Hiring Engineers (the Artsy Way)


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High level talking points on hiring Engineers.

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Hiring Engineers (the Artsy Way)

  1. 1. Hiring Engineers the Artsy way
  2. 2. People #1
  3. 3. What kind of people? Inspiring High Performing + Team Player Right Brain + Left Brain
  4. 4. Lead Generation @... => blog, cold email to CEO @... => Hirelite @... => job post on Tumblr @... => personal network @... => personal network @... => Hackruiter @... => investor @... => personal network @... => personal network @... => personal network, thanks to Hurricane Irene @... => cold email to CEO @... => cold email to jobs@ @... => personal netowrk @... => tech talk @... => tech conference
  5. 5. Materializing a Lead
  6. 6. Onsite Interview Coordinated by Mads 2-3 Engineers 1 Non-Engineer 45 minutes 1:1 Lunch / Coffee Standup
  7. 7. Written Feedback: Yep Yep, Seemed like a strong developer and a very humble individual. I talked to her about her work on project Blue Beam for a while and it was clear that she made a substantial contribution to it, specifically the software infrastructure for the launcher. I described a simplified version of our current architecture and asked her to think up some ways to get better performance from our back end and he came up with some good ideas, including refactoring the API and rewriting the caching layer to use Russian Doll caching. She was very interested in how we measure the success of new features or changes on the site and had some good ideas in that area as well.
  8. 8. Written Feedback: Nope Nope, While very energetic and clearly quite ambitious, the candidate's fundamental understanding of computer science seemed weak for a college graduate in CS. For example, when asked what's a b-tree answered that it's a kind of plant. He deflected almost every technical question to a more general discussion, rather than addressing the specific problem at hand. When I asked him to describe a specific time when he identified and fixed an application performance problem, he described something completely unrelated to application performance - a bike race.
  9. 9. How to Decide? Does the candidate raise the bar? Will I be more excited to come to work if the candidate sits next to me? Clear Yes or No, not Maybe or Hesitations
  10. 10. Gushing References from very successful individuals Offense vs Defense Force objectivity via ranking Separate performance from culture Pay attention to tone not content References are also pitch opportunities
  11. 11. Decision-Making Process
  12. 12. Rejection Thank you for taking the time to interview with Artsy. We have decided not to move forward. We think you're very energetic and ambitious. You take initiative and are generally curious. Things like your involvement in your school’s programming club and your personal project X speak for themselves. However, your fundamentals in CS and the responses to technical questions were below the bar that we have set for a candidate in this position. However, we definitely want to stay in touch and would be grateful for the opportunity to re-evaluate working together in the future. In the meantime, I'd love to see you succeed at another NYC company. I am serious about this, so if you have some startups in mind that you would like to be introduced to, or would like us to suggest some, please let me know and I will connect you with the right people. Thank you,
  13. 13. Acceptance Offer extended 3 Month Trial Possible and Encouraged
  14. 14. What Can We Do Better?