroad, Hole in the Wall Gang provides children with cancer and other serious illnesses and conditions a camping experience of the highest quality, while extending year-round support to their families and health care providers. The Camp serves more than 15, 000 annually. All of the Camps services are provided free of charge. Each summer, about 1, 000
  • 64. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / seriously ill children enjoy a unique camping experience that promotes joy, builds courage, and instills hope. Through the rest of the year, Hole in the Wall Gang hosts special weekend programs for campers, their families and caregivers, and takes its programs to seriously ill children at seventeen hospitals from New York to Boston.Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra 32 East Washington Street, Suite 600 Indianapolis, IN 46204-2919 P 317.231.6770 Referred By: Tom Battista Rita Steinberg, Director of Development The Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, one of only 17 full-time orchestras nationwide, performs 150 concerts annually for more than 300, 000 people. The ISO provides innovative educational opportunities for young people in Indianapolis and central Indiana offering 18 educational programs, all linked to Indiana state education standards that reach over 105, 000 students annually. Through structured music instruction, the ISO’s Metropolitan Youth Orchestra (MYO), supported by Singing for Change in 2011, engages students in activities that discourage at-risk behaviors and keeps the m committed to staying in school and graduating. The Metropolitan Youth Orchestra is a transformative program that uses music to get the student’s attention, but the ultimate goal is personal achievement that leads to future success. MYO fits very well into the life cycle of the ISO and enhances its ability to fulfill this mission: To inspire, entertain, educate, and challenge through innovative programs and symphonic music performed at the highest artistic level.International Partners in Mission (IPM) 3091 Mayfield Road, Suite 320 Cleveland Heights, OH 44118.1732 P 216.932.4082 Toll Free 866.932.4082 F 216.932.4084 Joseph Cistone Grant Amount: $56, 000.00, $30, 000.00 IPM works across borders of faith and culture on behalf of children, women, and youth to create partnerships that build justice, peace, and hope. IPM provides seed money to help small-scale, community-based and democratically governed programs initiate and implement projects by creating personalized partnerships among donors, friends, project coordinators, and participants. Using the original model set forth by its founders, IPM accompanies the materially poor and socially marginalized in their struggle for justice and peace.
  • 65. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / Projects are as diverse as earthquake relief to rescuing child-brides, sustainable farming to sewing and art co-ops. IPM partners with over 70 of these community-based organizations worldwide, providing the m with organizational, financial, and technical assistance. They take place in the Dominican Republic. El Salvador. Nicaragua. Colombia. India. China. Indonesia. Nepal. Lebanon. Israel. Ohio, Oregon, and Missouri in the US. Kenya. Tanzania. Malawi. Uganda. The IPM Family comprises donors, friends, and partner-employees who reflect the rich diversity of the global community while remaining grounded in four core principles: facilitation, global awareness, personalization, and shared partnership. IPM also conducts Immersion Experience programs that offer groups and individuals short-term travel opportunities to learn and share one-on-one with Project Partners. Through all programs, IPM strives to provide an alternative, effective, and personal way to participate in projects that promote justice, peace, and hope.Just the Right Attitude (JTRA) 13150 I 10 Service Road New Orleans, LA 70128 P 504.309.2492 F 504.620.6632 Referred By: Sister Jane Remson, O. Carmel Debra South Brown, Founder and Executive Director Grant Amount: $20, 000 Debra South, a disabled mother of two, knew what it meant to struggle. She also knew how it felt to "have too much money to receive assistance and not enough money to make ends meet." She was blessed with family and friends who were the re for her and her children. Once on her feet financially, Debra and those faithful friends prayed, discussed, and agreed to do something to help the community. Debra started helping other working poor people by distributing bags of groceries from her garage, until neighbors complained. Debras and her friends prayers became a reality when they established Just the Right Attitude - believing that anything is possible with just the right attitude. Just the Right Attitude (JTRA) opened its doors in September 2001 as a food bank, helping feed people in the Greater New Orleans area and some parts of Mississippi. During and after Hurricane Katrina, JTRA was a solid source of food, help, and companionship to scores of evacuees and displaced homeowners. This year its food budget was drastically affected by the need to feed an influx of unemployed fishing industry workers, a group predominantly comprised of legal Vietnamese immigrants. these are boat- and deck-hands who havent find work since the oil spill occurred. Unlike their employers, who are eligible for compensation from BP, these undocumented workers were left economically stranded by the disaster and still have children and extended family members to feed, house, and cloThe. SFCs helped make up the shortfall in the organizations food budget.
  • 66. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / dbushmakingmail.comLittle Kids Rock 632 Pompton Ave., Suite 2 Cedar Grove, NJ 07009 P 973.746.8248 F 973.746.8240 David Wish, Founder and Executive Director Grant Amount: $25, 000 Little Kids Rock (LKR) is a nonprofit organization that transforms children’s lives by restoring and revitalizing music education in schools. Starting with just one teacher serving 50 students in 1996, LKR has since built a movement of educators who are proactively putting music education back into our nation’s public schools using music that kids love. It currently offers one of the largest, free instrumental music programs in the US public school system. The momentum that LKR has created on a leveraged, shoestring budget indicates its ability to convert modest investments into a considerable service profile. In keeping with its lean, high-impact approach to service, a New Orleans chapter of LKR is being launched with the help of Singing for Change. It will affect the lives of nearly 1, 000 low-income children in approximately 40 schools. New Orleans, with its rich history and deep commitment to music, has long been a natural partner for Little Kids Rock. This year, it will train an initial cadre of 24 NOLA public school teachers in the LKR guitar pedagogy, and equip the m with free instruments and extensive curricular materials for use in school-based and after-school music classes. In addition to the Little Kids Rock New Orleans Chapter Launch, LKR is working closely with the Quincy Jones Musiq Consortium on a collaborative project seeking to ensure that every child in Center City and Treme has access to high-quality, relevant music education. LKR is thrilled to be active in two distinct, vibrant efforts to restore music education to its rightful place in the lives of New Orleans children.Mobile Baykeeper 300 Dauphin Street, Suite 200 Mobile, AL 36602 P 251.433.4BAY (4229) F .251.432.8197 or Toll Free 1.888.433.4460 Casi Calloway, Executive Director and Baykeeper Mobile Baykeeper provides citizens with a means to protect the beauty, health, and heritage of the Mobile Bay Watershed and coastal Alabama for the sake of our families and our communities. It collaborates with communities gulf-wide to balance a strong economy with the protection of our environment, public health, and quality of life. Its 4, 000 strong membership
  • 67. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / and its volunteer programs help citizens make a positive impact on the future, starting today. Mobile Baykeeper’s priorities in response to the Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico include protection of shoreline, ensuring transparency from agencies responsible for monitoring and enforcement, and developing meaningful volunteer opportunities for those interested in helping the region. As it moves forward, Mobile Baykeeper is committed to helping gulf communities take control of the future with partnerships and projects that help restore precious natural resources and local economies.Operation Home 1145 Six Mile Road Mt. Pleasant, SC 29466 P 843.853.3211 Anna Hamilton Founded in 1997, Operation Home’s mission is to provide safety, handicapped access, and dignity to the neediest citizens in the Charleston area. Operation Home provides free emergency home repairs such as roof replacement, wheelchair ramps, plumbing, floor reparations, and other jobs necessary to prevent homelessness and keep the communitys most vulnerable citizens in homes that are safe and decent. In 2007, Operation Home assisted over 140 families referred from over 20 different agencies. 35 homes were provided critical home repairs, 60 air conditioning units were provided to families who oTherwise would have suffered through a hot, Lowcountry summer without anything to cool their home, and 46 heaters were provided to families who had no way to heat their homes during the coldest days of the winter. Most of these families contained a child or elderly family member. The need for the services that Operation Home provides has not gone away. In 2008 staff and volunteers answered the call of over 150 families in critically unsafe houses from over 25 social service organizations, with the total amount of assistance totaling over $95, 000. Anna Hamilton, Executive DirectorPacific Marine Mammal Center 20612 Laguna Canyon Road Laguna Beach, CA 92651 P 949.494.3050 F 949.494.2802 Melissa Sciacca Pacific Marine Mammal Center is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of marine mammals stranded along the Orange County coastline and to increasing public awareness of the marine environment through education and research. Since 1971, Pacific Marine Mammal Center has returned thousands of seals and sea lions to the
  • 68. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / ocean to have a second chance at life. Singing for Change provided funds for the purchase of food, medication, and medical supplies in which to treat ailing marine mammal patients. 2009 has brought the most difficult year in the history of the organization, with over 250 animal strandings to date. At times, PMMC goes through more than 500 lbs of fish a day in order to feeding stranded animals. "I am proud to be a volunteer at the Pacific Marine Mammal Center. As a volunteer in the education department, I speak to visitors when thecome to the Center for the first time as well as those paying follow-up visits. At the Center, we teach two badges for the Girl Scouts the “marine try it” and “fins, flippers and flukes.” Our marine mammal patients are special and I am honored to be able to teach the public about the m. Because our animals are so similar to us, I think it is valuable to explain this to visitors, so that they feel connected to these animals. I feel that it is important to let children know that the y, personally, can make a difference as to whether these animals survive and return to the open seas. Everyone can help enable these creatures to remain healthy in the wild for future generations to enjoy. I take our role as guardians of the planet to heart. One person can make a difference. I volunteer with some of the most gifted and amazing people. The Pacific Marine Mammal Center really exemplifies compassion in action. - Christine Lundgren" PMMC IS OPEN TO the PUBLIC! Every day from 10AM- 4PM Admission is free, donations are encouraged...Partners In Health P.O. Box 845578 Boston, MA 02284-5578 P 617.432.5256 Susan Sayers, Director of Institutional Development The world is focused as never before on averting millions of preventable deaths among poor people living in the developing world. For the first time, substantial funding is available to treat infectious diseases in impoverished settings. Funding alone, though, won’t be enough. For this massive investment to make a real impact on the twin epidemics of poverty and disease, a comprehensive, community-based approach is crucial. PIHs community-based model has proven successful in delivering effective care both for common conditions like diarrhea, pneumonia, and childbirth that often prove fatal for Haiti’s poor and malnourished, and for complex diseases like HIV and tuberculosis. A key to this success and to the PIH model of care pioneered in Haiti has been training and hiring thousands of accompagnateurs (community health workers) to prevent illness, monitor medical and socioeconomic needs, and deliver quality health care to people living with chronic diseases such as HIV and tuberculosis. The PIH® model of care is partnering with poor communities to combat disease and poverty. ZanmiLasante (“Partners In Health” in Haitian Kreyol) is PIH’s flagship project – the oldest, largest, most ambitious, and most replicated. The small community clinic that first started
  • 69. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / treating patients in the village of Cange in 1985, has grown into the ZanmiLasante (ZL) Sociomedical Complex, featuring a 104-bed, full-service hospital with two operating rooms, adult and pediatric inpatient wards, an infectious disease center (The Thomas J. White Center), an outpatient clinic, a women’s health clinic (ProjeSanteFanm), ophthalmology and general medicine clinics, a laboratory, a pharmaceutical warehouse, a Red Cross blood bank, radiographic services, and a dozen schools. ZL has also expanded its operations to 11 other sites across Haiti’s Central Plateau and beyond. Today, ZL ranks as one of the largest nongovernmental health care providers in Haiti – serving a catchment area of 1.2 million across the Central Plateau and the Lower Artibonite – and employs over 4, 000 people, almost all of the m Haitian, including doctors, nurses, and community health workers. When the earthquake struck Haiti on January 12, 2010, ZL resources were in place to deliver aid. In addition to providing care to the hundreds of thousands who fled to Haiti’s Central Plateau and Artibonite regions, ZL established health outposts at four camps for internally displaced people in Port-au-Prince. ZL also supported the city’s General Hospital (HUEH) by facilitating the placement of volunteer surgeons, physicians and nurses, and by aiding the hospital’s Haitian leadership. In March 2010, PIH/ZL announced a 3-year,$125 million plan to help Haiti build back better.Peace First 280 Summer Street Mezzanine Level Boston, MA 02210 P 617.261.3833, F 617.261.6444, Sara Cofrin, Executive Director Peace First began as a response to the sky-rocketing youth homicide rates in the early 1990s, as an approach to look at children as problem-solvers, raTher than witnesses or victims of their surroundings. Peace First was conceived at Harvard University in 1992 as an annual festival where children gaThered to play cooperative games and share their dreams of peace. Student- run until 1996, it became an independent non-profit organization under the leadership of Harvard graduate, Echoing Green fellow and Ashoka fellow Eric D. Dawson. In 2000, with Boston as a flagship site, Peace First began national expansion of its intensive approach to whole-school climate change. It now operates in Boston, Los Angeles, and New York, and receives requests from all over the world. The organization aims to create a generation of morally engaged young people with the ability and inclination to create positive change in their schools and neighborhoods. Peace First teaches children the social-emotional skills of cooperation, communication, conflict resolution, and empathy—as well as the skills of civic engagement. The heart of its work is a Pre-K-8 service- learning curriculum taught by AmeriCorps members and young adult volunteers in partnership with the classroom teacher. This work is supported by intense coaching with principals and lead
  • 70. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / teachers to deepen their efficacies at supporting academically and emotionally successful young people. Peace First has taught over 40, 000 students critical conflict resolution skills. created over 2, 500 peacemaker projects that improved communities and instilled a sense of civic engagement in students. recruited over 4, 000 volunteers who provided 400, 000 hours of volunteer teaching service. trained 2, 500 teachers in conflict resolution and classroom management skills. It has seen remarkable results in each school: a 60 percent reduction in violence, but more importantly, a 70-80 percent increase in instances of children breaking up fights, including oThers, and helping one anoTher—resulting in better schools and better potential for each child in that school.Points of Light Institute/HandsOn Network 600 Means St, Suite 210 Atlanta, GA 30318 P 404.979.2900 F 404.979.2901 Paige Moody, Chief Development Officer Grant Amount: $50, 000 Recognizing that citizens along the Gulf Coast are bearing the brunt of one of the nations worst- ever, man-made environmental disasters, Points of Light Institute has made a commitment to leverage the power of volunteerism to help the region recover from the immediate and long- term impacts of the oil spill. Even though oil has stopped flowing in Gulf waters, continuing support of the people of the region is essential. Singing for Change is helping build the organizations capacity for disaster preparedness and recovery. In many communities throughout the Gulf region, recovery efforts following Hurricane Katrina are ongoing. Now, families with children are struggling to deal with the economic impact of the oil spill. This reality, combined with the fact that specialized skills are required to assist with direct oil remediation, led Points of Light to focus on mobilizing volunteers and service leaders to respond to the human and social impact of these two disasters. Through several years of experience now in the Gulf region, HandsOn Network is uniquely positioned to handle volunteers who respond to a disaster who have not registered with, or have not previously been trained by, a disaster response agency (dubbed "Spontaneous Unaffiliated Volunteers"). Unpaid volunteers provide about $150 billion in service value to the nation each year. HandsOn Network’s powerful service community includes 13 HandsOn Action Centers that are currently serving the oil spill-impacted states of Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, and Louisiana. these affiliates provide critical social service support and build the sustainability of the region by strengthenningthe capacity of local nonprofits and helping companies deploy skills-based volunteers more effectively. HandsOn Action Centers train volunteers, manage volunteer
  • 71. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / reception centers, and lead on-The -ground volunteer activities. Going forward, they will be the main force for a symbolic and demonstrable Gulf Coast Year of Service leading us to the 2011 National Conference in New Orleans and beyond. Points of Light wants to do whatever it can to help build the capacity of the Gulf region and its people to respond to crisis and move forward toward positive social change. Over the next year, HandsOn Network will recruit and train 10, 000 volunteer leaders and mobilize 50, 000 volunteers to devote an expected 1 million hours to support the Gulf Region’s environmental and economic recovery. The re is a high need in the Gulf Coast community for workforce development and adult education programming, as well as coastal remediation. HandsOn Network will mobilize its volunteer force and prepare community leaders to aid in these efforts. It will increase disaster readiness at HandsOn Action centers nationwide, meet public demand for assistance, and provide leadership in the management of volunteer opportunities in times of disaster. Efforts will also focus on long-term recovery when the first- responders leave.Points of Light Institute/HandsOn Network (POL/HON) Jessica Kirkwood Grant Amount: $100, 000.00 Singing for Change supports a variety of projects under the POL/HON umbrella though most significantly during the years since hurricanes Katrina and Rita, SFC has funded Hands On Gulf Coast. Many years of service since Hurricane Katrina have demonstrated a community need beyond the Gulf Coast, and beyond recovery. Centrally located in Gulfport on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, Hands On Gulf Coast is now Hands On Mississippi - still dedicated to meeting the critical needs of communities through volunteerism. Originally through Hands on Network, work began on the Mississippi Gulf Coast in 2005 as a direct response to the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in August of that year. When in 2007 Hands On Network merged with the Points of Light Foundation - creating this countrys largest volunteer engagement organization known as POLHON - Hands on Gulf Coast became an affiliate of POLHON while forming its own organization solely focused on Mississippi. With the assistance of POLHON, an aggressive plan was devised that would enable the operation to become a reality in November 2008. Hands On Gulf Coast, an independent affiliate integrally and permanently a part of the Mississippi community, has grown and expanded to address not only disaster recovery but other critical needs in the Gulf Coast communities. As a result, Hands On Gulf Coast became Hands On Mississippi to encompass its true reach of service and focus. Current program areas include: Historic Home Restoration – provides restoration services to homes of historic value. Green Space Management – community clean-up, clear walking trails, eradicate invasive species, and preserve the local environment. Mentoring and Tutoring – provides mentoring, education enrichment programs, arts, and sports, fitness and recreation programs after school and during the summer.
  • 72. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / Career Training – career development programs to the adults of the community. Wildlife Conservation – focuses on preserving the natural habitat and the natural beauty of the Gulf Coast. Vulnerable populations – works with local homeless day centers to create a community through direct service, special events, and programming. Immigrant populations – provide service to non-English speaking coastal residents to ensure inclusion in coastal events and services Service Days – focus on designing and implementing community projects and National Days of Service.Portland After-School Tennis & Education 16055 SW Walker Road, #439 Beaverton, OR 97006 503-697-0598 Referred By: Mike Ramos Danice Brown, Executive Director Over 80% of children in the Portland Public School System receive reduced or free lunches at school, and for many of the m, this is the only meal they get every day. Portland After-School Tennis & Education (PAST&E) helps hundreds of kids with their school work, nutrition, and tennis in 10 elementary schools in the Portland Public School System. Portland After-School Tennis was founded in 1996 by Nancy Osborne, then Schools Director for the USTA/PNW, and Dr. Ernest Hartzog, then Assistant Superintendent of Portland Public Schools, to provide an after-school tennis and education program to underserved children. Over the years, the organization evolved to include summer tennis and reading program. In 2008, PAST&E launched a new program curriculum which emphasized a stronger educational component and program hours were increased broadening the depth and scope of reading, writing, nutrition and life-skills curriculum to 60% of program time while still dedicating 40% to tennis and fitness activities. As a result of this dynamic change in programming, the Board of Directors voted to officially change the organizations name to Portland After-School Tennis & Education in 2008. In 2009, with hard work, PAST&E is proud to announce its new status as a First Serve Chapter. First Serve is an organization whose mission is to provide "educational and recreational programming that challenges and inspires underserved young people who are dedicated to succeed in life." PAST&E shares a similar mission and is excited to begin working with First Serve.Project Eye-to-Eye 250 W 93rd Street, Suite 17B New York, NY 10025 P 212.537.4429
  • 73. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / F 480.393.5416 David Flink On a warm day in 1998 in Providence, Rhode Island, a group of LD/ADHD-labeled college students from Brown University sat in a circle with a group of elementary school students labeled with learning disabilities from Fox Point Elementary. They were a part of a program called Project Eye-To-Eye, a public service project run by and for students with academic labels such as learning disabled (LD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The program had one simple goal: match labeled adults with learning disabilities with labeled elementary school students to act as role models, tutors, and mentors as a means to empower their learning and give the m hope for their future. On that day in 1998, the mentors worked with their mentees on art projects created to facilitate metacognitive development, expression of emotion and creativity, and most importantly self- esteem building. On that day, the group of mentees found hope. their mentors did as well. The mentors, at the time, were attempting simply to do community service and take their experience of being labeled "different learners" and put it to good use. What they found as members of Project Eye-To-Eye was much more. After a lifetime of being subjected to the language of deficits and abnormalities, the mentors, along with their students, managed to transcend the labels foisted upon the m in their past and created a community around shared life experiences and learning styles. Years later, Project Eye-To-Eye is a national not-for-profit mentoring program changing the lives of thousands of children and young adults across the U.S. Every day it gives "at-risk" students the feeling of empowerment and connection to a community built on understanding and compassion for differences. Project Eye-To-Eyes mission is to improve the life of every person with a learning disability. It fulfills its mission by supporting and growing a network of youth mentoring programs for those with learning differences, and by organizing advocates to support the full inclusion of people with learning disabilities (LD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in all aspects of society.Ronald McDonald House Charities of Charleston, SC 81 Gadsden Street Charleston, SC 29401 P 843.723.7957 F 843.722.2204, Barbara Bonds, Executive Director Grant Amount: $1, 500 The Ronald McDonald House of Charleston provides a "home away from home" for families of seriously ill children. It began as a 12-bedroom house in 1983 where families stayed while their children were being treated at nearby hospitals. In November 2006 an addition was opened,
  • 74. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / enabling the facility to serve up to 25 families each night. The Ronald McDonald House eliminates the financial burden of costly hotels and provides a home-like atmosphere where families can lead a life as normal as possible during their time of need. 90% of families have children in intensive care units. 40% of families have children undergoing open heart surgery and another 36% have babies in neonatal intensive care. Over half return for a second treatment or surgery. While the majority of families served are from South Carolina, RMHC has served families from all 50 states and 12 foreign countries. SFC is proud to join with the Margaritaville Store in downtown Charleston in support of this community gem.Southern Environmental Law Center 201 West Main St., Suite 14 Charlottesville, VA 22902-5065 P 434.977.4090 F 434.977.1483 Annie OLeary The Southern Environmental Law Center uses the power of the law to address environmental issues of critical importance to the people, communities, and natural resources of the Southeast. Thanks to an impressive 25-year track record of results, SELC has earned a reputation as one of the most effective conservation organizations in the U.S. SELC stands up for the things we all love about the South—clean air, clean water, mountains, forests, the coast, and our rural countryside and community character. Our approach is unique—and successful. SELC works in Congress and state legislatures to inform and create environmental law, with regulatory agencies to implement environmental laws and policies, and in the courts to stop the worst abuses of Southern resources and set far-reaching precedents. SELC works collaboratively with more than 100 national, state, and local groups to complement their skills and achieve common conservation goals.St. Barts Music Festival 6847 Juniata Place Pittsburgh, PA 15208 Referred By: Kino Bachellier Frances DeBroff For the past twenty-seven years in January, the St. Barts Music Festival has presented a series of concerts on its small French Caribbean Island. Each year, depending on the availability of international artists, concerts take the form of chamber music, opera, orchestra, jazz, and dance. This year 60 artists came to the island from Italy, Brazil, Canada, France, and the United States. The venues are small and intimate, so that members of the audience may interact with the musicians. In addition to their many exciting performances, musicians visit island schools to
  • 75. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / perform and discuss their instruments. Children are bussed to open rehearsals and are prepared in advance by their teachers. This year the Festival brought two music teachers, a violinist and a cellist (specialists in the classroom), to present outreach programs to all island schoolchildren. Since January 2010, the St. Barts Music Festivals outreach program staff and volunteers have been raising money, instruments, and music materials for the St. Trinity Music School in Port-au- Prince, Haiti, which was destroyed during the earthquake. The school relies on visiting musicians as its instructors. Preceding the January Music Festival in St. Barts, two musicians (one from France and one from Canada) went to PAP bearing donated music supplies to teach at St. Trinitys, which serves 1, 300 students. An instrument repair expert accompanied the m, and taught students to repair instruments and provided the m with proper tools. St. Barts Music FestivalThe Cancer Foundation of the Florida Keys, Inc. P.O. Box 5816 Key West, FL 33045 P 305.294.7300 Lanny Skelly, Chairman, Patient Grants Grant Amount: $2, 408.40 The Cancer Foundation of the Florida Keys is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to assisting qualified Keys cancer patients undergoing chemo and/or radiation with their rent or mortgage and utility expenses. With no office or staff, volunteers work out of their homes. The Foundation is funded entirely by donation jars placed in Keys businesses, by individual donations, and by generous contributions from foundations. The patient load increases monthly and the Foundation is currently assisting 24 patients. The average monthly cost per patient is $1, 000. The Foundation sponsors a fundraiser annually called "Willy Wonkas Chocolate Festival, " held every spring. Everything is chocolate, and attendees get unlimited treats for the price of admission. their motto is: "What we raise stays."The Crohns and Colitis Foundation of America 386 Park Avenue South, 17th Floor New York, NY 10016 P 800.932.2423, Grant Amount: $500.00 The Crohns and Colitis Foundation of America is a non-profit, volunteer-driven organization dedicated to finding the cure for Crohns disease and ulcerative colitis. Founded four decades ago, it essentially created the field of Crohns disease and ulcerative colitis research. Today, the Foundation funds cutting-edge studies at major medical institutions, nurtures investigators at the early stages of their careers, and finances underdeveloped areas of research. Educational
  • 76. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / workshops and symposia, Together with a scientific journal, Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, enable medical professionals to keep pace with this rapidly growing field. The National Institutes of Health has commended the Foundation for "uniting the research community and strengthen ning IBD research." SFC made this contribution in memory of Mike Kern, a devoted husband, faTher, friend, and parroThead from Dayton, OH who passed away in February 2010.The Refugee Response/REAP 1832 West 25th St., Ste. 2A Cleveland, OH 44113 P 216.236.3877 Paul Neundorfer, Founder The Refugee Response (TRR) was formed to help refugees adjust to life in Northeast Ohio. Its volunteers work to empower the areas growing newcomer population, particularly those here between three months and five years, by providing opportunities to acquire the skills they need to succeed in their new communities. Each year 1, 300 to 1, 900 refugees settle in Ohio. Since 2007, Cuyahoga County has welcomed over 850 refugees from countries including Burma, Bhutan, Somalia, Ukraine, Russia, and Iraq. Refugees enter the U.S. legally, seeking freedom, peace, and opportunity for the mselves and their families. After resettlement, they start new lives with limited resources transitioning from their past and the lives they once knew. Through targeted research and extensive involvement within Northeast Ohio’s resettled refugee community, TRR recognizes that newcomers both need and seek assistance with English language, basic cultural orientation, and employment training in order to become self-sufficient, contributing members of their new communities. TRR is currently engaged in three primary initiatives to achieve these goals. Its Home Tutoring program matches volunteers with members of resettled refugee families, who help with language acquisition, cultural understanding, homework help, and practical skills. Classrooms Connect is an initiative that links students in Cleveland schools to those in refugee camps in Thailand via multimedia tools. REAP,an agricultural training program that employs and trains refugees at the Ohio City Farm, is described below... The Refugee Empowerment Agricultural Program (REAP), an initiative of the Refugee Response, operates at the Ohio City Farm, the largest contiguous urban farm in the nation. Located on Clevelands west side, directly adjacent to the historic West Side Market, the Ohio City Farm empowers resettled refugee trainees in Northeast Ohio providing the m with employment, education, and training. It also nourishes the community with local food. REAP currently employs fifteen refugee trainees from six countries. Ultimately, REAP will provide trainees with an employable skill set, which will in turn stimulate the regions economic development.The Walker Foundation Supporting the South Carolina School for the Deaf and the Blind
  • 77. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / 355 Cedar Springs Road Spartanburg, SC 29302-4699 P 864.577.7532 F 864.585.3555 Katie Rice, Public Information Director Grant Amount: $2, 885.65 The Walker Foundation, a nonprofit organization, was established for the sole purpose of securing resources for the South Carolina School for the Deaf and the Blind. Its fundraising enables the School to ensure that every student has the opportunity to achieve maximum success through high-quality educational programs, outreach services, and partnerships. For 161 years, the SC School for the Deaf and the Blind, an accredited public school, has provided statewide leadership in education and accessibility for individuals who are deaf, blind, or sensory multidisabled. SCSDB provides numerous specialized programs and services including services in local school districts statewide, early invention for infants and toddlers, family and program assistance for students with deaf-blindness, Braille and large print services, sign language interpreting, summer camps for children with a vision and hearing impairment and family conferences. SCSDB continues to level the playing field so that hearing and vision impaired children to have the same opportunities as oThers. "SCSDB is where every child is a Masterpiece."Water Missions International 2049 Savannah Hwy., Suite 20A P 843.266.4974 F 843.763.6082 Danya Jordan, VP of Development Water Missions International is an engineering relief and development nonprofit. Its engineers, staff, and volunteers design and provide sustainable, safe water solutions to disaster victims worldwide and people in 40 developing countries. Since 2001, Water Missions International has responded to the worlds largest natural disasters, and daily tackles the world’s single biggest cause of illness—lack of safe water and adequate sanitation (U.N. Report, 2005). Water Missions International has received Charity Navigator’s top rating four years in a row. After the January 2010 earthquake in Haiti, 115 Living Water(TM) Treatment Systems and erosion chlorinators were installed the re, serving more than 200, 000 people. Five concrete sanitary pit latrine mold sets were delivered to Haiti, capable of building 15, 000 latrines. Nine Living Water (TM) Treatment Systems were also installed in Pakistan, following the devastating flooding the re in August.WINGS for Kids 3347 Rivers Avenue
  • 78. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / dbushmakingmail.comCharleston, SC 29405Mailing address:P.O. Box 71648North Charleston, SC 29415P 843.296.1667F 866.562.8615 (toll free), www.wingsforkids.orgBridget LairdKids growing up in poverty often miss out on life lessons - how to behave well, make gooddecisions, build healthy relationships. WINGS instills those missing life lessons by weaving acomprehensive social and emotional intelligence education into a fresh and fun after schoolprogram. Kids get the life lessons they need to succeed and be happy - and they get a safe placeto call home after school.In 1996 Ginny Deerin started WINGS in Charleston, S.C., to give kids this missing piece of theireducation. Coming from a business background, Ginny took a results-oriented approach thatreaches kids in the elementary school years with cost-effective solutions and strategies thatreally work.WINGS isthe only U.S. organization focused solely on developing and improving social andemotional intelligence within after school programming. WINGS views the hours after school asa tremendous opportunity to fortify kids with tools they need to succeed against the odds. Thecarefully constructed, 15-hour-a-week curriculum weaves 30 learning objectives into everydayactivities that develop self-awareness, relationship skills, social awareness, self-management,and responsible decision-making.WINGS strategies and practices are designed to break down the components of social andemotional learning into readily understood skills and exercises so that students become aware,acquire and practice their newfound capabilities – all within a nurturing environment thatprovides constant encouragement, constructive feedback, and positive reinforcement. Trulymaking an impact on the lives of kids requires sustained effort – and delivers results that can bemeasured. This proven track record for quality and effectiveness distinguishes WINGS in thefield of youth development and social and emotional intelligence education.Liz MesterWINGS is an education program that teaches kids how to behave well, make good decisions andbuild healthy relationships. It weaves a comprehensive social and emotional learning curriculuminto a fresh, fun after school program. Kids get the life lessons they need to succeed and behappy, and they get a safe place to call home after school. Since its beginnings, WINGS hasgrown to serve more than 1, 300 kids. The results-drive organization was founded by GinnyDeerin, a marketing and fundraising executive with the conviction that important life lessonswere a missing piece of education. WINGS recruits differently, trains intensively, providesconstant feedback and closely monitors outcomes. WINGS delivers results that spell measurablesuccess.
  • 79. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / dbushmakingmail.comBAKKER FAMILY FUND Berkeley, Charleston, and Dorchester Counties Grants up to $10, 000 are available annually to nonprofit organizations addressing all charitable areas, with particular attention to basic human needs and education. Deadline: October 5, 2012. for an application.THE BEAUFORT FUND Beaufort, Colleton, Hampton, and Jasper Counties Grants up to $15, 000 are available annually to nonprofit organizations addressing all charitable areas. Deadline: August 17, 2012. for an application.THE BLACKBAUD FUND Grants up to $10, 000 are available annually to nonprofit organizations serving disadvantaged and/or minority youth by providing educational opportunities. Deadline: December 5, 2012. for an application.FRANCES P. BUNNELLE FOUNDATION Georgetown County Grants are available annually to citizens dedicated to improving the quality of life for Georgetown citizens in four areas consistent with Mrs. Bunnelles values: meeting basic human needs, addressing the root causes of poverty, advancing equitable economic growth and environmental conservation, and encouraging positive youth development. Deadline: by program. Executive Director, Geales Sands, at or visit WEBB- ED CROFT ENDOWMENT Grants up to $6, 000 are available annually to nonprofit organizations serving children with special needs. Deadline: April 18, 2013, by invitation only. To be considered, March 1, 2013 to submit 250 words or less telling how your organization serves special needs children.COOPER RIVER BRIDGE RUN FUND Charleston, Berkeley, and Dorchester Counties Grants up to $1, 500 are available annually to nonprofit organizations that promote regular physical activity for a healthy lifestyle. Deadline: October 15, 2012. for an application.
  • 80. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / dbushmakingmail.comDARBY FAMILY FOUNDATION The greater Charleston area Grants are available annually to nonprofit organizations and causes about which the family members care passionately. To date, grants have primarily supported programs in health and in education. Deadline: By invitation only.DONOR-ADVISED FUNDS Entire Coastal Community Foundation service area Grants are made by recommendations from donors who have established Donor-Advised funds through the Foundation.DORCHESTER COUNTY FUND Dorchester County Grants up to $3, 000 are available annually to nonprofit organizations addressing all charitable areas. Deadline: February 24, 2012. for an application.EXPANSION ARTS FUND Grants, up to $2, 500 for individuals and $5, 000 for organizations, are available every two years, depending upon geographical residence, to new and emerging artists and arts groups with an emphasis on rural and minority talent. Deadline: June 2013 (projected) for Berkeley, Charleston, Dorchester and Georgetown counties. onthe following for: GUIDELINES, INDIVIDUAL APPLICATION, ORGANIZATION APPLICATION.GIVING BACK TO BERKELEY COUNTY FUND Berkeley County Grants up to $5, 000 are available bi-annually to nonprofit organizations addressing all charitable areas. Deadline: January 9, 2012.GRIFFITH/REYBURN LOWCOUNTRY ARTIST AWARD Charleston County A grant of $5, 000 is made annually to a visual artist -- a fine art sculptor or someone who works in oils, acrylics, watercolors, or pastels. The grant will provide funding to support the artist during the creation of a work of art that reflects or depicts "The look and feel" of the Lowcountry. Deadline: March 16, 2012. for an application.
  • 81. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / dbushmakingmail.comHOME COMMUNITY FUND Deadline: August 22, 2012. for an application.THE JEWISH ENDOWMENT FUND Grants are made throughout the year to organizations to address charitable needs, with an emphasis on Jewish causes.LOWCOUNTRY CONSERVATION LOAN FUND Allendale, Beaufort, Berkeley, Charleston, Colleton, Dorchester, Georgetown, Hampton, Horry, and Jasper Counties Loans up to $500, 000 with repayment of up to two years are provided to pre-approved nonprofit conservation organizations to protect lands with significant ecological, wildlife, scenic, and recreational value. Deadline: No Deadline. Call 843-723-3635 to apply.THE N.E.W. FUND (NEIGHBORHOODS ENERGIZED TO WIN) Charleston and Colleton Counties Grants up to $3, 500 are available annually to low-to-moderate income neighborhood groups which address key issues in the neighborhoods and strengthen residents leadership skills. Deadline: April 2, 2012. for an application.OPEN GRANTS Berkeley, Charleston, Dorchester Counties and Georgetown County arts organizations Grants up to $10, 000 are available annually to nonprofit organizations that enhance the arts, education, the environment, health, human needs or community development. Deadline: June 1, 2012. for an application.REALTORS HOUSING OPPORTUNITIES FUND Grants up to $3, 500 are available during spring, summer, and winter cycles to nonprofits that focus on affordable housing including education, development, maintenance, or repair. Deadline: July 27 and December 28, 2012. for an application.SAUL ALEXANDER FOUNDATION Charleston County and the Town of Summerville Grants are available annually to nonprofit organizations, with 50 percent of available funds awarded to Jewish causes, 15 percent to Summerville causes, and the remainder to other nonprofit organizations. Deadline: September 6, 2012, by invitation only.
  • 82. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / dbushmakingmail.comWINTHROP FAMILY ALLENDALE/HAMPTON FUND Allendale and Hampton Counties Grants up to $5, 000 are available annually to nonprofit organizations addressing all charitable areas, with particular attention to education, health, and conservation/ preservation of the built and natural environment. Deadline: August 3, 2012. for an application.