How can I convert my social media followers into customers?


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Getting fans is easy, but unless you can get your fans to buy, the whole social media exercise is a waste of time. During this session I will be sharing some of the techniques that will help convert your audience into customers. I will also be explaining how you can use it to retain your existing customers.

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  • Poll: How many are B2C and how many are B2B
  • Play the Wiwi game Selling turns your audience off Will lead to you losing followers
  • Who is your target audience? Research, competitors research Tell a story that they can relate to Put out content that will get them talking about you
  • Over time, your audience will - Know - Like - Trust you
  • Trivia quizzes Customer feedback Competitions
  • B2C: Lots of video, free resources to sign up for B2B: Share powerpoint, pdfs Ensre you capture them!
  • Do research to find out who influencers are On Twitter, you can use hashtags and keywords to monitor who is talking to your clients On LinkedIn, - ask audience, do you have target clients? On LinkedIn you can see who is talking to your clients
  • Facebook apps Capture device on your website Strategy and content plan
  • Use Hootsuite to monitor conversations Where relevant topic comes, join in conversation Try and get conversation offline
  • Facebook insights Hootsuite Google Analytics
  • How can I convert my social media followers into customers?

    1. 1. How can I convert my social mediafollowers into customers?How to get ROI on your social media campaignSports and Leisure Facilities ForumRoyal Berkshire Conference Centre20th June 2013@brainstormdsgn
    2. 2. What we do….• Helping businesses convert social media followers into clients• Increasing your level of enquiries• Getting ROI on your campaign• Developing a winning strategy to get you results• We do this through: training, mentoring, consultancy,ongoing support
    3. 3. Rule No1 Don’t sell!
    4. 4. Rule No2 The discussion is aboutyour audience, not you!
    5. 5. Rule No3 -Educate - Inform - Engage
    6. 6. Tell a story about your brand
    7. 7. Build loyalty through usergenerated content
    8. 8. Give away lots of “sticky” contentthat will result in regular visits
    9. 9. Know who your influencers areand get them onside!
    10. 10. Most importantly, have a strategyfor “capturing” your audience
    11. 11. Know how to steer yourconversation into a lead
    12. 12. Set objectives / KPIs and regularlycheck your metrics to ensure you’regetting ROI
    13. 13. Some other tools to help youmeasure ROI1. Hootsuite2. Commun.it3. LinkedIn Analytics4. Google Analytics
    14. 14. Your challenge….• Get ROI on your social media activity• How can you educate, inform and engage with your audience?• What story can you tell about your brand?• How can you create user generated content?• What “free” content can you give away?• How can you “capture” customers?• How can you steer the conversation into a lead?
    15. 15. Any Questions?• For more insights, go to• Tweet me your questions at @brainstormdsgn• Include the hashtag #SportsClients to follow the discussion• Connect with me on LinkedIn - “Danny Bermant”• Please fill in our feedback form!• Catch me outside