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  • 1. Rough & Rawthe search for the primal needsRuig & Rauw | Gespot
  • 2. “The rougher, the better”seems to bethe motto. Only the fittest will survive.There is only one goal: survival.Back to the caveman, and therudimentary, primitive needs. People nolonger need to own or buy; they preferto share and borrow. By now we havebecome aware of the consumer societyin which we live and are desperatelysearching to gain a better grip on life.Gaining control and learning how tosurvive; becoming resilient.Survival of the fittestRuig & Rauw | Gespot
  • 3. Back to natureYou see this in eating habits, too.The paleo diet is one example, whichprescribes following our ancestors’example. Veganism and vegetarianism,too, are growing trends. This is notabout omitting or not eating certainfoods; instead, it is a convincing lifestyle.Purposely choosing something andstanding behind it. The “nose-to-tail”or whole animal concept reflectsthis: instead of butchering an animalonly for the prime cut of meat, theassumption is that everything is edibleand there is no such thing as offal.This trend, too, reflects environmentalawareness. (People are aware of what isaround them and what they consume).Consciously eating and buyinglocally. Being concerned about yoursurroundings. In urban areas, initiativesare being taken to start neighbourhoodgardens for residents to grow their ownvegetables and herbs.Ruig & Rauw | GespotRuig & Rauw | Gespot
  • 4. Je bent wat je eetEconomic uncertainty has fuelled thistrend. Employees with steady butsuperficial office jobs are longing to usetheir hands and do things that actuallymatter. Consequently, you see bankers orarchitects heading to a farm or a bakery.In other words, the choice is for realityand freedom over a life of luxury. We areno longer afraid to get our hands dirty.We want to feel it. Weeding the soil byhand where our vegetables will growlater. The process of experiencing natureand knowing where things come from.Back to the essence (of existence).A rough and primitive world.Ruig & Rauw | GespotRuig & Rauw | Gespot
  • 5. We see this tolerance for imperfectionwith food, too. Tonnes of misshapenfood are thrown out every single day, allbecause the items are rejected and failto meet our perception of ideals.Numerous initiatives are emerging topromote fruit and vegetables that donot fit the “beauty standard.”Ugly foodRuig & Rauw | GespotRuig & Rauw | Gespot
  • 6. The first unequivocal signs of this trendare becoming evident. We can expectmuch more in the year ahead. We nolonger want to be inundated with talkof crisis, climate change, increasingunemployment and lack of pensionfunds.We want to matter again; to be back incontrol.Has this piqued your interest?If so, please contact us.dBOD +31 (0)20 521 65 00or +31 (0)20 521 56 17.Zelf richting bepalenRuig & Rauw | GespotRuig & Rauw | Gespot
  • 7. Ruig & Rauw | GespotRuig & Rauw | Gespot
  • 8. COVERPhotography by Kalle Gustafsson for DVMAN International Magazine, via hypebeasthttp://hypebeast.com/2009/5/dvman-international-magazine-the-young-men-and-the-sea?_locale=enPAGE02Fishing baskethttp://fishingdryflies.com/index.php/2013/03/09/tools-for-fly-tying/Fishinghttp://rosefisher.blogspot.nl/2013/02/f-o-r-t-h-e-b-o-y-s-i-i-i-i-i.htmlBrushhttp://www.mrlents.comPAGE03Growing foodhttp://blogs.uoregon.edu/figconnections/page/2/PAGE04Varkenshoofdhttps://www.facebook.com/speijkervet?rf=344752912263974PAGE 05Culinary Misfitshttp://culinarymisfits.de/2013/02/mohrchen-vielfalt/PAGE07wooden cratehttp://davidjperkins.org.uk/bikehttp://pinterest.com/pin/132152570288184810/Concrete interiorhttp://sensitivetobeauty.wordpress.com/tag/concrete-architecture/The photos we used in this presentation were found online.We would like to thank the following photographers fortheir permission to use their photo.