How to write a successful business blog

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Summary of seminar given at the City Business Library

Summary of seminar given at the City Business Library

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  • 1. How to write a successful business blog Friday October 26th 2012@brainstormdsgn
  • 2. Do you have something original to say on your blog?
  • 3. It will help you to have a content plan
  • 4. Google Reader makes it easy to gather info for your blog
  • 5. Google Alerts will notify you whenever any relevant news stories break
  • 6. The content on your blog will determine whether it should be part of your main website or a separate entity
  • 7. Wordpress has a user-friendly interface. You can set up categories for your different blog posts
  • 8. Don’t sell! Use your Blog to educate, inform, and engage with your clients
  • 9. Don’t write a polemic. (a) You’re creating too much work for yourself (b) No one wants to read it long articles!
  • 10. Create a series of short posts that you can schedule inadvance. It’s less work and if the posts are related they build loyalty
  • 11. By sharing questions and answers on your blog, you can demonstrate credibility
  • 12. Don’t be scared to give away a few industry secrets!
  • 13. Polls are a great way to make your blog interactive!
  • 14. Guest bloggers make it easy to provide high quality content (and take the pressure off you!)
  • 15. Use visual content to bring your blog post alive
  • 16. Don’t be scared to rock the boat!
  • 17. Use your Blog as a sales funnel
  • 18. Ensure you moderate blog commenting. There could be potentially libellous comments
  • 19. Make it easy for visitors to share your blog content
  • 20. LinkedIn groups are a great place to share your blog with other businesses!
  • 21. Share blog posts on your LinkedIn profile
  • 22. Write engaging Tweets that will encourage people to click on the links
  • 23. Write engaging Facebook updates that will encourage visitors to click on the link to your blog
  • 24. Blog doesn’t have to be just text. Share images and video
  • 25. Ensure you have social media guidelines that encourage your staff to blog
  • 26. To find out more, go to our and click on “training”
  • 27. We also offer training over Skype