Jodie powerpoint for poems


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Jodie powerpoint for poems

  1. 1. POETRY DICTIONARYBy: Jodie BronushasA2B6
  2. 2. Metaphor A direct comparison of two unlike things that doesn’t use like or as. Her hair was silk.
  3. 3. Hyperbole Using exaggeration for emphasis of ideas. And the rain so cold The heavy rain will come It will ruin many homes That it takes.
  4. 4. Haiku Japanese form of poetry characterized by three lines of five, seven, and five syllables each creating an emotion or image. Building Sand Castles running and jump in the water run and get dry
  5. 5. Limerick A silly poem with five lines They are often funny or non sensual. There was a lady who lived in a shack when kids came she chase all of them back the kids yell and scream mom parents make sure they come so they can fix their hurting leg
  6. 6. End RhymeRhyme appearing at the end of a poetic lines. The snow was laying on the ground Up to your feet Good luck getting around Now you can pick beets
  7. 7. Assonance Repetition of similar vowel sounds within lines of poetry. Bars and cars don’t mix.
  8. 8. Simile A comparison between two unlike things using the words like or as. The hair was as smooth as silk.
  9. 9. Ballad A form of poetry meant to be sung or recited characterized by telling about a single episode or event.
  10. 10. Concrete Poetry written to take the shape of its subject. The star in the sky The one shining bright That one right there
  11. 11. Cinquain A poem using a recipe. Most cinquian poems consist of a single five line, twenty two syllable stanza but they can be combined into longer words. Before weird little thing polka dotted weird thing came into my room yelling too wrong house
  12. 12. Onomatopoeia The use of words that sound like the noises they descibe. Bang, Pow , Snap, click , kerplunk.
  13. 13. Personification Giving an object or animal human qualities such as the ability to hear, feel, talk, move, or make decisions.
  14. 14. Acrostic Poetic verse arranged so that the first letter of the initial words spell out an idea.
  15. 15. Sonnet A poem consisting of fourteen lines with a strict rhyme scheme. Blue flower, Blue flower As pretty as a sunset As live a birds we see above A girl named Bobeena Oh that pretty flower Oh no coward The small kids name Howard Said I just wanted that blue flower That is mine. The boy started to whine Then the sun began to shine The lady said watch my pine The poor boy So he just said ahoy!
  16. 16. Alliteration Alliteration is at the beginning of several words of a line of poetry or sentence.BeautifulExcellent comfortDreamy softness
  17. 17. Slant Rhyme A repeated consonant sound appearing at the end of poetic lines that do not necessarily rhyme but sound similar.