eLive Participant Guide

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How to setup mic, speaker and the part of eLive window.

How to setup mic, speaker and the part of eLive window.

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  • 1.  Virtual Environment (office hours) Synchronous or same-time tool Support anytime Asynchronous (video podcast lectures) Available with all University of Alaska classes
  • 2. There are 2 ways to opening ELiveButton orCommunication link
  • 3. When you click on theCommunication link a newscreen appears in the righthand side.Click on the link ElluminateLive!
  • 4. Click on the link for the session you are attending.Clicking the button or the link will bring you to this page.
  • 5. If this dialog box appears select Unblock
  • 6. If this message appears select No. This message indicates that ELive is in the process of. opening.
  • 7. Select your Connection Speed If you are using Dial-up select either 33.6 or 28.8 Kbps. If you have select 33.6 and you are having problems staying connected then select 28.8.
  • 8. This is the participant area yourname will appear here when yousign in. These icons are used to Raise Hand Happy and Sad Face Help to communicate with the instructor and other students. When you need to step away from the computer click on the door.
  • 9. This area is used tochat with each other.Enter you message inthe box and click send
  • 10. Selection Eraser Pen Highlighter Text Text Editor Ellipse Filled Ellipse Rectangle Filled Rectangle Line Laser PointerImport an Image Clip ArtScreen Capture
  • 11. Click on the Tool menu bar Select Audio Select Audio Setup WizardSelect your Headset typeClick OK
  • 12. Click Yes and your headsetClick the Play button if youcan hear the message. audio is setup.Click on the stop button
  • 13. Select the Click on the Record button and record aMicrophone message.Click OK Click the Stop button