Life After AmeriCorps: Options Abroad


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Life After AmeriCorps: Options Abroad

  1. 1. Living, Traveli ng, Careers Abroad Just do it
  2. 2. Agenda• getting and living abroad• learning abroad• funded research abroad• careers abroad
  3. 3. Getting AbroadDeparture & Arrival Phone- Passport & Visa - American cell phone- Currency exchange services vs. International service- Transportation MedicalBank Accounts - Registration for medical- Plan ahead benefits- Set up country based bank Employment account - Working Visa & US- Banking options Embassy
  4. 4. Living AbroadCulture Shock- How to deal with itFamily and Friends- Skype- Facebook- Blog
  5. 5. Higher Education Abroad • There are American Universities all over the world!Advantages: English languageinstruction, easily transferred and recognizedcredits, American community in a foreignplaceAfghanistan, Antigua, Nicaragua, Armenia, Belgium, UK, Bulgaria, China, Canada, Egypt, France, Greece, Hu ngary, Italy, Ireland, Iraq, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Leban on, Nigeria, Palestine, Switzerland, Turkey, UAE
  6. 6. Higher Education AbroadForeign Universities• Advantages: integration into host culture, network to local jobs, opportunity to attend the best institution for a subject in the world• Challenges: cost may be high for non- citizens, language barrier, application process may be more difficult, academic atmosphere may be unfamiliar• Many examples
  7. 7. Funded ResearchAbroadThe Institute for International Education• The Fulbright Program provides funding for students, scholars, teachers, and professionals to undertake graduate study, advanced research, and teaching• Freeman-ASIA, Boren Awards, Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program provide money
  8. 8. Funded ResearchAbroad• For those who have done research in undergraduate, mentors are a great resource to ask about colleagues working on similar subjects abroad, as well as a positive reference!
  9. 9. Careers AbroadSkills acquired and developed domestically can be a valuable background to expand into an international career. Cultural aspects of AmeriCorps work are particularly valuable, as many of us work with culturally and ethnically diverse populations.I. Opportunities International NGOs, research institutions Teaching abroad Cross-cultural outreachII. Considerations Work visas, family, housing, safety, stability of position
  10. 10. Careers AbroadConsiderations in Applications• Potential employers may be unfamiliar with universities and organizations you list - consider working in a very brief description of the group• Add locations and be sure to include international (or cross-cultural) aspects of work experience
  11. 11. Careers Abroad: How To? site is pretty much an end all be all place for international service.They help you formulate a roadmap, work on resumes and cover letters and placement.1. FRUGAL INTERNATIONAL VOLUNTEERING~More bang for your buck; 1/4th the price.~More challenge... for students & older.~See how & where your skills are needed.~in Africa, Asia or the Americas
  12. 12. Careers Abroad: How To? 2. International Careersa. Career b. Roadmap of Resources c. Cover Letter & Consultations ~Seeking international Resume Overhauls . work? Consult + Learn how to "get ~Learn the ropes Roadmap, will save you your foot in the & years of futile frustration. door." prerequisites. ~Roadmap is packed ~Employers need with current job openings strong skills & & the organizations to experience watch for openings. built over time. ~Perfect for special Lets plot your requests ("I always path. wanted to..)
  13. 13. Careers Abroad: How To?Organizations maintaining official relations with UNESCO can be found at http://ngo- United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization is a specialized agency of the United Nations (UN).Its stated purpose is to contribute to peace and security by promoting international collaboration through: • education • science • cultureThis is done in order to further universal respect for: • justice • the rule of law
  14. 14. Careers Abroad: How To?UNESCO has 195 Member States (it recently added Palestine in November 2011) and eight Associate Members.UNESCO pursues its objectives through five major programs: • education • natural sciences • social and human sciences • culture • communication and informationProjects sponsored by UNESCO include • literacy • technical • teacher-training programmes • international science programmes • the promotion of independent media and freedom of the press • regional and cultural history projects • the promotion of cultural diversity • international cooperation agreements to secure the world cultural and natural heritage (World
  15. 15. Online Search• by country, region, or areaTEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) is n needall over; some positions require a TEFL certification]• US government website with extensive resources• ml
  16. 16. If I want to work in Paris (for example), how do I begin a job search?*Research about new country (cost of living, housing, jobs)
  17. 17. How do salaries compare to local salaries?*Depends on which industry – Depends on which country*Professional salaries/benefits/costs vary by country*Exchange Rate
  18. 18. Career Options Teaching*Council on International Educational Exchange (Chile, China, Dominican Republic, South Korea, Spain, Thailand, and Vietnam)*Many of the American-sponsored schools overseas contract with private organizations in the United States to assist in the recruitment process.*Directory of Recruiting Organizations:
  19. 19. Career OptionsVolunteer*Peace Corps ---> *27 months/ Living allowance + $7,425*Global Vision International --> 100 different programs, 25 countries*Cross Cultural Solutions --> Short term volunteer (Ghana, Morocco, South Africa, Tanzania, China, India, Thailand, Russia, Costa
  20. 20. MEDICC• "non-profit organization working to enhance cooperation among the US, Cuban and global health communities aimed at better health outcomes"• Latin American Medical School Program: foreign students can apply to study health issues in Cuba with a scholarship in return for committing to the underserved
  21. 21. WWOOF - Another Living Abroad Option! (Kristen) • WWOOF stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. • WWOOF is an exchange program: you work on an organic farm in exchange for food and a place to live. •
  22. 22. Where Can I WWOOF? Where Can I WWOOF? • There are WWOOF host farms all over the world! • Where do you want to live?
  23. 23. Is WWOOF Right For Me?Yes, if:• You have a genuine interest in learning about organic farming and permaculture;• You love to be outside and work hard;• You are eager to become honorary members of your host family.
  24. 24. Wait, What is Permaculture?
  25. 25. Is WWOOF Right For Me?No, if:• Physical and outdoor work is not your idea of a good time;• You really need to start making lots of money right now;• You love hamburgers (and other animal related treats) but you do not want to know where they come from.
  26. 26. How Do I Become a WWOOFer?•• Register with a WWOOF organization• Research host farms• Contact potential hosts through email• Negotiate terms of stay
  27. 27. Advice From a Former WWOOFer• Stay at one host farm for as long as you can• Be open and ready to learn• Bring a friend• Get travel insurance and bring some emergency money
  28. 28. Do Good and Have Fun!