106 slides 2 2013: Writing as Thinking

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Slides week 2: Writing as Thinking

Slides week 2: Writing as Thinking

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  • 1. Writing as Thinking Demystifying writing 106: Intro Dr. Daniel Feldman
  • 2. Writing Blurbs • Writing and thinking and learning are the same process.
  • 3. Writing as Thought • Writing is thinking on paper. Anyone who thinks clearly should be able to write clearly— about any subject at all. • Contrary to general belief, writing isn’t something that only “writers” do; writing is a basic skill for getting through life. Yet most adults are terrified of the prospect.
  • 4. Writing as Thought • Writing organizes and clarifies our thoughts. Writing is how we think our way into a subject and make it our own. Writing enables us to find out what we know—and what we don’t know—about whatever we’re trying to learn
  • 5. Writing as Thought • Clear writing is the logical arrangement of thought. • We write to find out what we know and what we want to say. • How often [has] the act of writing even the simplest document—a letter, for instance—clarified my halfformed ideas.
  • 6. Structure Writing Style Style Research
  • 7. Writing Assignment • Bill Deresiewicz: Facebook and social media corrupt the institution of friendship. • Deresiewicz is... correct, wrong, justified, misguided, paranoid, out of touch, perceptive. • In a well-reasoned, brief essay, state and support your opinion of Bill D's argument. You may refer to or disregard the actual essay.
  • 8. Wednesday 1.Peer editing 2.Discussion of Joyce's "An Encounter" A. What do we look for when we "encounter" a text? B. What is the story about? 3. Preparation for group assignments next week