How charities can generate a sustainable income from social media


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How to leverage social media to dramatically increase your charity’s income.

* Optimising your LinkedIn profile so you're highly visible to influencers and other key figures who'll promote your charity
* Connecting with influencers and converting them into your advocates
* Leveraging your LinkedIn contacts in order to get introduced to major donors
* How to share high quality content that will help advocates advance your cause
* Using LinkedIn groups to extend your influence and reach out to new contacts

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  • Marketing Manager, HR Manager, Business Development (e.g. barclays)
  • How charities can generate a sustainable income from social media

    1. 1. Are you targeting major donors – or seeking an army of supporters? • Facebook mostly B2C • Twitter used for both B2B and B2C • LinkedIn known as “Facebook for professionals” Except • B2B may use Facebook for recruitment • B2C may use LinkedIn for supplier relationships
    2. 2. Social media is a public conversation “…Think of it as a telephone conversation you can eavesdrop into, but without breaking any laws…”
    3. 3. How do you convert your audience into supporters and donors? • Treat social media as a courtship • Follow the 3 steps “know - like - trust” that build a relationship • Inform, educate, entertain and engage with your audience • Tell a story about your brand through your supporters • Influencer outreach • Have a conversation with your audience
    4. 4. So what are the 5 biggest mistakes that fundraisers inadvertently make?
    5. 5. Mistake #1 Treating your LinkedIn profile as a CV!
    6. 6. Start using LinkedIn strategically!
    7. 7. Create a profile that promotes the charity, not just you!
    8. 8. Start treating LinkedIn as “Facebook for Donors”
    9. 9. Growing your network will help you get in front of key donors
    10. 10. Mistake #2 Having a blank LinkedIn company page
    11. 11. Are you using status updates to inform and educate supporters and corporate donors?
    12. 12. Mistake #3 Not using LinkedIn for Lead Generation
    13. 13. You’re missing out on a massive opportunity!
    14. 14. Are you making use of LinkedIn’s advanced search to pinpoint key donors?
    15. 15. Be very clear about the job title you’re targeting
    16. 16. Use social media to carry out due diligence
    17. 17. Connect with prospects and use “profile organiser” to manage your ongoing relationship
    18. 18. Mistake #4 You can’t attract supporters without content!
    19. 19. By regularly sharing engaging content, you stay top of mind
    20. 20. Promote user generated content to drive your campaign
    21. 21. For this to work you need a strategy & content plan
    22. 22. You also need to work out how you can resource your activity
    23. 23. Mistake #5 Don’t talk about yourself!
    24. 24. Avoid the temptation to overly-promote your charity
    25. 25. Talk about your donors instead!
    26. 26. Focus on what’s of interest to them
    27. 27. Incentivise them!
    28. 28. Have a conversation with them
    29. 29. Empower them by getting them involved in decision making
    30. 30. So what are the 3 key ways to get in front of donors and influencers?
    31. 31. #1 Connect directly to donors on LinkedIn….
    32. 32. ….or get referred to them
    33. 33. #2 Eavesdrop into relevant conversations….
    34. 34. …and join in the discussion!
    35. 35. #3 Use compelling content to attract their attention…
    36. 36. …and convert them from fans into supporters
    37. 37. Measuring your success • Facebook Analytics • Twitonomy • LinkedIn profile and company page stats • Set goals on Google Analytics • Invest in a CRM system!
    38. 38. Your challenge…. • Who are you looking to connect with? • Which social media conversations will you be monitoring? • How can you create user generated content to drive your campaign? • How will you use content to engage with donors?
    39. 39. Questions to consider for the future… • Do you have a social media fundraising strategy? • How will you resource your activity? • How will you ensure you hit your fundraising targets?
    40. 40. Any Questions? Danny Bermant Twitter: @bstormdigital Facebook: brainstormdigital LinkedIn: Youtube:
    41. 41. Thank you… Instantly Access Your FREE Essential Guide at…