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Tips to making a successful power point presentation
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Tips to making a successful power point presentation


Here are some tips to making a successful slideshow presentation

Here are some tips to making a successful slideshow presentation

Published in Technology , Sports
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  • Keep the slides simple to not distract the audience too much
  • Keep consistent theme throughout the entire slide show
  • Grab the audience’s attention right from the beginning with an interesting topic
  • Keep one key point to each slide
  • Use creative fonts to keep the audience interested and not bored
  • But also use large fonts so that the audience can see and can tell what youre trying to say
  • Don’t write paragraphs on the slides just a few words to get your point across
  • NEVER use clip art, always try and use the best quality pictures you can find
  • With these high quality pictures make sure they are relevant to what you are trying to say
  • Don’t use too many animations and sounds that would distract the audience from what youre trying to say
  • Use simple charts to try and explain any data that you are telling the audience
  • Don’t have too many slides to where the presentation takes too long and you bore the audience by the end of it.
  • Don’t read off the slides, keep eye contact with the audience best you can
  • Try to tell a story to the audience
  • But while youre telling the story make sure youre timing of words is kept up with the timing of what is on the slide


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