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Dennis barry’s wo w presentation   digital media and video to enhance literacy
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Dennis barry’s wo w presentation digital media and video to enhance literacy


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Digital Video & Media to Enhance LiteracyDennis Barry’s WoW ProjectED 5670 – Literacy & Technology
  • 2. Back in the Day
    The days of wheeling this monstrosity from classroom to classroom are over
    Digital technology has created opportunities in classrooms that were once thought impossible
  • 3. The New Digital Frontier
  • 4. Why Digital Video?
    • Get students energized and engaged in hands-on learning experiences
    • 5. The perfect medium for students who are auditory or visual learners
    • 6. Taps into emotions which stimulate and enthrall students
  • Effectively Using Video
    • Research shows using digital video as an enhancement to a lesson is the most effective method
    • 7. Specific learning objectives should be determined, an instructional sequence should be developed and reinforcement activities planned
  • 8. Back in the Day
    Huge component systems to complete even the most simple editing tasks
    Completely impractical in a classroom setting
    Expensive $$$
  • 9. Not Just Watching… Creating!
    Improve the School-to-Home Connection
    A third-grade teacher at Village School in Pacific Palisades, California, recorded his students explaining to their parents how to play a math game. Now their parents can play the same game at home. A music teacher at the school captures snippets of students to include in a video he sends to parents in lieu of a printed newsletter.
    Produce PSAs, Skits, and more…
    The broadcasting crew at Benefield Elementary School in Lawrenceville, Georgia, records public-service announcements for the school’s live morning show. Sometimes they perform short skits that focus on vocabulary, wordplay, and idioms, says technology teacher Karen Hartung.
  • 10. Not Just Watching… Creating!
    Create Slide Shows
    Mary Williams’s chemistry students at St. Mary’s High School in Colorado Springs, Colorado, use Animoto (, a free site that produces video pieces from phones, video clips, and music, to make 90-second (or longer) slide shows about the elements in the periodic table.
    Record Students
    Becky Goerend, a sixth-grade teacher at Earlham Elementary in Iowa, records student responses to their independent-reading assignments. “In the past they would write their thoughts in a notebook. Now they can share them verbally,” says Goerend. “It’s a simple thing, but technology motivates. I have a closet in my classroom that I use as the recording booth.”
  • 11. Creating Digital Media Encourages:
    communication and collaboration
    Research and information fluency
    Critical thinking, problem-solving & decision-making
    Technology operations & concepts
  • 12.
  • 13. Resources
    Technology to Enhance Literacy & Learning: Preparing a Digital Generation
    the Use of Digital Video and Media to Enhance Learning
    University of Texas at Austin - the College of Education: Digital Media
    Kathy Schrock Guide for Educators