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Chase oppfor brands_11.1.11_condensed


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Published in: Economy & Finance, Technology

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  • To get to our first 1B Tweets took 3 years, 2 months, and 1 day. Now we see 1B Tweets every 4.5 days.
  • Guess where all of those Tweets are coming from? Out of our 100MM active users 40% log in just to listen. The other 60% are tweeting, retweeting, @replying, etc. We think the 40% is a healthy number and goes to show the value of the platform as a place to find out about your interests - instantly.
  • Twitter users are politically-engaged influencers.
  • Among the Tweet producer group, there are several categories of what we call VIT ’ s that contribute content, and Twitter usage is well represented across all these groups. Many VIPs get onto Twitter because they can connect directly a fan or audience, etc. Brands have the exact same opportunity for connection. Brands being human and personal.
  • With iOS5, Twitter is now integrated at the Operating System level. You can turn on Twitter just like you turn on wireless! Sign in to your Twitter account once and then tweet with a single tap from Twitter-enabled apps, including Apple ’ s apps—Camera, Photos, Safari, Contacts, YouTube, and Maps. And developers of all of your favorite apps can easily take advantage of the single sign-on capability, letting you tweet directly from their apps too.
  • Our Promoted Tweets product is seeing on average 3-5% engagement in search and even higher when tied to a Promoted Trend. Engagement matters because it leads to outcomes, which we ’ ll cover in the case studies section
  • Use Twitter paid and organic products to connect the dots across your media mix and drive higher ROI across all of your media investments.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Twitter & The Opportunity for Brands
        • David Borstein
        • Twitter, Inc.
        • [email_address]
        • 347.269.3173
        • @davidborstein
    • 2. How Twitter Works @joedoe Handle Who I Follow My Followers Suggested Accounts To Follow Trending Topics Timeline
    • 3. Anatomy of a Tweet profile picture handle Tweet copy time posted Favorite - Retweet - Reply link to website/video/photo Promoted icon
    • 4. Twitter terminology 1 Timeline – chronologic presentation of all the tweets from users that I follow on Twitter 2 Followers – users that follow ME on Twitter 3 Hashtag – “ # ” followed by a word or phrase, added to a Tweet to make it easier to find thru a search 4 Re-tweet – forwarding a Tweet in my timeline to my followers 5 @Reply – a Tweet directed at a specific user
    • 5. Our Mission Instantly connect people everywhere to what ’s most meaningful to them
    • 6. Twitter Is About Interests digital media sports running My Job Cleveland brands music
    • 7. Twitter is Realtime 8,898 Tweets Per Second
    • 8. Twitter growth 400M+ Unique Visitors / Month 100M+ Active Users 250M+ Tweets per day 2006 2012 2009
    • 9. Billions of Tweets served 1,000,000,000 Then: 3 years, 2 months, 1 day Now: 4.5 days
    • 10. Twitter is mobile 57% of active users utilize Twitter on a mobile device 16% of new Twitter users start on a mobile device
    • 11. Millions of ways to use Twitter 60% Tweet Producers 40% Tweet Consumers Listen @Reply Retweet Listen Tweet
    • 12. Twitter users are opinion leaders * Exact Target / CoTweet - June 2010 ‡ Pew Research Center - June 2011 SOURCES:
    • 13. Top Tweet producers Politcal Leaders 100% of Presidential candidates are on Twitter Athletes 90% of NBA basketball players are on Twitter Humanitarians 99% of America ’ s top 200 non-profits are on Twitter TV Shows 100% of the top 50 Nielsen-rated TV shows are on Twitter Entertainers 90% of the Billboard Top 100 are on Twitter
    • 14. New At Twitter
    • 15. iOS5 integration
    • 16. The iOS5 integration UI
    • 17. A richer media experience
    • 18. Promoted Products for Politics
      • Political Ads Launch
      • DC - based team established
      • Political ads identifiable by the purple check
      • Mouse-over web-based units for customizable disclaimer language
      September 21, 2011
    • 19. Media Products
    • 20. Engagement matters 3-5% Twitter .05% Standard Display
    • 21. 1. Scale your followers using Promoted Accounts to add more advocates and influencers 2. Amplify conversations through Promoted Tweets for authentic word-of-mouth interaction 3. Ramp awareness with Promoted Trends that drive buzz and engagement
    • 22. Scale your followers in the Who to follow module add advocates | enrich conversations | grow incremental earned media Promoted Accounts
    • 23. Geo-targeting by DMA also available for local and regional campaigns In timelines to followers or lookalikes In search at the top of the results page Targeting options Promoted Tweets
    • 24. In timelines to your followers and your follower look-a-likes expand reach | distribute your best content | maximize engagement Promoted Tweets
    • 25. In search results capture explicit intent | deliver in real-time | block the competition Promoted Tweets
    • 26. Accelerate awareness of your message seize the moment | seed conversation | generate buzz Promoted Trends
    • 27. Accelerate awareness of your message seize the moment | seed conversation | generate buzz Promoted Trends
    • 28. Sentiment analysis
      • Analyze the conversation, quantify positive sentiment and intent
        • See how your campaign shifts attitudes
        • Identify the proportion of conversation related to YOU and your campaign
        • On every U.S. Promoted Trend
        • A sentiment analysis report with before and after comparisons is available as value add for each Promoted Trend
        • Trusted 3rd-party
        • Best-in-class partner Crimson Hexagon provides human and algorithmic analysis based on the entire Twitter data set
      Promoted Trends
    • 29. Combine paid & owned
      • Maximize earned media
      @replies & Retweets engage followers Maximize earned media through Twitter’s ecosystem #YourBrandHashtag organize content Link Referral drive traffic Search focus reach Promoted Trends accelerate engagement Promoted Tweets amplify conversations Promoted Accounts scale your followers Organic Tweets draw attention Profile Page create a presence Organic Followers add audience
    • 30. Case Study & Best Practices
    • 31. Best Practices:
      • Charity – Virgin America
      • Flock to Unlock – Bonobos Jeans
      • Video – Magnum ICE
    • 32. #FlyFwdGiveBack driving commercial Transactions 4 th largest sales day in VA’s history !
    • 33. Flock to Unlock
    • 34. Video: Magnum Ice Cream
    • 35. A few tips for success
      • Step One:
      • Promoted Accounts - Build your base of supporters
      • Step Two:
      • Promoted Tweets in Search - Control the message when users look for you, your competitors or key issues
      • Step Three:
      • Promoted Tweets to Followers - Drive contributions, petitions, turn out and engagement from your loyal base of supporters
      • Step Four:
      • Promoted Tweets to Lookalikes - Raise awareness, respond to breaking news and grow support by targeting new audiences
      • Step Five:
      • Promoted Trends - Own the discussion surrounding key campaign events
    • 36. Analytics
    • 37.
      • Who are your
      • followers and when
      • did you get them?
      Promoted Accounts See when your existing followers started following you See where your followers are from by country and state, and dive into each Discover their top interests Gender Gain insight into the accounts you share most followers with
    • 38. Promoted Tweets
      • Promoted Tweet and Timeline Activity dashboards
      Check out individual Tweet and overall campaign performance
    • 39. Promoted Trends
      • Tools to gauge engagement and performance
      Everything you want to know about Trend performance can be found on the Trends Dashboard
    • 40.
        • David Borstein
        • Twitter, Inc.
        • [email_address]
        • 347.269.3173
        • @davidborstein