Taming the Testing Beast - AgileDC 2012
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Taming the Testing Beast - AgileDC 2012



Your first win is to fully rely on test automation. But then it becomes a problem by itself.

Your first win is to fully rely on test automation. But then it becomes a problem by itself.



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    Taming the Testing Beast - AgileDC 2012 Taming the Testing Beast - AgileDC 2012 Presentation Transcript

    • Taming the Testing Beast Tuesday, October 23rd 2012Daniel Doubrovkine (dB.)@dblockdotorg#agiledc 2012
    • State of Testing: Scary!http://art.sy/artwork/francisco-de-goya-saturn-devouring-one-of-his-sons-from-the-series-of-black-paintings-dot
    • Test Automation @ 3× Independent Teams Hardware Platforms VendorsQA automated voting user acceptance tests
    • Test Automation @ 1124× Test Code vs. Code http://www.sqlite.org/testing.html
    • Test Automation @ Your Company 1:1 Dev : Test some automationQA some people test some software often doesn’t install
    • Test Automation @ My Company 0 http://art.sy/artwork/conrad-shawcross-chord Testers Formalities 100% automationQA continuous everything 8 developers 8 hours of sleep / day
    • It’s [Relatively] Big 4678 Automated Tests 100% user scenario coverage ~ 800 tests 1h to Run http://art.sy/artwork/liu-di-animal-regulation-no-2
    • Technology and Tools RSpec BDD : it “does X”  Mongo Data Models : ODM with “real” data  Ruby API : HTTP request – response  Integration : Capybara
    • Technology and Tools : Mongo ODM + Fabricatorscontext “spline” do let(:spline) { Fabricate :spline } it “reticulate! updates reticulated count” do expect { spline.reticulate! }.to change(Spline.reticulated, :count).by(1) endend
    • Technology and Tools : Ruby APIcontext “spline” do it “create” do expect { post “/api/spline?name=test” response.status.should == 201 }.to change(Spline, :count).by(1) endend
    • Technology and Tools : Integrationcontext “spline” do let(:spline) { Fabricate :spline } it “displays a spline” do visit “/spline/#{spline.id}” page.should have_css “.spline[id=#{spline.id}]” endend
    • Mixed Bag  High Confidence  Size  Duration http://art.sy/artwork/liu-di-animal-regulation-no-4
    • It Quickly Became a Big Problem  Intermittent Failures  Size  Duration http://art.sy/artwork/liu-di-animal-regulation-no-6
    • Break Things Up Multiple Applications
    • Run Tests in Parallel Multiple Test Suites http://artsy.github.com/blog/2012/10/09/how-to-run-rspec-test-suites-in-parallel-with-jenkins-ci-build-flow/
    • http://artsy.github.com/blog/2012/02/03/reliably-testing-asynchronous-ui-w-slash-rspec-and-capybara/Understand Disable Failing Tests One Example at a Time No Hacks Allowed Wait for Explicit Events Combine Techniques Track Failures http://www.friendshipismagic.org/forum/members/captain-falcon/albums/miscellaneous/9452-wat/
    • Test Anxiety High Expectations Fear of Disappointment Lack of Control Inability to Change http://www.sodahead.com/fun/is-your-school-strict/question-3158781/
    • Test Automation is Not a ______ Problem Not a Management Problem Not a Money Problem Not an External Problem Not a Consultant’s Problem
    • Test Automation is a Team Culture Problem Remove Those that Talk About Testing Hire From Open-Source Remove the Safety Net
    • Daniel Doubrovkine (dB.)@dblockdotorg