Dick's Autobody


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Dick's Autobody

  1. 1. DICK’S AUTOBODY • Richard Fuller • Owns his own car repair shop • He is my Uncle • Located in Springfield MassachusettsBy, Derek BedardBusiness and SocietyNichols College
  2. 2. How It All Started Started after he worked at a car repair shop for fifteen years Knew enough about cars and wanted to start his own business It was financed by his parents  - They loaned him the money needed to open his business  - He was able to be them back the money without interest  - He was much more successful because he did not owe any interest to a bank The company today is employed mostly by my Uncle’s younger nephews and some other family friends. It is a much more laid back company compared to others in this industry today, which is what Richard wants as he nears retirement
  3. 3. THE COMPANY• Sole Proprietorship• He was very passionate about his work and just because he did not have anybody to go into business with was not going to make him give up• They service and repair cars; everything from oil changes to replacing quarter panels and engines• They have been in business for twenty-one years
  4. 4. Success The most rewarding aspect is being able to do what he loves with family members and friends He says that it is not even considered work to him anymore, but rather, a lifestyle Reliability of his employees is a critical part to success It has been a successful company because it accomplishes what it needs to in order to stay in business
  5. 5. Challenges Lacking reliable employees in something that can be a major flaw in this type of family business The rough economy has been the biggest challenge to this company. When people cannot afford to repair their cars, these types of companies suffer He overcomes the challenge of a poor economy by remaining very loyal to the chain of customers his company has With happy customers returning time and time again, this company is able to remain successful
  6. 6. Competition There are not many competitors that are able to keep up with the success of his company One company that stays close behind, however, is Buzz’s Repair Shop about ten minutes away in West Springfield His company keeps a competitive advantage by offering low prices, and a family touch to his work Customers remain loyal because the company impresses them every time they come back He has customers that have been returning for over fifteen years
  7. 7. Marketing Typically, my Uncle does not look to employ just anybody. Usually, family members or friends come to him, and he hires them He then trains them appropriately based on the position they are given He receives a decent amount of applications every year, but with a business as small as his, a large number of employees is not a necessity He is very happy with his workers now and is not looking to make any changes
  8. 8. Future Plans My uncle plans to retire within the next ten years His current plans are to leave the business to one of my cousins who works for him now He will still stop by the shop and help out when it is needed The goals he has are to keep the business a family business and a successful one at that
  9. 9. Questions About the Company Q: Is there any other career you ever considered other than auto- body repair?  A: “I actually have a Bachelor’s Degree in accounting. I always worked with my dad on cars when I was growing up , but I never expected to repair cars for a living.” Q: When did you realize you wanted to work in this industry as a career?  A:” I worked at a repair shop with one of my friends as a part-time job when I was in college. When my friend could no longer continue to work there, I picked up a lot of the slack and I learned much more. I realized that it was my calling to work in a shop, and I was genuinely happy doing it. When I realized that I no longer considered it work, I knew I was going to be doing this forever.”
  10. 10. Questions Cont. Q: Are you sad to be retiring within the next ten years?  A: “Not at all, ha-ha. As much as I enjoy what I do, and as passionate I am about it, it is still work. I have worked my whole life, and I have worked hard. It is a great feeling to have an end in sight. I cannot wait to live comfortably in retirement with my wife, and explore the world.”
  11. 11. Summary I had a great experience talking with my Uncle and interviewing him in person for this project. I was really able to see how much he enjoys doing the work he does and how much he did not expect to be in the field he is in today. I learned that you really have to do whatever it is that makes you happy, because then you will be happy. My Uncle told me and everyone in the class that you should never stop chasing your dream. Even though repairing cars was not exactly his dream, it is something he loves doing. So anybody that is passionate about something now, he says to never ever give up.