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Web Design
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Web Design


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Web Design Strategies -

Web Design Strategies -

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare (603) 689 – 4513 / WEB DESIGNSemantic HTML markup: o Tags applied to convey meaning and content structure o HTML5’s new elements and attributes such as <nav>, <footer>, <article> and <aside>, which replace common generic block <div> and inline <span>, or new <audio> and <video>, which replace generic <object>.Enhanced searchability and relevance o Up-to-date is imperativeInternal and external communications o Integrate a Submit an RFP form on your website with a lead generation database, such as SalesForce o A CMS function such as a Contact Us form or Submit Your Questions tool can enhance communications between lapsed or potential clients and you.Progressive Enhancement (PE) o Create websites that are accessible to all devices, using a layered approach with a set of core principals stressing accessibility of content and functionality. o Content layer = rich semantic HTML markup o Presentation layer = CSS and styling o Client-side scripting layer = JavaScript or jQuery behaviorsPresentation styling and CSS o Semantic markup found in HTML5 o Evolving CSS3 standards o Colors, images, backgrounds, gradients, shadowing, text effects and moreQuick updatesContent Management System (CMS) o Used in meetingsAdaptive Images o A PHP script that works on any website, can help in this regard o Detects screen sizes abd re-scales versions of your HTML imagesFitText o The JQuery plugin o Will allow you to resize your fonts and ensure that they fit where they are supposed to regardless of the device or browser.PhotoSwipe o Free HTML/CSS/JavaScript libraryLess FrameworkSkeleton o Use of a lightweight 960-grid
  • 2. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare (603) 689 – 4513 / o Lightly styled forms, tabs, buttons and other elements that form the basic foundation of any mobile website. Responsive Design Usability o Keep things the same Rapid prototyping o Process of quickly mocking up the future state of a system, and allowing all stakeholders to provide input, to see that input thought out visually, observe users using it, and finally, to participate in an open discussion about what is learned. o A way to visualize, influence, explore, discuss, learn, test, fail, and iterate the user experience o “Neutral” artifact owned by all.Tools Aptus o Mac App for testing your responsive, adaptive, or mobile site at custom screen sizes. o First, select the desired screen sizes and user agents of your ‘devices.’ o Then load your site’s URL. Test it at those set breakpoints. You can also take screenshots of websites with the app, and it has the full WebKit inspector built-in. o Aptus doesn’t allow you to preview local files. Instead, you have to use a local hosting solution such as MAMP, and test your site that way. Also, you can’t paste a URL into the path bar, which makes the app useless compared to the bookmarklets available. RWD Bookmarklet by Victor Coulon o It’s easy to view your design at iPad and iPhone sizes, in both landscape and portrait orientation. o There’s even a button to toggle the onscreen keyboard, so you can optimize your forms for iOS devices. o Lack of custom screen size values. The Responsinator o Display your site inside the frames of popular smartphones and tablets. o Just enter a URL, and preview it on an iPhone, iPad, Kindle, and too many Android phones. PHP5 o PHP - o PHP - Front-End Development o What does a front-end web developer do? - o Great User Experiences Require Great Front-End Development - great-front-end-development.php
  • 3. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare (603) 689 – 4513 / o Front-end development feeds to follow - development-feeds-to-follow/ o Front-end Code Standards & Best Practices - o 10 Skills to Become a Frontend Developer worth Millions - CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) o CSS Tutorials - o Cascading Style Sheets - o CSS Beginner Tutorial - o Cascading Style Sheets - Wordpress o - o Developer Documentation - o WordPress - HTML5 o HTML5 - o HTML5 Tutorial - o Browser Test - o The Power Of HTML5/Javascript: A GameBoy Color Emulator In Your Browser - emulator-in-your-browser/ o Mobile HTML5 over-hyped; not suited to enterprise - enterprise-130812 o Responsive HTML5 magento themes and WordPress themes – SmartStart - smartstart/ Jquery o jQuery - o jQuery UI - o jQuery - o jQuery Tutorial - o 50+ Amazing Jquery Examples- Part1 - jquery-examples-part1.html o jQuery Tools - Few Examples - an industrial painting contractor – a daycare, after school care, and summer camp provider – a lifestyle and business coach blogger – a couples and individual counselor
  • 4. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare (603) 689 – 4513 / - a non-profitHelpful Resources 7 Essential Books on Responsive Web Design You Do Not Want to Miss miss.html 4 ways a content management system makes it easy to keep your website fresh, keep-your-website-fresh/ Top 10 Responsive Web Design Tutorials development/responsive-web-design-tutorials Understanding progressive enhancement techniques in web design, techniques-in-web-design/1809 Responsive Web Design for the Ultimate User Experience - ultimate-user-experience-0243274 Rapid Prototyping the User Experience - 3 Tools for Testing Responsive Web Designs - testing-responsive-web-designs/ What Content Marketing Can Learn From Your Closet - from-your-closet-0242649 The Benefits of ‘Responsive Web Design’ - blogs/design/the-benefits-of-responsive-web-design/ 7 Tools for Responsive Web Design - responsive-web-design/ Separate Mobile Website Vs. Responsive Website - presidential-smackdown/ 10 Top Principles For Web Design (6) – Usability - principles-for-web-design-6-usability/ Responsive Web Design & What it Means for Future - responsive-web-design-what-it-means-for-the-future.html