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Story telling rubric


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Story telling rubric

  1. 1. Story Telling : D&A Storybird Teacher Name: Ms. Burke Student Name: ________________________________________ CATEGORY 4 3 2 1 scoreProblem It is very easy for the It is fairly easy for It is fairly easy for the It is not clear what audience to the audience to audience to problem the main understand what understand what understand what character(s) face. problem the main problem the main problem the main character(s) face and character(s) face character(s) face and why it is a problem. and why it is a but it is not clear why it problem. is a problem.Vocabulary Uses a varied Uses a varied Uses a varied The vocabulary was not vocabulary vocabulary that is vocabulary that is varied OR was routinely appropriate for the appropriate for the occasionally a little too inappropriate for the audience, and also audience. simple or a little too intended audience. successfully tries to hard for the audience. enlarge the audiences vocabulary.Setting Lots of vivid, Some vivid, The audience can The audience has trouble descriptive words are descriptive words figure out when and telling when and where used to tell the are used to tell the where the story took the story takes place. audience when and audience when and place, but there isnt where the story takes where the story much detail (e.g., once place. takes place. upon a time in a land far, far away).Characters The main characters The main The main characters It is hard to tell who the are named and clearly characters are are named. The main characters are. described (through named and audience knows very words and/or actions). described (through little about the main The audience knows words and/or characters. and can describe actions). The what the characters audience has a look like and how they fairly good idea of typically behave. what the characters look like.Solution to The solution to the The solution to the The solution to the No solution was attemptedProblem in problem is easy-to- problem is easy-to- problem was a little or it was impossible to understand and is understand and is hard to understand. understand.Story logical. There are no somewhat logical. loose ends.Total Date Created: Feb 23, 2013 07:39 pm (CST)