Digital Storytelling   Author(s): Gomes /Masters/Boin    Course # NA- 5-63                                             www...
OUTSIDE PREPARATION: Write instruction sheets for               students on how to use every technology tool necessary to ...
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Agenda digital storytelling session 2


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Agenda for Digital Storytelling Workshop by
Ed Tech Workshops. All rights reserved.

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Agenda digital storytelling session 2

  1. 1. Digital Storytelling Author(s): Gomes /Masters/Boin Course # NA- 5-63 818-203-9074 Note: Ed Tech Workshops’ course outlines and agendas are copyrighted materials and duplicated without the written permission of Ed Tech Workshops. Session 2 Time Activities 8:00 am – 8:45 am In your small groups, share your Homework project with other participants. . Instructors: Share tools taken from the Resources list for Digital 8:45 – 10:00 Story Telling that can be used to enhance the story: Recording and editing sounds Audacity Create a show and tell presentation from their digital photo Microsoft Photo Story 3 and I Photo Playing audio, video and viewing images on personal computers Windows Media Player 10 and I Tunes Set of free public licenses to enable authors to share their work with others Sound Effects United Streaming FreeFoto PD Photo FreePlay Music PodSafe Music I Tunes Etc. 10;00-10:15 BREAK 10:15-10:35 Discussion: Teachers have discussion with their students about what technologies they wish to use in telling their digital story and prepare instruction sheets or online tutorials according to the students.
  2. 2. OUTSIDE PREPARATION: Write instruction sheets for students on how to use every technology tool necessary to present the Story digit based on lesson plan for students. Powerpoint I Photo Photo Story Media Player10:35-12:00 Small groups will reconvene to describe the specifics of each lesson plan that was prepared, even if it has issues. Instructors will work with groups and individual participants to assist with identifying challenges and constructing solutions12:30-1:00 LUNCH1:00-2:00 Small groups: Will create a Skills instruction sheet for downloading photographs and clip art into a graphics folder that the student will have on his/her desk top. Instruction sheet. Mail to all participants in your group2:00-4:00 All participants will adjust their lesson plans according to suggestions and additions from instructor and other participants. Each participant, in each group, will present their lesson plan as a lesson to their group.4:00-5:00 Participants will send their lesson plan and skill instructions to instructor via email within 30 days of the close of the class. FILE NAME Lesson plan for digital Storytelling, your name On line evaluation Sign out: Reminders: Due thirty days after the final class 1.Completed Lesson Plan 2. Instruction sheets for all technology that students will use. Thank you for your excellent participation