Ensuring your social media is offline as well as online


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As we gradually move away from PCs and onto smartphones and mobile devices, more and more of our internet activity will be whilst were on the move.

We'll be interacting with our friends, but we'll be using social media the same time. How can your social media channels exploit this opportunity?

During this session, we will look at how this can work both ways: how to convert offline marketing activity into social media engagement and how to convert social media activity into offline sales.

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Ensuring your social media is offline as well as online

  1. 1. Ensuring your social media activity is offline as well as online Danny Bermant @theidm @bstormdigital
  2. 2. Why is offline important? • Without an offline presence, your social media campaign is invisible • Offline channels are every bit as viral as online. E.g. TV and Radio, posters, printed ads • Offline and online cross over. Any staff with customer facing roles should be introducing social media into the conversation
  3. 3. Your offline checklist • Printed materials e.g. business cards, complement slips, letterheads • Advertising: print, billboard, TV and Radio • Product packaging and point of sale • All staff that have telephone or face to face contact with customers
  4. 4. Your social media branding • URLS, hashtags, usernames and hashtags must be short and memorable e.g. theidm.com/stm #IDMBootCamp, @TheIDM, facebook.com/theidm • It must be easy to pronounce • You need to ensure ALL staff know about it!
  5. 5. Printed materials
  6. 6. Don’t forget QR codes!
  7. 7. Don’t assume that people know your Facebook address! QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture.
  8. 8. Green Giant used social media on packaging to drive sales
  9. 9. Purchasers can sign up to the Farmville app
  10. 10. Make sure your social media presence is ubiquitous!
  11. 11. Keep your hashtags simple!
  12. 12. Be creative!
  13. 13. A live tweets screen enables crossover between offline / online
  14. 14. Do you have the LinkedIn app on your phone?
  15. 15. Training your staff • Ensure management know what is being said on their behalf and where! • Inform staff about all social media activities • Train staff to engage with customers about your social media activities, especially with those who mention social media specifically. E.g. Tweet your order and get 5% off! - show board in restaurant with tweets • Those who are customer facing should be trained on: i. location based social media ii. how to interact online afterwards
  16. 16. KLM’s staff monitored what customers were saying on Twitter and FourSquare
  17. 17. Share your content strategy with your staff
  18. 18. Future trends • Gradual move away from PCs to mobile and handheld devices as 4G network grows • Social media increasingly used on the move • Social media on mobile devices have location based functionality • As a result, social media become increasingly localised e.g.Facebook mobile search results bring up local businesses
  19. 19. What is your offline strategy? • How will you use offline to drive your online activity? • Which social media platforms will you focus on, which ones will you be avoiding? • Which offline channels will you be using and how will you use them? • How will you get your customer facing staff to exploit social media? • How will you coordinate communication between those running your different marketing channels?