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Delivering a Windows 7 experience on Windows 2008 R2

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  • 1. Add the Desktop Experience feature.2. Add XPS Viewer feature.3. Move Citrix XenApp Administration Tools menu items to theWindows Administrative Tools folder4. Create a new Windows Theme file by copying Basic.theme to the file specified in the ThemeFile parameter.5. Configure the new theme to use the wallpaper specified in the WallpaperFile parameter.6. Configure the Windows Themes service to start automatically if the service is available.7. Start the Windows Themes service if the service is available.8. If additional configuration is needed, the runonce registry key is set to runCommonDesktopExperience.ps1 which will configure the Themes service.
  • 1. Configure Windows Themes Service to automatic startup.2. Start Windows Themes Service.3. Copy default user tile to user.bak.4. Copy new user tile to user.jpg.
  • Same powershell scripts as in XenApp 6.5 TP & service provider automation pack for customization...missing a few of the installation and configuration powershell scripts
  • Briforum 2011 Chicago

    1. 1. Delivering Windows 7 Experience...on Windows 2008 R2 DAN BRINKMANN TWITTER: @DBRINKMANN #BRIFORUM briforum CHICAGO 2011 DAN BRINKMANN @DBRINKMANN
    2. 2. Windows 7 experience Hmmm... okbriforum CHICAGO 2011 DAN BRINKMANN @DBRINKMANN
    3. 3. Google wins again Windows 7 experience = Desktop experience featurebriforum CHICAGO 2011 DAN BRINKMANN @DBRINKMANN
    4. 4. Desktop experience feature• Windows Media • Windows Defender Player • Disk Cleanup• Desktop themes • Sync Center• Video for Windows • Sound Recorder (AVI support) • Character Map• Windows SideShow • Snipping Tool CHICAGO 2011 DAN BRINKMANN @DBRINKMANN
    5. 5. Does W7 experience = aero? briforum CHICAGO 2011 DAN BRINKMANN @DBRINKMANN
    6. 6. No Aerobriforum CHICAGO 2011 DAN BRINKMANN @DBRINKMANN
    7. 7. Aerobriforum CHICAGO 2011 DAN BRINKMANN @DBRINKMANN
    8. 8. No Aerobriforum CHICAGO 2011 DAN BRINKMANN @DBRINKMANN
    9. 9. Aerobriforum CHICAGO 2011 DAN BRINKMANN @DBRINKMANN
    10. 10. No Aerobriforum CHICAGO 2011 DAN BRINKMANN @DBRINKMANN
    11. 11. Aerobriforum CHICAGO 2011 DAN BRINKMANN @DBRINKMANN
    12. 12. Aero onlybriforum CHICAGO 2011 DAN BRINKMANN @DBRINKMANN
    13. 13. Aero hardware requirements• 1-gigahertz (GHz) 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor• 1 gigabyte (GB) of random access memory (RAM)• 128-megabyte (MB) graphics card• Aero also requires a DirectX 9 class graphics processor that supports a WindowsDisplay Driver Model Driver, Pixel Shader 2.0 in hardware, and 32 bits per pixel.briforum CHICAGO 2011 DAN BRINKMANN @DBRINKMANN
    14. 14. Aero hardware requirements• If you require Aero – Physical hardware – GPU virtualization – GPU pass-through – Aero redirection• In my experience – Glass looks better than non-glass – Most users wont notice the differencebriforum CHICAGO 2011 DAN BRINKMANN @DBRINKMANN
    15. 15. Windows 2008 R2 makeover briforum CHICAGO 2011 DAN BRINKMANN @DBRINKMANN
    16. 16. Go from thisbriforum CHICAGO 2011 DAN BRINKMANN @DBRINKMANN
    17. 17. To thisbriforum CHICAGO 2011 DAN BRINKMANN @DBRINKMANN
    18. 18. How do I do it?• Do it manually•• From Citrix – App Delivery Setup Tools in XenApp 6.5 TP – XenApp 6 Service Provider Automation Pack• Citrix code share CHICAGO 2011 DAN BRINKMANN @DBRINKMANN
    19. 19. Manual steps• Install MS hotfix 977944• Install Desktop Experience feature• Start Themes service (set to automatic)• Apply Windows 7 theme and background – Win7 themes C:WindowsWebWallpaper• Customize Windows taskbar items – Folder location and registry keys  – Check out Pierres VUEMbriforum CHICAGO 2011 DAN BRINKMANN @DBRINKMANN
    20. 20. Win2008r2workstation.comBoot screenLogon screenStartup soundsSidebarMissing gamesEven have a conversion tool briforum CHICAGO 2011 DAN BRINKMANN @DBRINKMANN
    21. 21. As part of Citrix XenApp 6.5 TPbriforum CHICAGO 2011 DAN BRINKMANN @DBRINKMANN
    22. 22. App Delivery Setup ToolsAlso part of the XenApp 6 Service Provider Automation Pack released on 5/23/2011briforum CHICAGO 2011 DAN BRINKMANN @DBRINKMANN
    23. 23. Install-CtxDesktopExperience.ps1• Adds Desktop Experience & XPS Viewer• Moves Citrix Administration tools folder• Creates a new Windows Theme and default wallpaper• Starts Windows Themes service and configures it to start automatically• Then runs CommonDesktopExperience.ps1briforum CHICAGO 2011 DAN BRINKMANN @DBRINKMANN
    24. 24. CommonDesktopExperience.ps1• Sets Themes service to automatic & starts• Backs up existing user tile and copies a new user tile to user.jpgbriforum CHICAGO 2011 DAN BRINKMANN @DBRINKMANN
    25. 25. New-CtxManagedDesktopGPO.ps1• This powershell script not important to delivering Windows 7 look and feel• Creates GPOs that allow lockdown and personalization of shared desktopbriforum CHICAGO 2011 DAN BRINKMANN @DBRINKMANN
    26. 26. Enable-CtxDesktopExperienceUser.ps1 • Customizes the task bar • Has error checking not to double create links • Removes server manager & powershell links • Adds IE & media player links • Applied at login via a GPO briforum CHICAGO 2011 DAN BRINKMANN @DBRINKMANN
    27. 27. Citrix code share site CHICAGO 2011 DAN BRINKMANN @DBRINKMANN
    28. 28. My advice• Forget about Aero• Download XenApp 6 Service Provider Automation Pack 403&productId=186#top• Customize scripts to fit your environment• Desktop Experience feature/themes service• Windows taskbar scriptsbriforum CHICAGO 2011 DAN BRINKMANN @DBRINKMANN
    29. 29. Until VDI is affordable use this briforum CHICAGO 2011 DAN BRINKMANN @DBRINKMANN
    30. 30. Slide deckBlog.Lewan.comPosted shortly!briforum CHICAGO 2011 DAN BRINKMANN @DBRINKMANN