Feedback Informing Design: Listening, really listening, to your users
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Feedback Informing Design: Listening, really listening, to your users

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  • Daniel, thanks for putting this up. Your presentation was excellent at FOWD NYC
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  • 1. Feedback informing design Listening, really listening, to your users. Daniel Burka, @dburka Photo: Lola_TC (CC Licensed)
  • 2. AT&T Park, San Francisco Home of the SF Giants, capacity ~41,000 fans. Photo: Thomas Hawk (CC Licensed)
  • 3. Photo: Illuminaut (CC Licensed) x
  • 4. Dear Digg, Go fuck yourself. Your pal, — J.G.
  • 5. Don’t oversimplify Feedback is more than ‘good’ and ‘bad’. Photo: Magdalene Sun Photography (CC Licensed)
  • 6. Seek out the feedback Sometimes it’s surprisingly difficult. Photo: Troy Holden (CC Licensed)
  • 7. Be proactive, reach out Don’t be afraid to, you know, ask your users. Photo: CY Photography (CC Licensed)
  • 8. Types of feedback? Fans, haters, bug reporters, experts, niche, implicit Photo: Mundo Poco (CC Licensed)
  • 9. Read between the lines Feedback usually identifies problems, not solutions. Photo: Narisa Spaulding (CC Licensed)
  • 10. Implicit feedback Stats and behaviors speak for the silent. Sometimes directly contradicts explicit feedback. Photo: Conrad Quilty-Harper (CC Licensed)
  • 11. Don’t panic! It’s easy to over-react. Photo: Astrid Immanuel Eudaimonia Zwiespalt (CC Licensed)
  • 12. You’ll never please everyone, don’t try Remember, negative feedback = passion! Photo: Robert Couse-Baker (CC Licensed)
  • 13. How should designers use feedback? Don’t just use feedback to know if something is approved of. Get close to your users. Be proactive. Many types of feedback, not all explicit. Don’t over-react. Implicit feedback is huge! Read between the lines. You can’t please everyone. Photo: José Pedro (CC Licensed)
  • 14. Thanks! I’m dburka digg twitter flickr dopplr clustershot slides will be on And this is Ursula!