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pureprofile ESOMAR 28 Questions

pureprofile ESOMAR 28 Questions



pureprofile’s response to ESOMAR's 28 Questions to help Research buyers. For more information please go to http://www.pureprofile.com/businesses

pureprofile’s response to ESOMAR's 28 Questions to help Research buyers. For more information please go to http://www.pureprofile.com/businesses



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    pureprofile ESOMAR 28 Questions pureprofile ESOMAR 28 Questions Document Transcript

    • Nov 2012 Response to ESOMAR 28 Questions To help research buyerspureprofile Building an asset out of your profile
    • Nov 2012 The pureprofile Company pureprofile is the world’s leading panel provision and customer database management company for the Market Research Industry, providing access to hard-to-reach consumer and B2B groups around the world. Our capabilities include panel provision, data analysis, survey scripting and hosting, syndicated panel development, custom and syndicated insight dashboard production. Our reach extends to customers in more than 45 countries around the world. With headquarters in Australia, pureprofile employs over 75 people in Sydney, Mumbai, New York, San Francisco and London. Our business also leverages the talents of hundreds of thousands of Account Holders who participate in the pureprofile Service.pureprofile Building an asset out of your profile
    • Nov 2012Q1. What experience does your company have in providing online samples for market research?pureprofile is a leading provider of online research services; hosting, scripting, reporting and sampleprovision, in 45 countries. pureprofile was founded in September 2000 and commenced commercialoperations in 2001. pureprofile fields in excess of 3,000 research projects annually for a diverse range ofclients including, but not limited to major international research firms, leading media and communicationsagencies, and direct clients both internationally and domestically.Q2. Please describe and explain the type(s) of online sample sources from which you getrespondents. Are these databases? Actively managed research panels? Direct marketing lists?Social networks? Web intercept (also known as river) samples?pureprofile is an independent, actively managed panel of online Account Holders. pureprofile’s panel ofrespondents is unique to pureprofile, and can only be accessed through its proprietary technology platform.pureprofile sources new Account Holders (panel members) through a variety of online and offline sourcesincluding, but not limited to internal referral programs, search engine optimization techniques, offline printtrade marketing, location-based registration and radio advertising. During contracted fieldwork periods,pureprofile does not use external lists or any other form of sample provision without the express instructionof an individual client.Q3. If you provide samples from more than one source: How are the different sample sourcesblended together to ensure validity? How can this be replicated over time to provide reliability?How do you deal with the possibility of duplication of respondents across sources?pureprofile does not provide samples from more than one source.Q4. Are your sample source(s) used solely for market research? If not, what other purposes arethey used for?pureprofile is an actively managed panel where Account Holders have an individual online account unique tothem. Account Holders receive a variety of content within their pureprofile homepage, invitations to marketresearch surveys – specifically targeted to a huge range of profile information provided by each individual,non-commercial content matched to an individuals unique profile including, but not limited to tippingcompetitions, recipes, travel recommendations, insights and statistics and a variety of media contentincluding videos and direct marketing.pureprofile believes that the wide variety of activity delivered to our sample group results in a highlyrepresentative cross-section of online consumers. pureprofile has industry leading activity rates due to themultitude of reasons Account Holders have to participate. pureprofile Building an asset out of your profile
    • Nov 2012Q5. How do you source groups that may be hard to reach on the Internet?pureprofile Account Holders answer over 450 individual profile questions. Each answer provided by anAccount Holder becomes a uniquely targetable data point, which allows pureprofile to build very specifictarget groups to deliver research surveys to. This depth of profile information, together with our highparticipation rates, allows access to often very difficult to reach samples. Additionally, pureprofile offers aclear benefit for participating in the Service – Account Holders get a wide variety of content based on theirpersonal and changing profile and they get rewarded, in cash for any activity that they participate in onbehalf of a commissioning business.pureprofile’s depth of profile information on panel members is a unique competitive advantage.pureprofile is an online consumer panel, as such the sample group is obviously not representative ofconsumers who spend no time online. However as Internet access and broadband penetration continues tospread online participants are increasingly directly representative of all consumers.Q6. If, on a particular project, you need to supplement your sample(s) with sample(s) from otherproviders, how do you select those partners? Is it your policy to notify a client in advance whenusing a third party provider?pureprofile will conduct international projects using external suppliers if pureprofile does not have a panelpresence in that country or region.pureprofile’s sample size and activity rates allow the fulfillment of all accepted projects. pureprofile will notundertake a project if there is a belief that the target sample is unachievable – an open communication withclients regarding achievable sample is a company priority.If for any reason pureprofile decided it was necessary to utilize a competitor’s sample the relevant clientwould be consulted prior to this action taking place.pureprofile sample is regularly used to top up other online panels around the world. It is not known ifcompetitor panels using pureprofile sample undertake a de-duplicating process. pureprofile Building an asset out of your profile
    • Nov 2012Q7. What steps do you take to achieve a representative sample of the target population?Based on information provided by federal statistical bureaus and the national census, we are able toreplicate the break-down of age, gender, location and other data points of a target population by matchingthem to the information provided by an Account Holder’s profile and constructing a proportionate sample tothe client’s request.Q8. Do you employ a survey router?No. Based on our observations of competitor services that use survey routers, we believe that many surveyrouters provide potential respondents with too much information about the survey prior to itscommencement, creating possible bias in subsequent responses.Further, where respondents continuously wait for a survey as they are processed by the survey router, webelieve this creates an environment in which a respondent may provide false information in order to be putthrough to a survey, introducing inaccurate samples.Q9. If you use a router: Please describe the allocation process within you router. How do youdecide which surveys might be considered for a respondent? On what priority basis arerespondents allocated to surveys?.N/A.Q10. If you use a router: What measures do you take to guard against, or mitigate, any biasarising from employing a router? How do you measure and report any bias?N/A.Q11. If you use a router: Who in your company sets the parameters of the router? Is it a dedicatedteam or individual project managers?N/A. pureprofile Building an asset out of your profile
    • Nov 2012Q12. What profiling data is held on respondents? How is it done? How does this differ acrosssample sources? How is it kept up-to-date? If no relevant profiling data is held, how are lowincidence projects dealt with?pureprofile is a market leader in the collection of profile data. Account Holders can answer over 450individual profile questions that cover a huge range of areas. You can find a brief snapshot of the currentset of published profile questions at www.pureprofile.com. pureprofile captures general demographic profileinformation to very niche profile information on many areas of life under subject categories such as; Money& Finance, Sports & Exercise, Clothing & Fashion, Health & Wellbeing, Communications, and many others.pureprofile’s proprietary technology platform allows time relevant profile data to automatically update profileinformation. For example children’s ages will automatically age each year without Account Holders’ needingto manually renew their profile data. pureprofile’s individual online account platform allows for thecontinuous gathering of new and more detailed profile information. Between campaigns, Account Holdersare prompted to refresh profile information and to continue building out their individual profile.pureprofile has built a reliable solution to mitigate many of the historical data aging issues associated withtraditional market research activities.Q13. Please describe your survey invitation process. What is the proposition that people areoffered to take part in individual surveys? What information about the project itself is given in theprocess? Apart from direct invitations to specific surveys (or to a router), what other means ofinvitation to surveys are respondents exposed to? ?pureprofile is unique in its approach to campaign delivery. pureprofile delivers survey invitations directly totargeted individuals’ pureprofile home page. Account Holders view survey invitations within their accountwhere they are informed of basic information regarding the survey, approximate length (in assumed time tocomplete), the amount they will receive in payment for completing the survey, and according to the client’sneeds any other information. Survey invitations are standardized and give no indication of the surveycontent or relevant targeting employed.pureprofile can choose to utilize email invitations to participate when attempting to reach target groupstypically less active than others, for example; older age groups may be emailed with a prompt to inform theAccount Holder that they have a survey waiting for them within their account. pureprofile Building an asset out of your profile
    • Nov 2012Q14. Please describe the incentives that respondents are offered for taking part in yoursurveys. How does this differ by sample source, by interview length, by respondentcharacteristics?pureprofile Account Holders are paid on a per minute basis for participation in any research survey theychoose to participate in. Account Holders are paid a minimum cash payment. Account Holders willreceive this amount even if they screen from a survey or receive a quota full status. Account Holders arepaid on a continuous scale according to the estimated time for completion of a survey (the estimatedlength of survey and payment amount is clearly stated in the survey invitation).Survey incentives are a cash payment; Account Holders build up an account balance that can bedeposited directly to their nominated account.Q.15 What information about a project do you need in order to give an accurate estimate offeasibility using your own resources?pureprofile does not undertake projects, which it believes cannot be fulfilled. To ensure that we are able tomeet the client’s needs, prior to providing a quote, we require the sample size and sample requirements /incidence rate.Q16. Do you measure respondent satisfaction? Is this information made available to clients?pureprofile includes a respondent feedback question at the end of all surveys (unless specificallyrequested not to by a client) and maintains regular internal communication with Account Holders throughcustomer feedback activities. The most reliable ‘measure’ of satisfaction is the ongoing participation ofover 80,000 unique Account Holders per month in Australia and continued panel growth predominatelythrough friend referrals – a reliable measure that Account Holders value their engagement with pureprofile.pureprofile has also collected over 23,000 (and counting) testimonials from our Account Holders mainlybased in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia. Many of these testimonials are publishedand updated on our testimonials page, which can be accessed at www.pureprofile.com/testimonials pureprofile Building an asset out of your profile
    • Nov 2012Q17. What information do you provide to debrief your client after the project has finished?pureprofile account management teams maintain direct contact with clients before, during and after thefacilitation of a research project and will provide all required information to a client according to theirspecific needs. Clients typically receive any required data reporting, along with feedback on responserates, incidence rates and average interview times.Q18. Who is responsible for data quality checks? If it is you, do you have in place procedures toreduce or eliminate undesired within survey behaviours, such as (a) random responding, (b)illogical or inconsistent responding, (c) overuse of item non-response (e.g. “Don’t Know”) or (d)speeding (too rapid survey completion)? Please describe these procedures.Yes, pureprofile actively employs techniques to ensure the highest possible standards of response quality.Surveys are scripted with built in time screens ensuring that respondents moving through a survey tooquickly are terminated. pureprofile also provides data analysis to check for patterned responses and/orunreliable free text responses. Data is cleaned and top-up responses are collected to ensure full, highquality data sets are achieved.pureprofile deploys a range of in house surveys with built in security and fraud checks – cross referencingexisting profile data with survey responses. Such activities actively identify and remove unreliablerespondents from the pureprofile panel.Q19. How often can the same individual be contacted to take part in a survey within a specifiedperiod whether they respond to the contact or not? How does this vary across your samplesources?An Account Holder can log into their account at any time and access all projects available to them whichhave been targeted via their profile information. However, if any blocks have been requested by a client onthe project, then this will automatically appear - e.g. tracker surveys are not shown to the sameparticipants or specified client blocks can be manually added.Emails can be sent to Account Holders and are sent to those that fit the target criteria of the project. Inorder to allow fair allocation of projects the last Account Holder who received an email regarding a projectwill receive it first. pureprofile Building an asset out of your profile
    • Nov 2012Q20. How often can the same individual take part in a survey within a specified period? Howdoes this vary across your sample sources? How do you manage this within categories and/ortime periods?An Account Holder’s engagement level is specified by the individual client. If the client requests that aparticipant not complete one of their surveys within a specified timeframe or specific category or requeststhat those who have previously completed a client’s survey not complete another one then pureprofile canuse its proprietary technology platform to ensure these restrictions are set for that particular client’sprojects. Q21. Do you maintain individual level data such as recent participation history, date of entry,source, etc., on your survey respondents? Are you able to supply your client with a projectanalysis of such individual level data?Yes, pureprofile records and stores all individual data – any respondent activity on the pureprofile platformis also time stamped and recorded and is able to be retrieved and/or used for subsequent survey targetingand/or reporting.pureprofile could retrieve any relevant data for a client if there was a particular need however this sort ofdata is not usually requested or needed for most client activity.Q22. Do you have a confirmation of respondent identity procedure? Do you have procedures todetect fraudulent respondents? Please describe these procedures as they are implemented atsample source registration and/or at the point of entry to a survey or router. If you offer B2Bsamples what are the procedures there, if any?Yes, pureprofile Account Holders are required to supply a valid email address and identity information.During the registration process, IP location software detects the geographic registration point; memberscan only register in the country that their IP location indicates. During the redemption process bankaccount, address and name verification occur. pureprofile also employs a sophisticated technologyplatform where key profile questions are asked a number of times across the year – making it extremelydifficult to carry a fraudulent profile. Additionally, Account Holders, although not required, frequently submitmobile numbers, home and work postcodes/zipcodes amongst other key identity criteria found within theirconstantly updated profile. pureprofile Building an asset out of your profile
    • Nov 2012Q23. Please describe the ‘opt-in for market research’ processes for all your online samplesources?All new pureprofile Account Holders go through an industry standard double opt in process. New AccountHolders register their new account through the pureprofile homepage and are then sent a validation emailto the supplied address. New Account Holders must then retrieve the validation email and go through thesecondary activation process to confirm their new account. Account Holders are made fully aware of whatthey are undertaking at both stages of the opt-in process.Q24. Please provide a link to your Privacy Policy. How is your Privacy Policy provided to yourrespondents?pureprofile has a stated privacy policy that can be viewed at: www.pureprofile.com/privacy/.pureprofile fully operates within the regional national and local laws in all markets where operations areundertaken. pureprofile requires all clients to adhere to the same standard of accepted behavior whenundertaking any activity using the pureprofile panel.pureprofile adheres to, and in most cases exceeds minimum standards with respect to privacy, dataprotection and child safety in all markets in which operations are conducted. pureprofile follows theESOMAR and other industry body guidelines with respect to these issues.The Privacy Policy forms part of the terms of service, which is required to be read and agreed to by eachAccount Holder upon registration. Further, a link to the Privacy Policy is provided on each page of thepureprofile site.Q25. Please describe the measures you take to ensure data protection and data security.pureprofile maintains a secure data storage operation where all client and Account Holder details arebacked up on multiple, mirrored and redundant server systems within a private security facility. pureprofilestores multiple sets of data from client projects on both local server networks and web based projectmanagement systems.In any given survey a respondent’s data is collected anonymously with data only tagged to a randomidentification number. pureprofile Building an asset out of your profile
    • Nov 2012Q26. What practices do you follow to decide whether online research should be used to presentcommercially sensitive client data or materials to survey respondents?In cases where commercially sensitive client data or materials will be presented to survey respondents, theclient is notified of the risks involved that a respondent could potentially make public any information thatthey encounter during the survey.While pureprofile (nor anyone else for that matter) cannot provide a foolproof guarantee that a respondentwill not ‘leak’ commercially sensitive data, we minimize such risks by preventing an Account Holder fromcompleting a survey more than once so that they are not able to go back to retrieve any information thatthey have encountered during the initial course of completing the survey.Where requested by the client, this can also be implemented within a survey, whereby a respondentcannot go back to a previous page of the survey once they have completed it. Public disclosure ofcommercially sensitive client data is further a breach of our terms of service (which can be accessed atwww.pureprofile.com/terms) and should we discover such disclosure by a respondent we will close thatrespondent’s account and provide their details to the client for any legal action they may pursue.Q27. Are you certified to any specific quality system? If so, which one(s)?Although pureprofile is not certified to any quality system, we maintain strict internal quality controlmeasures, which we believe meet, and in some cases exceed, the quality standards provided by otherbodies or institutions. The confidence placed in our online panel by our clients, including large businesses,academics and competitors who continue to engage pureprofile is testament to the integrity of ourproducts and services.Q28. Do you conduct online surveys with children and young people? If so, do you adhere to thestandards that ESOMAR provides? What other rules or standards, for example COPPA in theUnited States, do you comply with?In accordance with ESOMAR guidelines and COPPA in the United States, the pureprofile panel is open toindividuals who are over the age of 13. However the profile data collected on Account Holders includesquestions on children (as defined by the ESOMAR guidelines), and if respondents have children how oldthey are, what gender they are and if they would be willing to have researchers contact their childrenthrough them.As such pureprofile can specifically target the parents of relevant under-14 children to conduct researchthrough a parental permission question. pureprofile will facilitate such research at appropriate times, suchas late afternoon, early evening and weekends to ensure respondents children are readily available. pureprofile Building an asset out of your profile
    • Nov 2012 ● e: researchenquiries@pureprofile.com ● w: www.pureprofile.com/businessespureprofile Building an asset out of your profile