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  • 1. In 1953, legendary writer Arthur Miller depicted a story based on actual facts; t facts which remain horrifying even to this day, despite being based on events which took place over 300 years ago.The story is a terrifying depiction of how the accusations of a group of children stirred up such fear in their small community that it led to persecution and hangings. But, what makes the story so touching even till this day is that it applies to all “witch”hunts; yes, witch hunts taking place every day.
  • 2. Ladies and Gentlemen Welcome to the story of:
  • 3. It is the spring of 1692. The small town of Salem, MA had been established a mere forty years earlier, and had yet to make it its mark on the rest of the world. However, while not all were immediately aware, 1692 would be a year of „revolution‟ in America. No longer was everyone willing to adhere to the strict lifestyle that had been set down by their forefathers. While the town of Salem may have appeared to be a serene and enjoyable place to live, it was about to experience an event that would change their lives forever. Little did they know, though, that their story would still have a tremendous effect on us today. Meet the people
  • 4. The one, the only: John Proctor
  • 5. The Crucible Court What did they see?
  • 6. Abigail
  • 7. Tituba
  • 8. Elizabeth Proctor
  • 9. John and Elizabeth
  • 10. But, what really makes The Crucible so special even to this day, is that the story applies to the events that we witness right before our own eyes. Yes, we have allowed „witch hunts‟ to continually take place, proving that we have yet to correct the mistakes that were made over 300 years ago.
  • 11. In our day... The End