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Greenland 3

  1. 1. Greenland By: Dylan Brooks Take a Tour of Greenland
  2. 2. Where Do You Want To Go? Geography Major Feature 2 Economy 2 Food Economy 3 Natural disaster 2 Geography 2 People Religion Government Geography 3 People 2 Natural disaster People 3 Holidays Bibliography Major Features Economy Holidays 2 Sports Click Here To Exit
  3. 3. Bibliography • • • Back
  4. 4. Geography • Greenland occupies an area of 2,166,086 square kilometers which makes it the largest island in the world. • Greenland is mostly covered in ice, but there is some grasslands. • The most Northern point of Greenland is Cape Morris Jesup Back
  5. 5. Geography 2 • The most Southern point in Greenland is Cape Farewell • The climate varies very great from North to South and East to West. • In the summer the warmest temperature is in the middle of summer, reaching only 10 degrees celsius. Back
  6. 6. Geography 3 • The icebergs raise astonishing 3000 meters over sea level • The most productive glacier moves 30 meters a day • Because of the ice in the summer it rarely reaches 10 degrees Celsius Back
  7. 7. Major Natural Disasters • 1 major disaster is the ice melting • The Glaciers name is Academy Glacier • Every day Greenland's glacier is moving closer and closer to the ocean Back
  8. 8. Major Natural Disaster 2 • The Glacier is moving roughly 30 meters a day • The Glacier covers almost all of Greenland • The only place it doesn’t cover is around the edges, near the water Back
  9. 9. Major features • One of the Major features are the Northern lights • Every so often on a clear night the Northern lights are out • The people of Greenland, when these lights occur the people watch as the lights go across the sky in beautiful colors Back
  10. 10. Major features 2 • The second major feature is the Glaciers • The Glaciers show what life was like back when there ancestors were around preserving facts on how they lived • The Glaciers are slowly melting though, so hundreds of years from now it'll all be gone Back
  11. 11. People • The harsh arctic climate is great for fishing and also hunting, but first if they want to hunt the animals, they have to find where they are. • The herd of animals is always on the run looking for dry grass to eat in the winter climates • Greenland's main languages are Greenlandic and also a little bit of English Back
  12. 12. People 2 • In Greenland the infant morality is 15.4 deaths every 1000 births. • The first people to arrive in Greenland were the Paleo Eskimos • These people were discovered through archeologist findings Back
  13. 13. People 3 • In 986 B.C. the most southwestern point of Greenland was claimed by two groups • The Icelanders and the Norwegians • It was also shared with the Inuit people, which is still one of Greenland's major Ethnic groups Back
  14. 14. Religion • Greenland's religion is Evangelical Lutheran • Greenland is very religious • 96.6% of people are religious • But 2.2% of the people aren't religious Back
  15. 15. Holidays • On December first is New Years Eve • January first, they have New Years Day just like us • The fourth week after Easter everyone goes to churches to general prayer Back
  16. 16. Holidays 2 • On June 21 is Ullortuneq • The biggest Holiday in Greenland is Christmas Eve and Christmas Day • There the most important holidays because it’s the time when people visit and eat for two days strait with their family Back
  17. 17. Economy • Greenland's economy has historically been based on the seafood industries, but new opportunities were presented, which will diversify the economy • Greenland is also known for mining gold, rubies, oil, and even diamonds • Greenland is situated between two major economies (Europe and north America) making it a gateway for trade. Back
  18. 18. Economy 2 • In the 1990s Greenland's economy had negative growth • But since 1993 it started climbing slowly back up out of the hole it put itself in • The main currency is DKr otherwise known as Danish Krone Back
  19. 19. Economy 3 • The Global warming is having great effect on Greenland, which is making it hard to reach hunting ground • If they cant get to there hunting ground there losing lots of money each day they cant get there • Tourism is cut short because of high prices and short seasons Back
  20. 20. Food • Greenland's food has been based historically based on seafood • Even today its been based on seafood • Since of ice melting, its been harder to reach the fishing grounds with the ice in the way Back
  21. 21. Government • Greenland's Government is Parliamentary • Greenland is a self-governing overseas administrative division of Denmark • The Party system is dominated by the Inuit Community Back
  22. 22. Sports • Greenland's main sport is Futball, otherwise known as Soccer • The league is called the A.T.A. • A.T.A stands for Ammaassalimmi Timersoqatigiiffik Amassakak Back