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America learns network training for members
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America learns network training for members



Using America Learns

Using America Learns



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    America learns network training for members America learns network training for members Presentation Transcript

    • Guidance for Members
    • Agenda: - Why we invested in this for you - How to use it - Special details on “being there for one another”
    • Purpose #1 of 4:Our most effective members take timeafter each session to:• Reflect on that session;• Discover new information as a result of that reflection; and to• Plan for the next session.
    • Purpose #2 of 4:Meaningful Resources for You• The Network recommends targeted resources to you based on your plans, goals and challenges - Strategies - Tips - Resources
    • Purpose #3 of 4:Learning Community share your• Share with and learn from one another, without dealing with e-mail lists or successes bulletin boards. learn from others
    • Purpose #4 of 4:Collect Data to:• Figure out how to best support you• Track and report on our progress• Evaluate our success
    • How You’ll Use It
    • Log In • http://americalearns.net/elev8
    • Complete Weekly Reporting& Reflection Logs *****Enter info about what the type of information you’ll be asking members to report and reflect upon.**** .
    • What the Logs Look Like
    • What Doesn’t Happen When you Submit Your Logs? Black Hole: -Pretty to look at. - Not useful to you.
    • What Happens When you Submit Your Logs? 1) Get instant ideas that are aligned with a goal you identified in your logs. Brain power from: - Fellow members - Our program’s staff 2) Staff figures out what we need to do to best support you. Our job: - To listen to you - To be there for you
    • What Else Can You Do?
    • Enroll StudentsYou’re Serving
    • See which studentsyou’re currently linkedto.
    • Adding NewStudents Click this link to add additional students.
    • Adding NewStudents You MUST click this link for your students to be submitted for review.
    • See the status of anystudents you’vesubmitted for review.
    • Access Strategies
    • Access the Reporting& Reflection LogsYou’ve Submitted
    • Update Your Password(Super Important) andE-mail Account
    • Be There for One Another & For Future Members Sharing Strategies
    • Special Strategy Sharing Question on The Logs
    • What Well-Written Strategies Look Like • They’re detailed, allowing others to easily figure out how to use or adapt them for their own needs. • They tell us how to achieve a specific outcome. • They provide others with the resources that are needed so that they can implement or adapt the strategy easily.
    • Here’s a Great Strategy
    • A Less-Helpful Version of that Strategy The guidance on making Situation: sure that each note was unique was really Our girls were starting to behave better, and we wanted an opportunity to recognize them for that important to have. change. Step 1: We made cookies. Guidance on the easiest Step 2: type of cookie to make or use for this project? We included notes in the cookies that thanked the students for their better behavior. Really would have appreciated hearing - Start each note with girls are how the “WeCan we have some guidance fortunate to…” responded to theon how to write effective cookiesnotes so that they’re well - Highlight topics such as upbeatreceived? attitudes, leadership potential, willingness to speak up
    • Our Strategy Sharing & Screening Criteria Any strategies you share or approve of must meet the following minimum criteria: [Insert your criteria here.] [A good philosophy: If you aren’t completely comfortable with the strategy being used with your own children or other children in your family, do not share or approve the strategy.]
    • Strategy Writing Training Video http://americalearns.net/train
    • Are We Ready for Success?
    • Where to Turn for Help: Name: Email: Phone: Text: