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2009 Excellent Aglumix01 Presentation
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2009 Excellent Aglumix01 Presentation


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Tara gum

Tara gum

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  • 1. Aglumix 01 Tara Gum May 2009
  • 2. Aglumix 01
    • Tara Gum is a white or beige nearly odourless powder that is produced by separating and grinding the endosperm of C. spinosa seeds.
    • Tara grows mainly in Peru but nowadays it is possible to find it grown in Bolivia and Morocco.
    • Tara Gum has been deemed safe for human consumption as a food additive (E417, CAS 39300-88-4, EINECS 254-409-6).
    • Tara Gum is used as a thickening agent and stabilizer in a number of food applications (ice creams, sauces and dressings …).
  • 3. Caesalpinia spinosa
    • The tree is small (2-3 meters high) but an old tree can reach twelve meters.
    • The fruit is a flat, elongated, orange-coloured pod:
      • Approximately 8 - 10 cm long and 2 cm wide;
      • It contains 4 - 7 round seeds with a diameter of 0.6 - 0.7 cm each.
    • Main industrial applications:
      • From the orange pods  Tara Powder for the leather industry;
      • From the endosperm of seeds  Tara Gum for food and cosmetic industry.
  • 4. Key Benefits
    • Thickening effect;
    • Easy to use;
    • Hydrates in warm water;
    • High viscosity;
    • Cost effective in use;
    • High quality finished products;
    • Lower dosage and better flavour release when compared to other hydrocolloids;
    • Partial solubility in cold water for instant products (soups, puddings...);
    • Good synergy with other hydrocolloids to increase the viscosity, the gelling properties and syneresis reduction;
    • Good stability towards acid hydrolysis which makes it suitable for sorbets, sour milk beverages, sauces and dressings.
  • 5. Silvateam Plantations Ica Huánuco
    • Plantations area: 450ha
      • Based in Huánuco and Ica regions.
    • Tara Gum capacity: 900 tons.
  • 6. Production Process Tara Pods Threshing Tara Beans Grading Roasting Splitting Swelling Drying Milling Sifting Tara Gum Powder Tara Gum Split Feed Industry Germ Husks
  • 7. Chemical Structure
    • Tara gum consists chiefly of polysaccharides of high molecular weight composed mainly of galactomannans.
    • The principal component consists of a linear chain of (1,4)-beta-D-mannopyranose units with  -D-galacto-pyranose units attached by (1-6) linkages.
    • Tara gum shows an intermediate position between locust bean gum and guar gum
      • The ratio of mannose to galactose in tara gum is 3:1 (in locust bean gum this ratio is 4:1 and in guar gum 2:1).
  • 8. Guar Gum, Aglumix 01 and Locust Bean Gum Guar Gum Aglumix 01 Locust Bean Gum Origin Galactomannans (from Cyamopsis tetragonolobus ) containing mannose and galactose monomers (ratio 2:1) G alactomannans (from Caesalpinia spinosa ) containing mannose and galactose monomers (ratio 3:1) Galactomannan s (from Ceratonia Syliqua ) containing mannose and galactose monomers (ratio 4:1) Solubility Totally soluble in cold and hot water, it gives a slimy solution Partially soluble in cold water, totally soluble in hot water. The solution is more viscous than a Guar Gum and LBG at the same concentration Partially soluble in cold water but only under strong agitation. Totally soluble in hot water Synergies Good synergism with Xanthan Gum for extra high viscosity solution Good synergism with Carrageenan for dry no syneresis gels Good synergism with Xanthan Gum for very elastic chewy gels
  • 9. Sensory Aspects Guar Gum Aglumix 01 Locust Bean Gum Off Flavour
    • Quite high
    • No off flavour
    • No off flavour
    Flavour release
    • It is depressed by guar gum
    • Good flavour release
    • Good flavour release
    Mouth feeling
    • Not creamy: in case of high dosage quite slimy
    • Pleasant: between Guar Gum and Locust Bean Gum but definitely closer to Locust Bean Gum
    • Creamy mouth feeling
    Flow behaviour
    • Solutions are slimy and flow with interruption down from a spoon
    • Solutions with Aglumix are flowing continuously (without interruption down from a spoon)
    • Solutions with Locust Bean Gum are flowing continuously and pleasantly down from a spoon
  • 10. Enhancement of the Gel Strength Native Guar Aglumix 01 Locust Bean Gum K- carrageenan
    • No enhancement
    • Medium interaction
    • Strong interaction
    Xanthan Gum
    • No enhancement
    • Builds up a smooth gel which can be useful in sauces and dressings
    • Builds up a quite strong gel. Useful in mayonnaise which requires a strong gel
    Agar Agar
    • No enhancement
    • Medium interaction
    • Medium interaction
  • 11. New Product Developments with Tara Gum
  • 12. NPD with Tara Gum Source: GNPD, Mintel Worldwide NPD with tara gum (Jan ’05 - Mar ’09): 194 Growth (’05 - ’08): +370%
  • 13. NPD with Tara Gum by Category Ice creams & Desserts account for greater than 50% of NPD Source: GNPD, Mintel Wall's soft scoop Neapolitan ice cream combines sections of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream (Unilever, UK).
  • 14. NPD with Tara Gum by Country USA and France account for greater than 50% of NPD Powder mix for ice cream, available in the following flavours: pistachio, strawberry, chocolate and vanilla (Dr. Oetker, Turkey). Source: GNPD, Mintel
  • 15. Coffee Panna Cotta is a rich Italian cream dessert topped with a coffee sauce (Waitrose, UK). Viver Zero pudding mix is a sugar-free chocolate mix with 0% trans fat and 45% less calories but more taste (Carrefour, Brazil). Some Examples Great value all natural chocolate fudge brownie ice cream is premium and kosher certified. The product is made with fresh milk and cream (Wal-Mart, USA). Vanilla red fruit soy based frozen sticks (Rolland, France).
  • 16. Some Examples Aloe vera flavoured yoghurt with real aloe vera pieces (Nestlé, Chile). Swiss and Sharp Cheddar Cheese Fondue is American-inspired, made with a hint of beer flavour and comes in a heat-and-serve microwavable bowl with ciabatta cubes for dipping (Archer Farms, USA). Spring Style Risotto ready in 15 minutes. Also available is Jasmine Aromatic Rice (Grupo Estrella, Argentina).
  • 17. Main Applications
  • 18. Dairy Products On The Go Bistro Crème Brûlée Cheesecake (Hannaford, USA).
  • 19. Frozen Products Double Lickers is an assortment of apple & blackcurrant and pineapple & raspberry flavoured ice lollies (Tesco, UK).
  • 20. Jams and Fruit Preparations Danonino Maxi vanilla flavoured milk drink contains iron, zinc, calcium, vitamins D, A, B9 and proteins (Danone, Argentina).
  • 21. Baked Goods Taillefine Equilibre cakes with fruits contains only 8% fat and is rich in cereals, fibre, vitamins and omega 3 (LU, France).
  • 22. Meat based Products
  • 23. Sauces and dressings Browned ham, mozzarella, crudités sandwich and mayonnaise contains 4.5% fat and 308kcal per serving (Weight Watchers, France).
  • 24. Confectionery Cappuccino crunchy coffee filled milk chocolate pralines comprise crisp wafer shells with a soft creamy filling and a liquid coffee centre, coated with milk chocolate (Ferrero, Italy).
  • 25. Beverages Instant chocolate powder drink , microwavable in one minute (Nutrexpa, Spain).