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EVENT DESCRIPTION: FRIDAY Aug 17 - Sun Aug 19, 2012. Solving the challenge of how we can provide social, sustainable, secure Hacking | “Capitalism with a Conscience” | Providing funds and tools for good causes using the power of the pros and the capacity of the crowd. E.g., Autism, Depression Centers, War Veterans | We pick. We solve problems. We give the solutions directly to the people who need them. | We will provide reasonable | compensation, profit sharing and equity to |a community run organization (i.e., Xcorp) | Developers, artists, professionals, VCs and others who make contributions. Sustainable Hacking creates the capacity to good, have fun and make money.

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  • sorry for the glitch in uploading the document yesterday. This is the version that should have been uploaded.
    Any and all comments will be greatly appreciated.
    Headed to NoVA Hackers and Unallocated Space next week to suggest ways we could partner with these very fine and established organizations.
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Social, Sustainable Crowd Development

  1. 1. Social, Sustainable Crowd Development Summer 2012 | Online 2012 © David Baumann and AppXCorp, LLC
  2. 2. Overview• Our Mission• How• When• Where• Why• Next Steps 2012 © David Baumann and AppXCorp, LLC
  3. 3. Our Mission Developing solutions, for global challenges, using the power of creative inspiration, Social collaboration the capacity of the crowd, streamlined processes and best practices. We want to do good, have fun, make money 2012 © David Baumann and AppXCorp, LLC
  4. 4. WhatWhat is Social, Sustainable Crowd Development? “Capitalism with a Conscience” • We will provide funds and tools for good causes – E.g., Autism, Depression Centers, War Veterans – We let the participants pick, as long as: » we solve problems; and » There’s a reasonable business plan (vetted by pros) – We give apps and solutions directly to the people who need them. • We will provide reasonable – compensation, profit sharing and equity to » a community run organization (i.e., Xcorp) » Developers, artists, professionals, VCs and others who make contributions Transforming the power of the Appathon/Hackathon into secure, sustainable, supported solutions 2012 © David Baumann and AppXCorp, LLC
  5. 5. Power vs Capacity• Appathon/Hackathons focused on apps or startups alone can create great power (like windmills)• But, they don’t create the capacity to provide secure and sustainable solutions, to real problems, that are assured to be safe and effective – It’s asserted by environmental activists that not a single US coal-fired or nuclear power plant has been or would be decommissioned or delayed based on any, or every, windmill. Sustainable secure solutions require capacity, not just power 2012 © David Baumann and AppXCorp, LLC
  6. 6. FOCUS• One master event coordination team – little incremental additional effort /additional vertical – Net: some efficiencies offset extra efforts• Separate teams run each vertical – e.g., AppX, BandX, HackX, LawX, ArtX, BandTwoBand• Biggest benefit: development of relationships and exchange of ideas, information and education between different groups• Biggest 2nd benefit: increasing the population of women and historically disadvantaged people at events and allowing for more collaboration between different regions 2012 © David Baumann and AppXCorp, LLC
  7. 7. Why – AppXGames• People need our help now• Traditional mechanisms for donating money to charitable causes – Do not assure that money or efforts will go directly to help someone truly in need, and – Cause “drag” caused by bureaucracy delays and overhead• There is no fair and efficient business, legal or sourcing mechanism for compensating: – Developers of Apps and Businesses to solve problems and generate value – Content Providers (whether text, art, music, video or even ideas) – Enterprise IT Lifecycle Support required to support Appathon solutions – Security and Red Team Professionals to attack and defend solutions to assure safety, security and privacy – Business and legal professionals needed to chart the course, and run operations We need new and better rules and contracting vehicles to support and drive innovation without creating barriers to crowds, swarms and sprints. 2012 © David Baumann and AppXCorp, LLC
  8. 8. Why -- BandTwoBand• We want live music, and the opportunity to jam, at our events in a controlled environment (e.g., when we work, we work hard, when we have fun… ;)• The music industry has been historically undercompensated, and is struggling with the current IP system• Efforts to fix it from the top down (e.g., Sound Exchange) have failed• There are ways to fix it, from the ground up, using a model similar to AppXGames and HackXGames• There’s passion and tremendous musicians available – Every level from top name touring act to garage bands• We’d like to explore whether there are synergies with the other Games.• We think this is a hip name if we explore uses of wristband technologies (like Jawbone, Nike…) for music and a “rings of trust” approach to relationships and security models 2012 © David Baumann and AppXCorp, LLC
  9. 9. Why LawXGames• We need to develop fair – Royalty systems – standardized templates for sourcing and contracting – Accelerated dispute resolution procedures• Excellent work done to date to use as a foundation – See, e.g., Tate Compendeum, ACC, Edgar SEC library, TechNexxus form library which will be contributed to the AppXCorp for donation/commercialization• Need crowd sourcing to further disassemble and enrich forms with commentary and “pre-approved” alternatives down to the clause level Once the old system is fully “broken down” (and lord knows it is broken…;) we can then build a new, better, faster and fairer system. 2012 © David Baumann and AppXCorp, LLC
  10. 10. mArt/Hair/Fashion/Self-Esteem• Do you want your appearance and self-esteem limited to blond, brunette, redhead….in your electronic records? – Help us crowd source • the next gen open standards for electronic hair, fashion, self-esteem, wellness • Fun new applications that help anyone explore the world of art and fashion, and help veterans and retired athletes transition to civilian life • Ideas for how geeks get dates (just kidding, sort..;)• We want to have creative talent available to help with design, marketing, packaging…• We have sponsors (e.g., Zohra Salons) willing to donate seminars, training, tools, resources and prizes for solutions 2012 © David Baumann and AppXCorp, LLC
  11. 11. Why HackXGames• We cannot purport to provide “solutions” to issues involving security and privacy and always keep leaving it to someone else to figure it out• We need to drive consideration of these factors, with feedback, into the design and development phases• Typical collegiate Hackathon format, developers defend and our team of professional hackers, led by Bob Weiss of Password Crackers, and a DEF CON Goon, will demonstrate potential exploits and attack vectors in a safe, closed environment 2012 © David Baumann and AppXCorp, LLC
  12. 12. How• Social, Sustainable Crowd Experiences and Relationships – Based on Enhanced AppXGames 2012 Structure • Charitable Requirements • Corporate Requirements by Sponsors • Fun – Games – ArtX, BandTwoBand, LawX (wait, lawyers in the fun category…;)• Funding – Sponsors | TechNexxus | David Baumann, Esquire | Virtacore (these guys have been awesome) | Zohra | Password Crackers | Exadel / Tiggzi • Additional Sponsors already onboard – Venture Capitalists – Donations• We need people who want to solve a problem, and aren’t afraid to make things happen | a.k.a HAPPENATORS | We MUST have them, or we don’t go because we won’t succeed. – If the people in need don’t participate in the solution, IT WON’T WORK – Technology and tools alone don’t solve anything• Elite (1337) developers, hackers and Relationships – Selection process to find the people who • are the best, and • who give the best they can• Fun and Upside Potential for Everyone• Pain Knows No Boundaries | Multi-cultural 2012 © David Baumann and AppXCorp, LLC
  13. 13. mBuilding Blocks• Our hope is to make building blocks of functionality (similar to Microsoft Lightswitch, Tiggzi, Red Foundry, etc.) that will bring mobile app development, using a standarded mobile health standard (like mHealth) closer to something “non-geeks” can work with• Currently have offers open to Nike, Exadel/Tiggzi, Red Foundry and Verizon; and will be approaching AT&T, Jawbone and others this week – If anyone is interested in working with us, please contact us! 2012 © David Baumann and AppXCorp, LLC
  14. 14. Where• Online | Virtual Hackathons – Great for getting started and getting everyone prepped for the in person events• In person – We must focus on building • Relationships • Trust • Fun • Sustainable business models, with advice from a community of advisors with no vested interest• KEEP IT SIMPLE 2012 © David Baumann and AppXCorp, LLC
  15. 15. WhenAppXGames #2• When: NEXT FRIDAY, AUGUST 17 – 19, 2012 – Why and How: This is what we will solve. – Where: ONLINE – STAY POSTED FOR DETAILS – Signup and details: NEW SITE will be posted by Monday August 13. Social media feeds will also be plugged in so you can check us out on Facebook, Twitter….• AppXGames #3 | TBD – Several Options Available – To be determined in AppXGames #2 | vXGames #1 2012 © David Baumann and AppXCorp, LLC
  16. 16. Next Steps• WE HAVE A PLAN, BUT• The most important thing I learned from hacking is how little I know and how much more I want to know, so• Todd Medema (our pied piper of hacking, ideas and fun) and I are open to anything, as long as it is consistent with our mission.• Comment on this plan, please give us your ideas, and we’ll continue to refine this document. 2012 © David Baumann and AppXCorp, LLC
  17. 17. Contact UsLet us know if you want to help us make adifference.• You can contact us at the following addresses: – David Baumann* • – Todd Medema • 2012 © David Baumann and AppXCorp, LLC
  18. 18. Acknowledgements• Please do not think that I take credit for all of the ideas in here. I’m just the guy who sat down and typed out the vision that emerged from so many great minds I’ve had the pleasure to meet and work with, especially the CMU teams (you know who you are .• Todd is our pilot for the AppXGames and we are confident that he will chart a good course• Thank you, to each and every one of the people who helped us to see how to put everything together, and who will help us to make this a success.• If we pick ourselves up one more time than we fall, we will succeed. 2012 © David Baumann and AppXCorp, LLC